Labuan International Ferry Terminal

This world-class Labuan International Ferry Terminal offer all ferry services between Labuan and following terminals:
1- Brunei Darussalam,
2- Kota Kinabalu's Jesslton Point,
3- Limbang,
4- Lawas,
5- Menumbok,

Sample of  car ferry ticket from Labuan Terminal to Menumbok Terminal Sample of  car ferry ticket from Labuan Terminal to Menumbok Terminal via PUTRAJAYA 1  owned by Labuan Mainland Link Sdn. Bhd.




"LABUAN EXPRESS TIGA" Labuan 1  Kota Kinabalu

2015-04-27 MON 12:27


"ROYAL LIMBANG NO:1"  Labuan  1  Limbang

2015-04-25 SAT 10:01




2015-04-27  MON 12:31


FERRY services from Brunei to Labuan and vice versa are still available despite Brunei authorities' concerns over maritime certification affecting three Malaysian ferries.

There are three ferries carrying the Brunei flag
1- Seri Anna,
2- Suria and
3- Shuttle Hope.

Seri Anna and Suria depart from the Serasa Ferry Terminal at 8am and 8.30am respectively and depart from the Labuan port at 4pm and 3.30pm.

Shuttle Hope, Brunei's own ferry, can carry 45 sedans and 200 passengers. The ferry can also accommodate four-wheel-drive vehicles as well as lorries. The maximum height of the vehicles allowed onboard is 380cm and the maximum width is 350cm.


The three ferries carrying the Malaysian flag
1- Ming Hai
2- Seri Labuan Tiga

In 2011 Brunei has banned three Malaysia ferries from plying the route after they failed the safety standards of the International Association of Classification Societies. These three are operated by ISRO Shipping Company. They possess a Ship Certification of Malaysia but do not hold certificates from the International Association of Classification Societies, which Brunei recognises.

These three ferries,
1- Duta Muhibbah 2
2- Duta Muhibbah 3
3- Rajawali


"SERI ANNA" Labuan 1 Brunei 

Seri Anna
+673 265 2255 / +673 223 1389
+673 265 2323 / +673 265 2828

The Seri Anna is a catamaran (雙體船)


Labuan International Ferry Terminal
Labuan International Ferry Terminal
Speedboats between Labuan Island and Sipitang

2015-04-25 SAT 09:57

Labuan International Ferry Terminal
Labuan International Ferry Terminal Tel: 6087-581006/582006

Ferry from Labuan to Kota Kinabalu, Menumbok, Lawas, Sipitang And Limbang.


Reaching Labuan, we could see Labuan skylines.

A Petronas methanol plant was the most visible landmark with its green logo on their tanks.

Labuan Ferry Terminal looks like an international airport with glass walls and signboards of 'Arrival Hall', 'Departure Hall' and bag scanners etc..

The ferry eventually completed its journey at the Labuan International Ferry Terminal. Upon disembarkation passengers were ushered to the Malaysian Immigration checkpoint. Malaysian can produce their Identity Cards while foreigners  need a valid international passport to enter Malaysia.

The Ferry building is a big complex. From immigration building, passenger has to continue walk to the main terminal building, where you could catch taxis or local buses.

Labuan city centre is a compact place where most hotels are all within walking distance.

You can easily rent a car at the ferry terminal upon exit.

Labuan island has a good road system and easy to explore.

Labuan to many students is know for its Matriculation College.


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Labuan International Ferry Terminal

Labuan International Ferry Terminal
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