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Places of interest in China

Sarawak's energy, food and agriculture industries

A business group from China's Qinghai Province is interested to invest in Sarawak's energy, food and agriculture industries, said State Assistant Minister of Industrial Development (Investment and Promotion), Julaihi Narawi in April 2012

The 18-member group, led by Qinghai's Vice-Governor, Wang Lingjun, comprised representatives from the various industries based in the province. The group represented the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Qinghai Provincial Committee

The business group was interests in the fields of solar energy, wind energy, agriculture and food processing.

Qinghai in China has a huge population of 5.6 million people with a substantial number of them being Muslims, offered great potential for Sarawak to market its products to their well-developed halal hub.


How "China Had Scammed RM9.4 Billion" ?
".....Paid 88% of the total cost. .... the contractor had only delivered 13% of the renovation jobs...."

 How to go from Shenzhen to Lo Wu


深圳 桂林 旅游路线

From Tawau to Guilin City


Beijing Automobile Works (BAW)

Beijing Automobile Works (BAW)
BAW has more than 150 different models vehicles including off-road vehicle/sport utility vehicle, commercial vehicles and special vehicles. As one of the oldest Chinese carmakers, having the famous national auto brand, Beijing Brand, BJ212/121/122 series, BAW has produced more than 1 million vehicles, supporting the development of economy and national defense. more info on BAW...

(Beiqi) Foton Motor
foton beiqi motor
Foton (Beiqi) Motor
Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Foton ) founded and invested jointly by 100 corporations in August 28th. 1996. Four automobile brands of "Auman", "View", "Aoling", and "Times" have been brought up by Foton, and development of Foton's automobile industry has covered all kinds of commercial vehicles except for passenger car. Thus a solid foundation has been laid for Foton in getting involved in the development of worldwide automobile industry of the 21 century.

Chery Automobile
Chery Automobile
Chery Automobile Chery Automobile Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1997 in Wuhu City, P.R.China. Despite its humble beginning, Chery has achieved many unlikely breakthroughs and become the fastest growing independent automaker in China. Chery is committed to developing world-class automobiles via cooperation with top engineering firms such as Lotus Engineering of the U.K, and Mitsubishi Automotive Engineering of Japan, and leading auto designing firms such as Bertone and Pininfarina of Italy. In its relentless pursuit of quality, Chery adopts DURR Paint Systems in its paint shop in 2004. In 2005, as a groundbreaking event for Chinese automotive industry, Chery starts producing China¡¯s first high-performance Euro IV engines in cooperation with AVL List of Austria. In addition, in J.D.Power 2004 China Initial Quality Study, Chery QQ finishes NO.1 in compact car segment. With an ambition to become a global player, Chery has so far launched its products in 29 countries. For the time being, Chery is developing a new line-up of products aiming at auto markets in the U.S and EU. In 2005, a strategic partnership is formed between Chery and Vesionary Vehicles of the USA for launching Chery products in North America in 2007. more info on Chery Automobile...

BYD Auto
byd auto
BYD Auto
BYD Company Ltd. owns more than 40,000 staff members all over the world with its market value over HKD 15 Billion. BYD AUTO has adhered to the international development road and devoted itself to researching, developing and manufacturing the Fuel vehicle-vehicle and Hybrids-vehicle. Inheriting the car manufacturing elite from the former Tsinchuan Auto Co., LTD, which had a history of several decades, and melting the first-class technology of BYD IT and electronic equipments manufacturing, BYD AUTO has become a world-class auto manufacturing company. more info on BYD Auto...

changan automobile changan-ford changan-mazda changan-suzuko
Chang´an Automobile
ChangAn is a fast-growing group. It has three production bases, one each in the southwest, east and north of China. It cooperated with international auto leaders such as Ford, Mazda and Suzuki and has established several joint ventures in China. They are ChangAn Suzuki Auto Corp. in 1993, ChangAn Ford Auto Corp. in 2001 and ChangAn Ford Nanjing Corp. in 2004. ChangAn also attaches great importance to safety and quality and it is the first company to enforce crash regulations for mini cars in China. more info on Changan...

