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Accommodation in Labuan Island



Homestay Bukit Kuda
Address : Kampung Bukit Kuda, 87017 W.P.Labuan Malaysia.
Distance : 7km from Labuan Town


Village spokesman Haji Mustapha Tangkim said life in the village was laid back but could be interesting to visitors.

“We are Kedayan Muslims and modern farmers...Our environment is green with houses set amidst natural beauty. We have fresh air, peace and tranquillity and our guests can relax, read a book or join in the various activities...”

Contact : Tuan Haji Mustaffa Tangkim (+60)13-8511907  Can speak English

 +6013-851 1907

KK Mr. Haji Mustapha B Tangkim
 +6087-408 895(P)

Mr. Madzan Bin Yunus (+60)12-8289158  no one answer the phone
Tel : (+60)87-461737 no one answer the phone

URL : bukitkudahomestay.webs.com / homestaybukitkuda.blogspot.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/HomestayBukitKuda

Bukit Kuda Village (Kampung Bukit Kuda) is next to Labuan's largest natural reservoir - the Bukit Kuda dam, which supplies the island with most of its fresh drinking water.

The village has excellent infrastructure and public amenities. The roads are tarred and litter free. The surroundings are tranquil with beautiful landscaped houses. The people are charming and friendly. It is a model village that had won the "Excellent Village" award at both Labuan and national level. Life in the village is unhurried but certainly not dull. The villagers, mainly Kedayan Muslims, are modern farmers. The village produces the island's very own 'Lidi' noodles and Virgin Coconut Oil.

The Oyster-Mushroom farming is a common activity among villagers here. Homestay Bukit Kuda Village has 34 rooms available for individual or group booking. Charges for various attractive homestay packages are minimal. Standard package include one spacious room with fan, toilet, bathroom with clean running water, food and drink. Bukit Kuda Village is situated in the middle of Labuan Island .

There are activities like Virgin coconut oil processing, Lidi nood;es processing,Oyster Mushroom farming

Rm 80/ per room of 4 beds

RM65/night (include 3 meals=B,L,D)


Rooms : 25 34

  Homestay Sungai Labu
Address : Kompleksa Sukan Laut Antarabangsa Labuan, P.O.Box 80753,
87017 W.P.Labuan Malaysia.
Distance : 9km from Labuan Town


KK Mr. Haji Hassin @Hashim B Abdullah / Puan Jamilah
Tel: +6016-804 1147 / +6019-882 1049

Address: SL 0067 Kampung Sungai Labu, 87000 W.P Labuan

Sungai Labu Village spokesperson Haji Hashim Haji Abdullah.
“Long time ago, during the Kuomintang Confrontation in China, many people left the country to look for greener pastures,..Some of the Chinese refugees landed in Labuan. Most brought their own food, including pumpkins and gourds which would not rot for at least one week...On reaching Labuan, they moored their junks close to shore. Whenever they ate their gourds, they threw the seeds onto the riverbank. After a while, the villagers were surprised to see gourds growing along the bank. There were so many fruits that some could be seen floating in the water....The villagers thus called it Sungai Labu or Gourd River..”

“There are also nice beaches. Our guests can opt for long walks or a swim or even go crabbing.We can also take them for Nature walks and show them herbs that we used before...".

Contact : Tuan Haji Hassin @ Hashim B Abdullah (+60)16-8041147 /
Puan Norita Bt Hashim (+60)13-8553830
Email : homestaysungailabu@gmail.com
URL : homestaysungailabu.blogspot.com

Kampung Sungai Labu is quiet and peaceful coastal village that lies on the west coast of Labuan Island. This pictures village fringes pristine beach cove and white sandy beaches. It spreads across 872 acres of fertile lowlands and gentle hill locks. The quaint village houses with their distinctive architecture and beautiful curtain-laced windows sit spaciously apart amidst tall coconut trees and facing the South China Sea. This is the heartland of the Kedayan people who make up just about half of Labuan's Muslim population.

A community steeped in tradition and local customs. The Kedayan are known for their intimate knowledge of medical plants. They grow plants which are used to treat a wide range of ailments and antidotes. Kampung Sungai Labu is situated on the west coast of Labuan Island. It is 12KM from Labuan Town center and 11KM from Labuan Airport. Public transport is available at any time of the day and takes 20 minutes to reach the village.

Price : RM65/night (include 3 meals=B,L,D)


Rooms : 25

  Homestay Kampung Patau-Patau II
Address : Kompleksa Sukan Laut Antarabangsa Labuan, P.O.Box 80753,
87017 W.P.Labuan Malaysia.
Distance : 9km from Labuan Town
Contact : Tuan Haji Sulaiman B Wan Chi (+60)12-8363403 /
En. Ardilla Arshad (+60)16-8424981
Fax : (+60)87-419622
URL : www.go2homestay.com/homestay-kampung-patau-patau-2
Price : RM65/night (include 3 meals=B,L,D)

Rooms : 25

  Mastura Homestay
Address : SL 0017, Aqilah Villa, Lorong Satu, Lopak Sajok,
Kampung Sungai Labu, 87000 W.P.Labuan.
Distance : 12km from Labuan Town
Contact : Madam Mastura (+60)13-8971925 /
Sir Sudin (+60)12-8296677
Email : masturaali@yahoo.com URL : masturalabuanhomestay.blogspot.com


