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University Malaysia Sabah
Labuan International Campus

UMS, Labuan International Campus (UMS-KAL)

UMS Labuan International Campus (UMSLIC), is 18KM from Labuan city centre.

This is the first branch campus for University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) whose main campus is in Kota Kinabalu.

On January 1, 1999 UMSLIC started its operation with a total of 356 first intake students on May, 1999.


This “The Beach Campus” is facing the sea and beach. Considered as one of the most beautiful institution of higher learning in Malaysia. The pleasant and hormonal campus surroundings offer a conducive learning environment.

UMSLIC promotes applied knowledge which encompasses communication, management and analysis skills of global standing which attracts international students from the China, African and Middle-East region.

UMSLIC has 100over  international students from various nationalities.




Student hostel

Masjid Al-hikmah UMSKAL