Great Wall Motor (GWM)
great wall motors changcheng gwm
Great Wall Motor (GWM)
GWM owns more than 10 subsidiaries and it currently has about 8,000 employees. At present, products of GWM covers Pickups series, SUV series ,CUV series, motor-homes and special vehicles, etc.
Up to now GWM has achieved the goal to export full range of products to overseas market The R an D Center of GWM has collaborated closely with the well-known designing companies from Europe and Japan, thus making the products go far compared with the same ones of other auto company in the aspects of appearance, safety, environmental protection, energy saving and driving comfort etc. GWM always takes the lead in Chinese automobile range. more info on GWM...

changhe auto
The Changhe Machinery Factory started assembling Suzuki ST 90VT trucks. They also designed and produced 12-19 seats minibuses by their own. In 1999 the Changhe Suzuki Automobiles Co. Ltd. was founded in cooperation with Suzuki (39 %), Okaya Co. Ltd. (10 %), the rest by the Changhe Aircraft Industry.

dadi auto chengdu
Dadi Auto
Dadi Automobile industry ltd, is one of the professional PICK-UP & SUV produced company with large-scale production ability at present in the nation wide, and a very important and economic corner stone enterprise in HeBei province. The company is located in DINGXING development zone BaoDing city. Our products have sold to Russia,Middle-east,Africa,Middle- American,South-east Asia ,etc , Including 40 countries & regions in all£¬We now also have set up best pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service system in oversea market.

Heibao Auto (Dong´an)
Shandong hipo heibao auto
Heibao Auto (Shandong HIPO)
Shandong HIPO Group Co., Ltd situates in the Jiaodong peninsula which has comfortable temperature and convenient transportation and is the backbone enterprise for producing transport vehicle for agriculture appointed by state machinery bureau. Its main products are HIPO brand agricultural transport vehicle with four wheels, mini car, light car, car, truck, motor car, lawn mower, motors and mineral water series.


Dongfang Auto

DFM (Dongfeng Motor)
dongfeng Motor DFM-peugeot dfm-nissan dfm-honda
DFM (Dongfeng Motor)
Dongfeng Motor Corporation (hereafter referred to as DFM) was first established in 1969. DFM has formed several major production facilities, which are distributed in Shiyan ( mainly engaged in the production of medium duty and heavy duty commercial vehicles, auto parts and components and vehicle manufacturing equipments), Xiangfan ( mainly engaged in the production of light duty commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles), Wuhan ( mainly engaged in the production of passenger vehicles) and Guangzhou ( mainly engaged in the production of passenger vehicles). It successively entered into joint ventures for the manufacture of passenger vehicles with Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, Honda Motor Co., Ltd and Kia Motors Corporation. It expanded and promoted its scope of operations of Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobiles Limited to include the manufacture of Peugeot passenger cars in addition to the Citroen passenger cars already manufactured by it more info on Dongfeng Motor...

South East (Fujian) Motor
South East (Fujian) Motor
Under the support of Central Government, provincial and municipal leaders, South East (Fujian) Motor Co. ,Ltd. ( SEM ) was founded in Nov. 1995, with registered capital of US $ 138 million and each party holding 50% of the JV shares. South East Motor City is formed by SEM and 35 key suppliers in the peripheral area, a complete auto manufacture system, capable of shortening development schedule and providing quick response to market concerns, immediate supply, and reducing transportation cost

