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Tanjung Aru Regeneration Planner 2012

The Sabah Government has a re-development plan for the city's famous Tanjung Aru beachfront.

The Tanjung Aru beachfront would be re-developed following the state's legal victory in 2012 in taking back the area from a private company that had failed to develop it.

Dubbed the , Musa said that while the re-development would involve international planners, local stakeholders would also be consulted.

Wong said the involvement of the public and all concerned groups was crucial in the re-development of the 52ha beachfront, which was neglected after a failed development plan for over 15 years.

Tanjung Aru is  a Sabah icon and  that of Malaysia as the beach provided one of the best sunset views in the world.

The focus would be towards creating a green lung for the city without over-commercialization of the popular tourist area.


Protect Kota Kinabalu coastal areas

The Sabah State Legislative Assembly on July 16, 2013 approved a bill prohibiting coastal areas in this city to be alienated to others.

The areas encompass 1,550 hectares stretching from Tanjung Aru to Teluk Likas, said Minister in the Chief Minister's Department Datuk Radin Malleh when tabling the bill to amend the Sabah Land Ordinance 1930.
The intensive development in Sabah has no reason to sacrifice the natural environment. Unplanned development would only damage the natural environment, beauty, uniqueness and landscape of Kota Kinabalu.

"Existing policies and guidelines are found to be no longer suitable to prohibit the alienation of land in these areas. The amendment is the best approach to ensure that the state land is fully protected from those who may take advantage of the situation through the legal process..."

Minister in the Chief Minister's Department
Datuk Radin Malleh
July 16, 2013
when tabling a bill to amend the Sabah Land Ordinance 1930







Sunset at Tanjung Aru Beach

Sunset at Tanjung Aru Beach

A special attraction is the spectacular sunset between 6.00 and 6.15 pm. Each sunset is captured by hundreds or thousands images by visitors from afar.

Magnificent sunset on earth every evening, (well, not every evening) when the crimson sun dips slowly into the horizon, leaving the vast skies a brilliant red.

Tanjung Aru Beach is one of the best place to watch sunset in Kota Kinabalu. The 3 km beaches offer numerous spots for each one to choose to view this wonderful nature at work.

One hundred years ago, the scenery was the same. One hundred years from now, one return to find the scenery will still be the same. What a time eternity!

With islands as its background, this place often displaying a very nice colors of sunset. The view is breath taking, with hues blue, black, orange, purple, red, gray swapping places up in the sky, and the sea’s color below changes to waves of shining gold. This colors changes happen so fast in with the last 10 minutes before the sun disappears into the horizon.
Be there early to catch this nature beauty.

Tanjung Aru Beach

Tanjung Aru Beach
3 Km long
Kota Kinabalu City

Tanjung Aru Food Center

Tanjung Aru Food Center

At the far end of Tanjung Aru First Beach is this large open building Food Center with many local food stalls run by local entrepreneurs. This is the place to shop for the hugely popular coconut drink, steamed sweet corn and steamed ground nuts. Try the fresh Seafood, Lakor, Steamed peanuts and corn and many others.

This is one of the best places in Kota Kinabalu to have coconut drinks, and popular here are the delicious sweet corns and tasty steamed ground nuts. A coconut is priced at RM 3, The steamed sweet corn is RM 1.5 per stick or Rm 2.00 per cup, and the steamed ground nuts RM 2 per packet.

The hawker style food stalls serve the common fried noodles and fried rice. Drink stalls serve drinks like coffee and juices. Local Malay delicacy beef and chicken satay is very popular among the local. Also try out the yummy BBQ honey chicken. Enjoy coconut and sugarcane juice, chicken or beef satay and steamed peanuts and corn here.

Also check out the many mouth watering pickles (cucumber, guava, mango, papaya, etc), and local biscuits available at many stalls.

These local food and drink stalls serving customer till late at night.

Most foreign tourists prefer indulge in a full-course dinner at nearby seafood restaurants located there.

The dinning area is an open area under one big roof, so that you could watch the sun go down as you sip coconut water and chew down on satay, chicken wings or noodles.

Tanjung Aru Beach

SugarBun Destination Centres - Tanjung Aru

SugarBun Destination Centres - Tanjung Aru


SugarBun Destination Centres - Tanjung Aru

SugarBun Destination Centre launched at Tanjung Aru Beach in 2003. This is SugarBun's 2nd Destination Centre.

TANJUNG ARU BEACH - Great place to hang out with friends and family.

How to ge to Tanjung Aru Beach :

1) Bus - No. 16. direction to Tanjung Aru. MYR1.50 per person one way. departure from bus station near Wawasan Plaza.

2) Taxi. MYR15 oneway.

Tanjung Aru Beach is  a few kilometers south of the city, this beach is popular hang out area for Kota Kinabalu young people.

The First beach is nestled in between the Prince Philip Park and the Tanjung Aru Golf Club, along the 3km long and sandy Tanjung Aru Beach.

People come to Tanjung Aru 1st beach on public holidays and for night outings.

Late afternoon is one of the best time to be here for a drink, and enjoy the cool sea breeze blowing and the sunset at Tanjung Aru Beach.

With cafes, restaurants and numerous stores that sell local delicacies, there are a lot of things to eat and drink at Tanjung Aru First Beach.

The cafes and restaurants also cater to a wide range of customers from the budget conscious ones to the big spenders, which just about satisfy every one’s pockets.

The First beach Cafe serves mainly western and local food, and for drinks there are coffee, juices, and beers.

The First Beach Cafe outdoor wooden garden tables, that offer a scenic view of the South China Sea and Sabah Park Islands, are very well sort after, and there is a live band performing popular songs nightly.

There is a fully scale seafood restaurant called Tanjung Aru Seafood Restaurant, and it is only open for dinner. Live prawns, live fish and live crabs are the main selection, and the live lobster costs a whopping RM 180 per kg. Dinner goers can choose and pick  on the many sea creatures that are kept fresh alive in the aquariums. Once ordered these sea creatures will be prepared and go under the wok, the freshness of the seafood is guarantee, and hence the extra delicious. Customers at Tanjung Aru Seafood Restaurant also have the privilege of being entertain by the traditional gongs band performing nightly for the dinner patrons.


Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa - Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu International Airport Terminal 2

Tanjung Aru Beach
Kota Kinabalu (Capital City)

Located at the end of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and about 6 kilometres from KK City, this place is closest to the hearts of the locals, and just one visit to the beach will tell you why. Taking its name from the casuarinas or aru trees that fringe the fine sands, this is where one might get a ringside seat to the greatest sunset on earth every evening when the crimson sun dips slowly into the horizon, leaving the vast skies a brilliant red..
Foodstalls serving local food and drinks are open till late at night. Enjoy coconut and sugarcane juice, chicken or beef satay and steamed peanuts and corn, or indulge in a full-course dinner at the seafood restaurant located there.

The Tanjung Aru beach is also home to Shangri-la's Tanjung Aru Resort, the Kinabalu Golf Club and the Kinabalu Yacht Club.


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