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#3 Improve Mobility and Travel Bus Terminal Wawasan
Bus Terminal North - Inanam
Bus Terminal South - Kepayan
Bus Rapit Transit System (BRT)
One Way Traffic System

 Proposed one way traffic flow (submitted by DBKK)


To provide systematic motorised traffic route to compliment existing road network and BRT system

Have to coordinate with the inflow and outflow of vehicles during physical implementation stage
Relocation of underground utilities Enablers Required to make it happen
Proper traffic management plan within CBD before implementation
Cooperation within Government Agencies & Utilities companies required

Key outcome / benefit of this project
Reduce traffic congestion
Increase transportation efficiency
Encourage use of public transport


To build designated bus way integrated into current road system like a LRT that stops within ~ 1 km
Constructing bus stops along designated bus lane
Replacing old buses (mini and stage buses) with shuttle bus (44-seater)
Linking Terminal Wawasan, Terminal Inanam & Terminal Kepayan
Priority signalling system
One way traffic flow in CBD Distance: ~30km

To cluster and manage current existing mini bus operators
To align the bus routes
Construction of the physical bus way
Allocation of the physical bus way
Land Acquisition/allocation Enablers Required to make it happen
Buses should be at least 10 years
Provide first aid kits & fire extinguishers
Appropriately trained bus drivers
Creating a new ticketing system computer (eg. Octopus, EZ link)

Key outcome / benefit of this project
Integrated public bus system
Increase public transport delivery and efficiency
Decrease the waiting period
Increase public bus capacity
Decrease the over supply of mini buses/vans


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