FAW (First Automobile Works)
faw first automobile works faw-toyota faw-vw faw-jiefang faw-xiali
FAW (First Automobile Works)
China FAW Group Corporation, commonly referred to as FAW due to its original name of First Automotive Works, broke ground for its first factory on July 15, 1953. Since then, FAW has been at the forefront of promoting China's automobile industry. FAW has 27 wholly owned subsidiaries and controlling interest in 20 partially owned subsidiaries. Among these are FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. and FAWER Automobile Parts Co., Ltd, which are wholly owned subsidiaries; FAW Car Co., Ltd. ,Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile Co., Ltd. and Changchun FAW Sihuan Automobile Co., Ltd., whose shares are traded on the stock exchange, and FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd. and Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., and etc which are Sino-foreign joint ventures In 1991, working in partnership with Volkswagen AG, FAW created a new state-of-the-art production facility with a yearly production capacity in excess of 150,000 units. In 2002, Tianjin Automobile Industry (Group) Corporation was merged into FAW Group Corporation, and began joint venture production with Toyota Motor Corporation. more info on FAW...

Forta (Fuda)

Forta (Fuda)

fudi auto china
Fudi Auto
Fudi's produce is for bodywork,fitting and car sell,now with Foton of Beijing,Dongfeng Auto Co,South car Auto Co of Jiangsu,Great Wall of Baoding, Wanfeng of Shanghai,Jinbei of Huachen and other Ltd has long times work together. Fudi has built long-term relationship with The Hongkong Polytechnic University for the development of new products and invested a designing expert of Detroit,U.S.,Chinese origin.The team will in a long run develop more new patterns of SUV and lorry series particularly for Fudi,in the light of market demand.

Geely Automobile Global
Founded in July 2002 with a registered capital of RMB 20 million and with a direct import and export license, Geely International Corporation is a large-scale subsidiary of Geely Group and the exclusive authorized exporter of Geely brand automobiles. Geely had exported a large quantity of her automobiles to Africa, the Middle East, East Europe and Central and South America. Moreover, the company has established an extensive trading relationship with over 50 countries in regions covering USA, North and West Europe, Russia and South East Asia. Geely International has obtained the ISO9001 certification from the authority. The company is known for her good reputation and considerate services as well as reliable quality. Together with Geely Holdings Group, the company has been making consistent efforts to satisfy the needs of both of her domestic and overseas customers. Geely International Corporation is looking forward to joining hands with all the potential domestic and overseas counterparts and friends to create an even more successful future. more info on Geely Auto...

Gonow Auto
Zhejiang Gonow Automobile Co., Ltd., established in May of 2003 with a high¡¡start-point, is a private company specialized in manufacture of pickup and sport-utility vehicle (SUV). Annual production capacity of 200,000 pickups and SUV. With initial tot-al investment of more than USD 50 million, the company is striving for leading manufactur-er of pickup and SUV in China. For this goal, it cooperates with Wuhan Industrial Univers-ity establishing Gonow Automobile R&D center, handing with international famous companies for technical support and introducing advanced Germany and Japanese technology and equipm-ents in aspects of engine, transmission, body, chassis, exterior design. more info on Gonow Auto...

Brilliance China Automotive (Zhonghua, Jinbei)
Brilliance China Automotive zhonghua jinbei
Brilliance China Automotive (Zhonghua, Jinbei)
Brilliance China is one of the leading automotive manufacturers in China through its subsidiaries, associated companies and joint ventures in the PRC. The Group's operating segments are divided primarily into the manufacture of (i) minibuses and automotive components, and (ii) sedans. Its commercial vehicle brands include "JinBei" and "Granse" minibuses and its sedan brand includes "Zhonghua". In 2003, the Group also established a joint venture with BMW to produce BMW 3-series and 5-series sedans in China. The Group is also engaged in the manufacture of gasoline engines for use in minibuses, sedans, SUV and light trucks and automotive components, including but not limited to window mouldings, strips, axles, stamped parts, etc. more info on Brilliance China Auto...

Hafei Motor
Hafei Auto
Harbin Hafei Motor Co., LTD (referred to hereafter as Hafei Motor), a subsidiary of Harbin Aircraft Industry (Group) Ltd., is a leading minivan maker and a national small motor vehicles source in China. Hafei Motor has successfully developed more than 100 models of 7 series of small motor vehicles including mini trucks with one or two rows of seats in cab, minivans, and small passenger and sedan cars. Songhuajiang China-Italy, a minivan jointly designed and developed with Pinifarina, created a new image with its exterior contour up to world standards for Chinese-made minivans as a perfect blending of performance and style and an excellent combination of traditional culture of China with splendor of Europe. Hafei Motor is willing to cooperate with partners both at home and abroad heart and soul, and march forward with Hafei minivan lovers hand in hand to create a bright future. more info on Hafei Motor...

