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What to eat in Tawau :

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東風螺,沙巴特產生蠔白灼蝦奶油螃蟹椒鹽瀨尿蝦Mongolian Chicken蒙古雞. Chili Scallop 辣椒扇貝. Belacen Sabah Vegetable沙巴樹仔菜.甘香螃蟹Salted Egg Crab鹹蛋螃蟹.大茄來招牌豆腐

Fried Noodle 炒麵

LAKSA 叻沙 Sri Aman

炒稞條Char Kway Teow)Fried Kwey Teow:平板米條和切碎了的大蒜一起攪拌後,加上新鮮的明蝦、豆芽和蛋絲,用醬油和辣椒醬調味而成。

Calvary Church 威記炒果條

Keuh Tiaw (Kway Teow, Kwey Teow)


Keuh Tiaw

Kolo mee 乾撈麵Kolo mee 乾撈麵, this ubiquitous tossed noodle is part of Kuching city folks’ life.

Kolo mee of Kuching only recent years spread to Sabah. A few noodel stalls also offer the Sabah version Kolo Mee.

Kuching 'Kolo Mee' or 'koh-loh mian' or "干捞面" in chinese is a popular delicacy consisting of flash-boiled egg noodles and then served with garlic, shallots, minced pork, white vinegar, pork fat (lard), topped with sliced barbecue pork!

Somehow, The kolo mee in Sabah does not taste like the kolo mee they used to eat, unless it is eaten in Kuching. There was no substitute for the authentic kolo mee made in Kuching, cooked in Kuching, and eaten in Kuching. Anything kolo mee outside Kuching were poor imitations

Lau Sang

Lau Sang 撈 生

When the dish is served on the table, all the diners stand up, hold their chopsticks and then start mixing the ingredients with gusto by tossing them as high as possible while uttering "loh hei" - meaning to "lift up" - to usher in the coming new year with prosperity, longevity and success.

This is the only time that children are encouraged to play with their food, and even the adults do it, since the higher you toss the "Yee Sang", the better your luck is believed to be.

Combined together, the various ingredients form a sweet piquant flavor with a crisp bite.

Bak-kut-teh (Bah-kut-teh  "meat bone tea")  肉骨茶

A Chinese soup popularly served in Malaysia where there is a predominant Hokien and Teochew community.

Consists of meaty pork ribs simmered in a complex broth of herbs and spices  for hours.

Bak kut teh is usually eaten with rice or noodles (sometimes as a noodle soup), and often served with youtiao / cha kueh [yau char kwai] (strips of fried dough) for dipping into the soup.

Chinese tea of various kinds is also usually served in the belief that it dilutes or dissolves the copious amount of fat consumed in this pork-laden dish.

Bak kut teh is typically a famous morning meal. The Hokkien and Teochew are traditionally tea-drinking cultures and this aspect runs deep in their cuisines.

Bak Kut Teh Shops in Tawau :

Pah Sang Bak Kut Teh


Fried Sea Crab with Dry Chili Sauce 甘香炒花蟹Fried Shell with Ginger & Spring Onion 薑蔥炒象拔蚌Fried Clam with Ginger & Spring Onion 薑蔥炒沙白螺 Sashimi King Lobster 花龍蝦生片Fried King Lobster with Butter Milk 濕奶油炒花龍蝦Deep Fried Mantis Prawn with Salt & Pepper 椒鹽脆炸螳螂蝦Fried Tiger Prawn  鼔油老虎蝦Fried Rice with Mini Abalone, Scallops不夜天廚皇炒飯Port ViewSashimi Tiger Prawn老虎蝦生片Mixed Tauhu Laksa 釀雜叻沙Fish Meehun Soup 苦瓜魚片米粉 Bitter gourd and Fish slice

Chinese Foods

Chinese culture considers cooking an art and consider the preparation of food a craft. This art of Chinese cooking has been developed and refined over many centuries. To the Chinese, food and friends are inseparable. A gathering without food is considered incomplete and improper.

Confucius loved and respected the art of cooking. He established culinary standards and proper table etiquette. Most of these are still considered to be the standards of today. The tradition of cutting foods into bite size pieces during preparation and not at the table is unique to the Chinese culture.

Good cooking depends on the blending of various ingredients and condiments rather than the taste of the individual elements. In order to become a good cook one must first be a good matchmaker. The flavors of The ingredients must be blended with harmony. Without this harmony there is no taste.

Taoism was responsible for the development of the hygienic aspects of foods and cooking. The principle objects of this philosophy were the nourishment of the body and the search for longevity. In contrast to Confucianists who were interested in the taste, texture and appearance, Taoists were concerned with the life-giving attributes of various foods.

Over the centuries the Chinese have explored the world of plants, roots, herbs, fungus and seeds to find life-giving elements. They discovered the nutritional value of vegetables could be destroyed by improper cooking and that many items had medicinal value. For example, ginger, a favorite condiment, is also used to soothe an upset stomach and as a cold remedy.

沙巴的饮吃特色之斗湖篇  : http://www.e-sabah.com





A Town with Heavenly Eateries
- Tawau, Sabah

  I  would like to conclude the trip as a GREAT FOODS JOURNEY!! Was tweeting and facebook-ing using my smartphone all the way from Tawau during those 2 days. Informed my friends that I will be at Tawau on that duration and they ask me to go and try the great foods of their hometown.. The Pork Bun, the sea foods etc etc... So nice!

I really enjoyed those foods over there so much and took a little time off from this city!........

See the Kon Lou Mee and the Fish Noodles? Tasty pork and the Fish Noodles surprised me, it's so huge and filled the big bowl. I can't found such a big bowl of noodles in the city yet!!

If I'm not mistake, it's around RM7.00 for each of the dishes we had that day.

Sketches of Life



鸡饭 (Chicken Rice):有许多花样,但其中最受欢迎的一种是海南鸡饭,系用香嫩多汁的鸡肉配上已用鸡汤烹调过的米饭,拌上大蒜辣椒酱,再加小黄瓜丝的Coriander叶子制作而成。

吞面(Wanta Mee):一种面条,是配上猪肉及虾肉云吞煮成.


  炒面(Fried Noodles):所用的面条是用糯米粉制成的。炒面由于做法不同,有各种不同口味,例如马来口味、中国口味、印度口味和素食口味



Perdana Square  “宝来“





2) 安宝园-除了锅贴,也有其他的美食烧鱼,面食,satay,鸡翼等


1) multibake,multibake是位于fajar complex(pizza hut对面) 及apas路天星园。

2) 天鹅西饼屋,天鹅西饼屋位于apas路天星园(multibake旁边)。

3) 南方西饼屋等。南方西饼屋也是位于fajar conplex,guardian pharmacy 对面。



1) 美乐茶室,

2) 桥乐,

3) 晶晶,


1) 大牌摊

2) 美心酒楼

3) 海升酒楼

  福建面Hokkien Mee):华人的传统佳肴。用宽宽的黄色面条搭配以明虾、乌贼、豆芽,用口味很重的酱油膏调味



1) Marco polo hotel

2) Kuhara路的湖园

3) 兴利茶室,Fajar..


Fajar Complex, Hometown Steak House对面。





檳城炒貴刁,  海南鸡饭、各式面食

Most of Malaysia's Chinese are from the south of China, it is quite easy to find Hainan and Hakka food in Tawau. One of the most common economical meal is the Hainanese Chicken Rice which cost around RM5.00.
Hakka dish is easily found in food stalls. The best know hakka dish is the Yong Tau Foo (stuffed seafood beancurd) with soup or thick gravy.



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