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Kam Ling Seafood Restauran
Good View Seafood Restaurant
Jalan Bunga - The Hotel Street

Open-Air Seafood Restaurants in Tawau
Sabindo Seafood Stalls

Kam Ling Seafood Restaurant  and    Good View Seafood Restaurant
Jalan Cheng Fook
Open Hours : 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm

( cheapest place to eat fresh sea food in Sabah 

More about Open-Air Seafood Da pai dang

Open-Air Seafood Restaurants in Tawau

Tung Fung Lo Siput Tarik
Elephant Shell (Geoduck) Siput Gajah
Sea Crab Ketam Suri
Soft Shell Crab Ketam Lembut
Sa Pak/ Cockies Sa Pak/Kerang
Oyster Tiram
Mantis Prawn Udang Kamun
Tiger Prawn Udang Harimau
Seven Star Grouper Kerapu Tujuh Bintang
Sea Prawn Udang Laut
Glower Lobster Udang Galah Bunga
Emperor Star Grouper Kerapu Raja
Mud Crab Ketam Bakau
Normal Grouper Kerapu Biasa
Red Black Grouper Kerapu Merah
Sea Chicken  Ikan Ayam-Laut
Mickey Mouse Grouper Kerapu Tikus
Red Grouper Kerapu Merah
Rock Lobster Udang Tatus
Black Chicken Ikan Ayam Hitam
Tiger Grouper  Kerapu Harimau
Napoleon Wrasse Ikan Licin
Giant Grouper Ikan Kerantang

Open-air seafood Stalls is a line of several food stalls lining 100 meters to the seaside. The stalls open at night selling all sorts of seafood.

The stalls also open during breakfast and lunch time for the popular foods of noodle and rice-noodle.

It is quite an atmosphere eating by the roadside and under the starlight

Low priced fresh seafood here.

The fish are fresh, the shell fish were all live and fresh (see photos).

Unlike certain seafood stalls in Kota Kinabalu, these stalls in Tawau  is no tourist trap. Living up to Tawau's reputation as "Seafoods Heaven", with genuine good food, and at a great price difficult to find else where in Malaysia!

Which is the best dish or what to order when one came to the store ?  Here is more detail about Good View Sea food Restaurant in the Chinese forum :

Price included cooking

Rm 60 per kilogram Rm 15 per kilogram Rm 70 per kilogram Rm 8 per kilogram Boil only
Rm 15  Cook with sauce

Steamed snapper / Steamed Grouper  
Rock Lobster chilli-fried  
Mantis Prawn salt-baked  
Giant Grouper  
White Grouper  
Lion Grouper  
Red Snapper Rm 45-50 per Kilogram
Lai Mang Rm 40-45 per Kilogram
Red Black Grouper Rm 50-55 per Kilogram

Mouse Grouper

Rm 50-55 per Kilogram

Price per plate
as in June 2011
Singapore Fried Meehoon Mix RM 6.00
Singapore Fried Meehoon Seafood RM 6.00
Salted Fish Prawn Fried Meehoon RM 6.00
Pork Chop Meehoon 1 Mee RM 6.00
Penang Frigid Keot-Teow RM 6.00
Mee I Meehoon /Keot-Teow Soup RM 6.00
Cantonese Fried WakTan/Mee/Meehoon RM 6.00
Dry Fried Mee/Meehoon/Keot-Teow RM 6.00
Black Bean Beef With Keot-Teow RM 6.00
Wak Tan Keot-Teow With Seafood RM 6.00
Hokkien Mee Mix RM 6.00
Hokkien Mee Seafood/Chicken RM 6.00
Hokkien Lo Mee Mix RM 6.00
Hokkien Lo Mee Seafood/Chicken RM 6.00
Dry Fried Meesuah  
Cantonese Fried Meesuah  
Dry Fried Glass Noodle RM 7.00
Tom Yam Glass Noodle With Seafood RM 8.00
Tom Yam Seafood Mee/Meehoon RM 8.00

Kam Ling Seafood Restaurant

Foods from homes of Sabah :

Sabah Green Earth Campaign (FAITH  "Food Always in the Home" ) -  aimed at encouraging house owners to plant fruits and vegetables their own yards.

The Faith "Food Always in the Home"  campaign is a project of the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture- Based Industries, Sabah Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Sabah Ministry of Rural Development, Kota Kinabalu City Hall, all municipal councils and district councils in Sabah, Education and Information Departments.

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