Haima (Hainan-mazda)
Hainan Island in South China is famous for its test track, where all the important Chinese motor vehicles have been tested. In 1990 the Hainan Auto Works developed a car, called the Hainan HX 7080. Numerous Mazda cars and modified versions followed. By the mid 1990s the company became part of the First Auto Works Group Hainan-Mazda is one of the two Chinese Mazda assemblers, the other is FAW-Mazda

Huabei Motor

Huabei Motor

Huatai hyundai automobile
Huatai Automobile
Rongcheng Huatai Automobile Co., Ltd. founded in 2000 is the designated auto manufacturer. The main products are 12 kinds of reequipping auto including ¡°Huatai¡± Brand SQ6470W type sport utility vehicle, Aoben RC5020XGC engineering auto, RC5020XJB auto for police, RC5020XQC auto for prisoners, RC5020XXY van and so on. This company has already had the production ability of 30,000 autos annually and set up 105 4S shops combining sales, after-sales service, market feedback and parts supply together in 29 provinces, cities and municipalities in China, which has formed a sales network in China. A developing auto enterprise can co-operate with Korean Hyundai tech£­5th one in world auto industry£­to optimize product structure, improve tech and management level completely and reach the standard of overseas modern auto production base, which has been highly praised by Hyundai Group. In 2002, Rongcheng Huatai signed Tech Transferring Agreement with Korea Hyundai at the beginning of August, which indicates that Rongcheng Huatai will co-operate with Hyundai more

Jiangling (JMC)

Jiangling (JMC)

Jiangnan jnan
Hunan JNAN Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd, a famous large-scale military enterprise of Hunan under the Chinese weapon Industry Corporation, is a joint stock and professional automobile manufacturing company established by JNAN Machine (Group) Corporation after reconstruction. It is one of the four Alto manufacturing enterprises by fixed position in China and the only car manufacturer in Hunan province. It has original packaging advanced production facility of hardware that introduced from Japan Suzuki Co., Ltd About hundred domestic and international technical specialist and elite concentrate in JNAN; More than 65% of the company staff had been sent to Japan to train. They offer the motive force continually for sustainable development of the company

Jincheng jcl jcauto auto
Jincheng Auto
Set up in 2000, Jincheng Auto received the necessary permissions to manufacture cars in February, 2001. With a production capacity of 30,000 units the company produces various Toyota-derived and Mitsubishi-like minivans and a plethora of SUV and pickup truck models.

Chang Feng Motor (Liebao)
Liebao also known as Chang Feng Motor
Liebao (Chang Feng Motor)
Chang Feng (Group) Co.,Ltd built in 1950,which is a large state-owned enterprise with total assets 5.54 billions yuan, over 3600 employees.At present, the leading products are as below, light cross-country serial automobiles " Liebao" brand. The subsidiaries of Group comprise Hunan Changfeng Motor Co.,Ltd, Hunan Changfeng Motor Sofa Limited Company, Hunan Changfeng Rubber Products Co.,Ltd, Hunan Changsha Motor Parts Co.,Ltd, Hunan Changfeng Auto Interior Decoration Co., Ltd, Hunan Changfeng Material Transport Co.,LTD, Hunan Changfeng Property Management Co., Ltd, Yongzhou Changfeng Economy Technological Development Co., Ltd, Hunan Changfeng Automobile Plastic Products Co., Ltd, Hunan Changfeng Automobile Air Conditioner Co., Ltd, Hainan Shennong Dafeng Scientific and Technological Limited Company, etc. more info on Changfeng Motor...

