Teck Guan Cocoa Embassy

A new attraction in Kota Kinabalu not to be missed - Teck Guan Cocoa Embassy is located at Jalan Cenderakasih, Off Jalan Lintas [ opposite the Puspakom].

About 15 minutes by car from city center. This exclusive, well decorated and comfortable Cocoa Embassy is open through out the year from 9am to 8pm [booking in advance]. A place where you can gather more knowledge on goodness of cocoa that impact our health through a CD presentation in a cozy and spacious audio theater.

Furthermore the visitors will have hands on session of making dessert using cocoa downstream products.

For more information [ make reservation] please call :

Kota Kinabalu : Teck Guan Trading Sdn. Bhd. Jalan Cenderakasih, Off Jalan Lintas 88450, Kota Kinabalu Tel : 088 - 439955 ext: 601 Fax : 088 - 425360 / 425135

Miss Rosline Wei : 019-849-2285
Mdm Lo Wei Ping : 016-838-6165
Mdm Soh Kee Suat: 013-559-1888

Tawau : Teck Guan Regency, Jalan St. Patrick, Off Jalan Belunu, P.O.Box 33, 91007 Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia. Mdm Alice Wong : 012-861-8553 or 016-826-9578
Mdm Lok Siew Fung : 012-812-3684


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