Pan Borneo Highway in Sabah

House on the hill top: the house stranded in the middle of a brand new Pan Borneo Highway

Enjoy living in the middle of Pan Borneo Highway! Good fung-sui location on top of a hill. Road construction stopped around a house because owner refuse to move.

The house owner is required to move out just because a highway is being constructed over his location?


New Pan-Borneo Highway under construction

New Pan-Borneo Highway under construction. At the old Balung-Tawau Road, a house owner refuse to move out. Half completed Pan-Borneo Highway construction stopped
because a house stranded in the middle of highway construction

Malaysian government is building a new highway to link Sabah with Sarawak.
So far so good, until the construction work reach here. 
This house owner refuse to move and this blue excavator can't bring the house down. 
The owner stay inside the house, while the blue excavator wait outside the house. 
The highway project stopped here while the rest of the sections completed for use.

Before the highway developer and house owner could settle the matter,
meantime the cars owners can use the old road to by pass the scene.

2016-05-30 MON 13:43

Phase 1 of Pan Borneo Highway in Sabah ready by 2022

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Kota Kinabalu: PHASE 1 of the Pan Borneo Highway involving 706 kilometres of dual carriageway in Sabah will be completed either in 2021 or 2022, said Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan.

Pairin who is also Infrastructure Development Minister said an estimated RM12.86 billion would be spent to build and complete Phase 1 of the project.

Among the roads that would be involved in PHASE 1 of the Pan Borneo Highway are :
1- Jalan Sindumin-Kota Kinabalu,
2- Jalan Kota Kinabalu-Tuaran,
3- Jalan Tuaran-Kudat,
4- Jalan Ranau-Telupid,
5- Jalan Telupid-Lahad Datu,
6- Jalan Lahad Datu-Tawau

The entire Pan Borneo highway project involves upgrading work of 1,236 kilometres in the State of Sabah.

The project will pose benefits to the people living near the identified roads, townships and sub-districts such as :

01- Sindumin
02- Sipitang
03- Beaufort
04- Membakut
05- Papar
06- Penampang
07- Kota Kinabalu
08- Tuaran
09- Kota Belud
10- Kudat
11- Tamparuli
12- Ranau
13- Telupid
14- Lahad Datu
15- Tawau
16- Kalabakan
17- Serudong
18- Sapulut
19- Nabawan
20- Keningau
21- Kimanis

Round about in Lahad Datu Town Center in 2010

Round about in Lahad Datu Town Center in 2010

2010-06-06 SUN 06:34

Road to Kalabakan Town center in 2010
Road to Kalabakan Town center in 2010

KALABAKAN 2010-08-31 TUE 10:42

Pan Borneo Highway in Sabah
Tawau Town section of the old Pan Borneo Highway AH150 at Mile 6, Jalan Apas as in 2014 before upgrade.

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