Where to eat in Tawau? What to eat in Tawau?
Hawker Stalls Borneo Foods
Coffee house and Cafe Indonesian Foods
Restaurants Indian Foods
Kedai Makanan (Eatery/Food Shop) Malay Foods
Foods Center Chinese Foods
Dai pai dong 大牌檔 Japanese Foods
HALAL Restaurents in Tawau Fast Foods
  Italian Foods


Kedai Makanan (Food Shop)

Kedai Makanan (Food Shop)
Eatery - a building where people go to eat

The different between a Food Shop and a Restaurant is Food Shop do not have air-conditioning and frequent by SMOKER. While a restaurant is a non-smoking area with air-conditioning.

EATERY IN TAWAU : Calvary Canteen, Lover Kopitiam


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