#4 Health Tourism Gleneagles Medical Centre
KPJ Healthcare - Acquisition of SMC & Damai Specialist
Public Hospital Upgrades & Extension (4 Hospitals)
Roll Out of Full Paying Patient (FPP) to boost revenue for Government hospitals & promote health tourism

Sabah Medical Centre (SMC)


KPJ Group acquired Sabah Medical Centre (SMC) and KPJ is building a new RM250 million, 200 bed hospital on a 1.685 acre land. The land is bought over by KPJ and this is a 100% private investment. The new SMC-KPJ hospital is only five minutes to Greater Kota Kinabalu

Delay of work progress due to climate / weather and shortage of cement in Sabah
Unskilled labour shortage for construction
Recruitment of medical professionals Enablers Required to make it happen
Basic infrastructure and utilities such as water & electricity

Key outcome / benefit of this project
Availability of a reliable and reputable Medical Centre in Kota Kinabalu. The local Sabahans need not fly to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore for critical treatment
Contributes to the State economy via medical tourism
Creating more job opportunities for the locals


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