#2 Boosting Tourism Attractions • Relocation & Redevelopment of Pulau Gaya
• Ma’ang Hill Resort Development
• YTL Resort in Pulau Gaya
• Karambunai Integrated Resort
• South China Sea Place (Ming Garden)
• Development of Kokol Hill
• Gondola at Inobong Substation, Penampang
• Expansion of Diving Academy
• Tanjung Dumpil Resort
• Water Taxi, Sports & Maritime Centre
• Development of Wet Market / Safma





To have more eco-green home stays/ boutiques/chalets/cafes
To build designated area for marketing local products (local fruits, flowers) – e.g. like Pekan Nabalu
To build observation deck + Canopy Walk (ala Langkawi)
To have link with other tourism activities – paragliding, white river rafting (Kiulu)

• Accessibility is good, but carrying capacity via the village road is limited.
• Need alternative mode to reach Kokol Hill (via cable car)
• Fire

Enablers Required to make it happen
• Bigger Road to allow big buses
• Participation from the locals to sell fruits/flowers, etc
• Ample parking space at the top of the hill
• Clean water supply

Key outcome / benefit of this project
• Benefit for the MICE tourists for a short day trip for mountain viewing and experience agro-tourism
• Attracts another new market to KK - Para gliders


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