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The ever-popular satay consists of succulent chunks of chicken, mutton or beef, which are marinated in a variety of spices. The meat is then skewered on thin sticks, barbecued over charcoal fire and served together with a sweet and spicy peanut sauce. Served as accompaniment are portions of ketupat (rice cakes), cucumber cubes and sliced onions.


沙爹(Satay)在马来西亚是最受欢迎的美味佳肴,系用切成块并卤上香料的羊肉、牛肉、鸡肉,用细竹签串起, 炭火上烘烤而成。沙爹配着米糕(Ketupat).蘸上香甜的花生酱汁一起吃. 馬來西亞的沙爹,其炭烤的風味叫人垂涎

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