Lifan group Autos
Lifan Autos and Motorcycles
After 12 years' efforts, Lifan Group rapidly grown up and developed to be a state level large-scaled individually-run enterprise centering on science and technology development, engine & motorcycle manufacture and sales(including export) and incorporating automobile manufacture, soccer industry, financial securities, culture/media Chongqing Lifan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd is the biggest individually-run motorcycle manufacturer in China. Lifan's products are widely sold to over 100 countries covering South-East Asia, West Asia, Europe, Africa, South America. Lifan is new in the Auto industry but may be a very big player in the race of Chinese Auto manufacturers going international. more info on Lifan Car...



Yuejin Motor Group (Nanjing Auto)
Nanjing - also known as Nanqi and Yuejin Motor Group
Yuejin Motor Group (Nanjing/Nanqi)
Yuejin Motor Group, established on the basis of Yuejin Motor (Group) Corporation (previously named Nanjing Auto Works) as the parent company and approved by the State Economy and Trade Committee, is one of the largest enterprise groups in China. In 2005 Yuejin Motor Group possesses an annual production capacity of 180,000 vehicles of various models and has three major vehicle production bases, namely, Nanjing Yuejin, Nanjing Iveco and Nanjing Fiat. The products cover more than 400 types of models, including passenger cars, light duty trucks, light duty buses, cross country vehicles, small-sized passenger/cargo transportation vehicles, special-purpose vehicles as well as various types of chasses etc. Yuejin Motor Group has been engaged mainly in exploring the overseas markets of automobiles and parts & components thereof. The products have been exported to many countries and regions such as Argentina, South Africa, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Namibia, Djibouti, Tanzania, Cyprus, Togo, Italy and Spain etc. In addition, it has obtained successful experience in establishing abroad SKD/CKD assembly plants of trucks and minibuses. more info on Nanjing/MG Auto...

Qingling Motors
Qingling motors
Qingling Motors
Qingling Motors (Group) Co., Ltd. is one of 15 leading automobile manufacturers in China, and is also a large scale automobile group taking Qingling Motors Co., Ltd. as its backbone, 10 important subsidiaries as its cores and more than 200 suppliers as its support. Qingling is engaged in the manufacture of N and T series light commercial trucks, F series heavy commercial trucks and UC series MPVs with the newest technology from ISUZU.

Shanghai Maple Automotive (SMA)
Shanghai Maple Automotive (SMA)
Shanghai Maple Automotive (SMA)
Shanghai Maple Automobile Co. Ltd (SMA) is located in Fengjing Industrial Park. Jinshan District, Shanghai. The gasoline engines have 1.3L, 1.5L, 1.6L, and 1.8L of four different displacements, which has been built up since the end of 2004.And will be able to reach 300,000 engines annual capacity by 2007. SMA develops towards new creations and is committed to build a national automobile brand of Shanghai style. SMA has consecutively put out various series of cars that include: Maple C31, C51, C81. SMA aims to form a trust-worthy middle-class auto manufacturer with distinctive Shanghai style.

Shanghai Wanfeng Auto
Shanghai Wanfeng Auto
Shanghai Wanfeng Auto
Shanghai Wanfeng Auto is a non-state-owned share company specialized in manufacturing and marketing of medium-high Pickup Truck and MPV(Multi-Purpose-Vehicle) under Zhejiang Wanfeng Auto Group. It is located in Heqing Industrial Development Zone, Pudong, Shanghai , covering an area of 200,000 square meters. On the product line are Single & Double Cabin Pickup, Carriage Truck, MPV(Multi-Purpose-Vehicle )and SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). Shanghai Wanfeng has established a sale and service network with more than 200 sale & service centers throughout China . The on going project of Shanghai Wanfeng Auto Mono-Brand Store and the Sale and Service Store aims to provide Wanfeng customers with comprehensive, responsive and outstanding service.

SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation)
SAIC also called Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation
SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation)
SAIC is one of the big 3 automakers in China, and SAIC owns 20% stake of Chery, another Chinese automaker and in late 2004 took a 49% stake of SsangYong Motor Company. Other automotive companies owned by SAIC are Shangai-Sunwin Bus Corporation, Shangai-Huizhong Automotive Manufacturing, Shangai-Xingfu Motorcycle, Shangai-New Holland Agricultural Machinary and Shangai-Pengpu Machinary. SAIC's Joint Ventures are Shangai Volkswagen Automotive, Shangai General Motors Corporation and SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile. more info on SAIC...

Shengma (Sainthorse)

Shengma (Sainthorse)

Shuanghuan Auto
Shuanghuan Auto
Shuanghuan Auto
Shuanghuan Auto try to make high quality Auto products since 16 years and we always operation without on borrowings and losses incurred year. Shuanghuan Auto Commpany adopted at field of production as per zero-defect development and high quality production purpose, we passed ISO9000 quality control system in 2000 and gained 3C constraint products certification in 2003. Now we accomplish product quality lifetime tract system with control procedure and rewards and penalties system. S-RV, full set of car become good quality products at same grade throughout the country. We cut over 24 hours service hot line and return a visit to customer, we have 200 pieces of monopolistic shopping and almost 300 of pieces mainantenance station all over the country. more info on Shuanghuan Auto...

Liaoning Shuguang(SG)

Liaoning Shuguang Automotive (SG)
Liaoning Shuguang Automotive Corp. Ltd. ( SG), is an international automotive industry group, with 11 manufacturing facilities, 2 overseas offices in USA and South Korea and 4 technical centers in China. In the domestic automotive industry, SG is one of the major OEMS. And in this role, SG is the largest manufacture of light-duty axles and one of the largest manufactures for automotive brake systems. Recognized as the industry leader with solid comprehensive strength, advanced technical capability and best profitability, SG has been awarded "Nation Best Brand", "Nation Key New Product", and "Most Reliable & Renown Company" in Liaoning province for 15 consecutive years, and "Best Company" in Liaoning Province, just to name a few.

Tianma Auto
Tianma Auto
Tianma Auto
One of the myriad of Isuzu-based SUV producers. Capacity is 15000 units per annum in year of 2004 Tianma is known in cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Currently, it is exporting to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, and Eastern European countries including the Czech Republic and Russia.

TianQI Meiya Auto
Tianqi Meiya Auto
TianQI Meiya Auto
The Tianjin TianQi group MeiYa automobile manufacture limited company is the Tianjin automobile (industry) group limited company through the enterprise reorganization and the joint stock system automobile production enterprise which the resources conformity establishing is the Tianjin automobile (industry) one of group limited company backbone production enterprises. First batch exportation for Mid-east country. For example: Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Jamaica and so on 12 countries. The 2005 exportation total quantity about 5,000. TianQI MeiYa Corporation will follow closely the Chinese automobile development tendency, the execution country automobile industry reform and the development plan, with own unremitting endeavor, will draw the China automobile industry development.





Zhengzhou Nissan
Zhengzhou Nissan
Zhengzhou Nissan
Established in March, 1993, Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd is a Sino-Janpanese automobile manufacturer with the approval of the state. The Nissan Automobile Business Corporation comprises 30% stock share, the Dongfeng Joint stock Co., Ltd. 51% share and Zhengzhou Lightweight Car 19% share, and Zhengzhou Nissan is the important manufacture base of Nissan in China. Zhengzhou Nissan strengthens the omnibearing cooperation with Japan Nissan Company in the field of manufacture, management and sales, and brings into the advanced operational mode from Japan. At present, it has established 31 offices, nearly 170 exclusive shops, developed over 200 sales agents, over 270 contracted service stations in China and basically formed a feasible sales and service network in general car sales, accessories sales, information feedback and after sales service and got extensive recognition and appraise from the market, displaying the competitive edge in brand and quality.