  Budget Hotel   No. of Room
  1 Asia Hotel  RM50 - RM58 14
  2 Federal Hotel RM77 - RM99 42
  3 Global Hotel Labuan   RM68 - RM118 50
  4 Hotel Ambasador  RM69 - RM125 17
  5 Hotel Pulau Labuan  RM82 36
  6 Klasik Hotel   RM50 - RM80 15
  7 Melati Inn  RM35 11
  8 Pantai View Hotel   RM38 - RM65 33
  9 South East Asia Hotel   RM58 - RM68 22
  10 Southern Hotel   RM59 18
  11 Sri Villa Hotel   RM35 19
  12 Victoria Hotel  RM58 - RM88  44
  13 Hotel Seri Mutiara  RM60 - RM90  39
  14 Mariner Hotel Labuan   RM82 60
  15 Oriental Hotel   RM58 - RM78 19

16 Pulau Labuan Inn  

RM68 53

   Business Hotel    
  1 Grand Dorsett Labuan Hotel (formerly Sheraton Labuan Hotel)   RM300++ 178
  2 Waterfront Financial Labuan RM220 - RM910 94
  3 Aifa Hotel  RM330 - RM930  

  Apartment / Condominium   No. of Room
1 Tiara Labuan Hotel & Apartment RM280 75
2 Beta Service Apartment NA    




1 Kampung Patau Patau 2 RM65
2 Kampung Bukit Kuda RM65

Kampung Sungai Labu


The Waterfront

This hotel has a marina and is centrally situated wuthin minutes to all financial and business services. The rooms are beautifully appointed with no deatails overlooked. It Has numerous function room, a coffeehouse, lounge, swimming pool, health centre, fitness centre, tennis courts.

No,1, Jalan Wawasan
Tel: 087-418111 Fax: 087-413468
Email: waterfront@streamyx.com

Beta Service Apartment

This luxurious hotel offers excellent apartment-style accommodation. All units are tastefully furnished and completely self-contained. Each apartment has three well appointed rooms with individual bath and shower. Other facilities include a kitchenette, dining area, living room, two separate toilets and large balcony with a panoramic view of the island. It also provides conference and meeting facilities. The ground floor can also be used for promotional activities and exhibitions.

Financial Park Labuan
Tel: 087-453333 Fax: 081-453355

Manikar Beach Resort

A perfect family getaway that offers a variety of beach and sea activities. The rooms overlook a magnificent pool, beautiful landscaped gardens and the South China Sea. It has a grand ballroom, a restaurant, pool deck, lounge and bar.
92 jin Kelab Golf
Golf Course .1

Jalan Batu Manikar
Tel: 087-418700 Fax: 087-418740, 418732
Email: manikar@tm.net.my

Grand Dorsett Labuan Hotel

Grand Dorsett Labuan Hotel is a deluxe 5-star international hotel with excellent business and leisure facilities, located opposite the financial park, on a duty-free island.
Grand Dorsett Labuan Hotel is located opposite the Financial Park in the revitalised uptown business district, only 5km from Labuan Airport. The Hotel overlooks the harbour, islands and city centre and is the perfect location for the international business or leisure traveller.

Melati Inn

Melati Inn

Global Hotel, Labuan
Global Hotel, Labuan

Hotel Fah Fah, Labuan
Hotel Fah Fah, Labuan beside the Chinese temple.


Melati Inn, at RM 60 plus or the nearby Global Hotel at RM 80 plus.

Uncle Jacks Closed down the B&B in 2013 and now run by a family as hostel for local workers.

Labuan Backpacker  
Address: Utama Jaya Superstore, Labuan, Malaysia
Phone:+60 16-803 0868

Uncle Jacks Bed & Breakfast.

Call: 016-803 0868
Email: unclejackbackpacker@yahoo.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002081061116
Labuan, Sabah, Malaysia, Borneo

H&H Hotel
H&H Hotel

1- standard room (1 queen bed) RM 128
2- family room (1 queen bed & 1 single bed) RM148.

Ocean Hotel

Ocean Hotel

Hotel Pulau Labuan 2

Hotel Pulau Labuan 2

Expo Hotel

Expo Hotel

Hotel Poh
Micasa Hotel

Hotel Poh

Kedah Kopi Hing Loon

Micasa Hotel

Transit Hotel
Transit Hotel

Hotel California Labuan
Hotel California Labuan

Lazenda Suites
Lazenda Suites

Pulau Labuan Inn 納民島大酒店
Pulau Labuan Inn 納民島大酒店
Lazenda Suites

Premierz Hotel
Premierz Hotel
Lazenda Hotel
Mariner Hotel 峇利娜酒店


Hotel Southern  南方大酒店
Hotel Southern  南方大酒店

Mariner Hotel 峇利娜酒店
Mariner Hotel 峇利娜酒店

Mariner Hotel 峇利娜酒店
Lazenda Hotel
Hotel Labuan Point 1美景酒店

Sara Hotel, Labuan

Sara Hotel, Labuan


Victoria Hotel 維多利亞酒店

Victoria Hotel 維多利亞酒店

Hotel Aifa, Labuan
Hotel Aifa, Labuan


One Hotel, Labuan

One Hotel, Labuan

One Hotel
Poh Chai Koh Building, Ujong Pasir, Jalan O.K.K. Awang Besar, P.O. Box 80951, Bandar Utama Labuan, Labuan, Malaysia 87018





There are a number of budget accommodations in Labuan, and are very easy to find. Some of the budget hotels of Labuan are,


  Hotel Skyglobal
Bed & Breakfast
  Hotel Global,
Bed & Breakfast


  Hotel Pulau Labuan,


  Oriental Hotel


  Hotel Ambassador.