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Sepangar Bay


The University of Malaysia Sabah at Sepangar Bay  is one of the major projects undertaken for the Ministry of Education  in Sabah.

This  turnkey project  involving design, building and completion of the university which is an important tertiary education center both locally and internationally catering for some 10,000 students when completed.

Sapangar Bay Container Port
Sepangar Deep Sea Port

A modern container port at Sepangar Bay, capable of handling two container vessels of 1,500-2,500 TEU simultaneously connected by a bridge of 500 metres

Scorpene Submarine Base
The Kota Kinabalu Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) base in Sapangar Bay is the world’s first training centre for Scorpene submarines.

Internal Training Center
A second simulator training facility, costing about RM135 million, is built and completed February, 2013, for the purpose. The facility is the world’s first training centre for Scorpene submarines accepting foreign trainees.

International Training Center
The first simulator for Scorpene training at the base was limited for internal use by RMN.

Kota Kinabalu RMN base here is where the two French-made Scorpene submarines, are based.
The 2 submarines cost RM7.3 billion are named KD Tunku Abdul Rahman and KD Tun Razak.

Pulau Sepangar


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