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Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)

SPM Result of Tawau


STPM : In Tawau district alone, six schools obtained 100pc passes in the 2013 STPM.

These are :
1- SMK St Patrick,
2- SMK Jalan Apas,
3- SMK Jambatan Putih,
4- SMK Kuhara,
5- SMK Tawau
6- SMK Merotai Besar.

SPM : For 2013, a total of 35 schools in Sabah obtained 100 per cent passes inSPM. The best of which is SMK Membakut, Beaufort

01- SMK Membakut, Beaufort
02- SMK Bongawan Papar,
03- Sekolah Tinggi Kota Kinabalu,
04- SMK Kunak,
05- SMK Pekan Kota Belud,
06- SMK Jambatan Putih Tawau,
07- SMK Agama Kota Kinabalu,
08- SMK Merotai Besar Tawau,
09- SMK Segama Lahad DAtu,
10- SM St Patrick Tawau,
11- SM All Saints Kota Kinabalu,
12- SMK Datuk Pg. Galpam Sandakan,
13- SMK Tawau,
14- SMK Kuhara Tawau,
15- SMK Kinarut Papar,
16- SMK Agama Limauan Papar,
17- SMK Agama Mohd Ali Ranau,
18- SMK Sikuati Kudat,
19- SM Teknik Likas,
20- SMK Sepagaya Lahad Datu,
21- SMK Madai Kunak,
22- SM Sung Siew Sandakan,
23- SMK Tamparuli,
24- SMK Majakir Papar,
25- SMK Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu,
26- SMK Perempuan Likas,
27- SMK Desa Kencana Kota Kinabalu,
28- SM St Martin Tambunan,
29- SMK Penangah Telupid,
30- SMK Agama Tun Sakaran Semporna,
31- SM Ken Hwa Keningau,
32- SMK Seri Nangka Tuaran,
33- SMK Pekan Kuala Penyu,
34- SMK Jalan Apas Tawau
35- SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin Penampang.


2005 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination

Chin Shiang Jin SM Kian Kok, Kota Kinabalu 15 A1s
Nurul Farhana Mustafa SMK Perempuan, Likas 13 A1 & 1A2
Michelle Chin Sze Hui SM Lok Yuk, Likas 12 A1s
Brian Chee Nee Hou SM Sung Siew, Sandakan 12 A1s
Liang Jin Rui Kinabalu Commercial College, Tawau 12 A1s
Mak Ching Hsia SM All Saints, Kota Kinabalu 11 A1s
Eline Fong Yin Yeng SM Sung Siew, Sandakan 11 A1s
Emily Quek Ser Kay SM Sung Siew, Sandakan 11 A1s
Lee Ker Hui SM All Saints 10 A1
Nurul Azira Salim SM Sains, Kota Kinabalu 10 A1
Edgar Peter Dabbi SM St Michael, Penampang 10 A1
Chan Zhi Hoe SMK Agaseh, Lahad Datu 10 A1


SM Teknik Tawau maintained its record of 100 per cent passes in SPM for three consecutive years in 2004


SPM 2004 Tawau Region

% passes

1 SM Teknik Tawau 100 %
2 SMK Jalan Apas 98.8 %
3 SMK Merotai Besar 98.4 %
4 SMK St Patrick 98.2 %
5 SMK Jambatan Putih 98.1 %
6 SM Holy Trinity 96.8 %
7 SMK Balung 96.6 %
8 SMK Abaka 96.5 %
9 SMK Kabota 96.2 %
10 SMK Kinabutan 95.5 %
11 SMK Pasir Putih 95.7 %
12 SMK Wallace Bay 94.7 %
13 SMK Kuhara 93.6 %
14 SMK Tawau 93.2 %
15 SM St Ursula 91.5 %
16 SMK Umas-Umas 84.6 %

The 10 best students in Tawau 2004

Chong Oi Yee SM St Patrick 11A1, 2A2
Angelina Pauline Liew Mei Ling SM St Patrick 11A1, 1A2
Lim Chiew Ha SM St Ursula 9A1, 1A2, 1C3
Liew Chia Chien SMK Tawau 8A1, 3A2
Chung Lai Feng SMK Kuhara 5A1, 6A2
Norharnizah Johansah SM St Ursula 8A1, 2A2
Sunna Saadon SMK Tawau 7A1, 3A2
Liew Roung Jeng SMK Kuhara 7A1, 2A2
Elizabeth Ebura SM St Ursula 6A1, 3A2
Norlina Faman SMK Kuhara 6A1, 3A2

Students who are not satisfied with their SPM results can apply for a re-check by filling the Result Re-Check Application Form which is available from their respective schools.

Private candidates may obtain this form from the nearest District or Division Education Office or which can be downloaded from the Malaysia Examination Board's web-site



All applications must be made within 30 days from the date of the official announcement of the results.

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