Polarsun Motor (Zhongshun)
Zhongshun also known as Polarsun Motor
Zhongshun (Polarsun Motor)
Zhongshun, also known as Polarsun Motor is a Military controlled enterprise which is listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. It is producing Toyota HiAce-like vans and manufactures passenger cars (light buses, MPVs, SUVs) and commercial vehicles. more info on Polarsun Motor...

Zhongxing Automobile (ZXAuto)
Hebei Zhongxing Automobile or zxauto
Hebei Zhongxing(Zxauto)
Hebei Zhongxing Automobile Co. Ltd is a joint venture approved by Chinese government and established in 1991, which is one of the biggest manufactory in china, it has the ability of self –developing and self-producing the auto PICKUP, SUV, it is also the birthplace of first homemade pick up, which had independent knowledge property right. Zhongxing company has select more than 130 provider in and abroad, set up high levels spare parts purchasing channel and established perfect after sales service system, at home there are more than 300 dears, 230 service station, and set up electronic business system, deal cars through internet. The export area has covered the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and Middle-south America, totally op to 40 countries and areas. more info on Zhongxing...

Top Ten Electric Car Manufacturers In China

China is consider the world’s manufacturing center. The country makes everything from electric tooth brush, iPhone, iPod, computers, and even electric car. Most of the electric cars made in China are electric golf carts or Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV).

Here is the list of Top Ten Electric Car Manufacturers In China:

1 Jinhua Golden Eagle Auto Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Established in 1967, Jinhua Golden Eagle Auto Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is a leading international trade enterprise which engaged in producing and researching series of hardware products. It lies in Flying Eagle Industrial Zone of West Yongkang city of Zhejiang.
2 Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing
Founded in 1998, Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co Ltd. is a leading manufacturer in China specializing in designing and manufacturing of 4 wheel electric vehicles.
3 CMEC Suzhou Co., Ltd.
CMEC Suzhou Co. Ltd. is established in 1987, also a member of CMEC Group, with headquarter in Beijing. CMEC Suzhou Co. Ltd. is the main exporter for various electric vehicles, vehicle related products and equipments and as a professional oversea project conductor. CMEC Suzhou also has business ventures in Parking System, Trains, etc.
4 Jiangmen Yetong Electric Vehicle Company Limited
Jiangmen Yetong Electric Vehicles Co., Ltd. is an overseas-funded enterprise established by Mr. Chan King Luen. Mr. Chan King Luen is the president of Hongkong Yetong Co., Ltd., former member of Guangdong Political Consultative Conference. He is now an honorary citizen of Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanxiong and Jiangmen City.
5 Interchina Industry Group Co., Ltd
Interchina Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a group specialized in manufacturing Electric Scooter, electric tricycle, electric car. Since 1999, the company has invested in some factories in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Hebei with headquarter in Jiangsu and exporting office in Shanghai.
6 Liuzhou Wuling Motors Co., Ltd.
Established in 1996, Liuzhou Wuling Motors Co. Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise group and one of the largest 500 machinery enterprises of China authorized for running under the government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
7 Wuxi Celimo Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Wuxi Celimo Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has become one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in China. The company has the capacity to produce 300,000 motorcycles and 500,000 e-bikes annually. Apart from the e-bikes, the company also manufacture electric vehicle.
8 BYD Auto
BYD Auto is a Chinese automobile manufacturer based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, People’s Republic of China. The firm was founded in 2003 and it is a part of the BYD Company Limited. The BYD company, established in 1995, makes 65% of the world’s nickel-cadmium batteries and 30% of the world’s lithium-ion mobile phone batteries.
9 Jiangxi Hongdu Voyage Industry Group Changzhou Hongdu E-Bicycle Co., Ltd.
Established in 2001, Jiangxi Hongdu Voyage Industry Group Changzhou Hongdu E-bicycle Co., Ltd. Is an enterprise under Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation Group and Changzhou Yucheng Ele. Co., Ltd.
10 China Peace Group Co., Ltd.
China Peace Group specializes in designing, producing, and selling ATVs, Motorcycles, Scooters, Go Karts, Dirt Bikes, Electric-powered Bicycles, RC CARS and Generators

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