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where to stay in Kundasang Town


Star Resorts

Zen Garden Resorts

Celyn Resort Kinabalu

Dream World Resort

Kinabalu Pine Resort

Mesilau Nature Resort

Kinabalu Park Hotel



Jabez Resort

Kinabalu Rose Cabin

Puncak Borneo Resort

The Cottage Hotel

Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort & Spa

Fairy Garden Resort



Strawberry Garden Hotel

Haleluyah Retreat Centre

Rm 180/chalet
6 persons

U-Merlin Resort

Kiram's Village

Golden Kundasang Highlands



D'olundus View Lodge
D'olundus View Lodge

Rm 170/room
2 persons

Kinabalu Mountain Lodge
Rm 150/room
4 persons

J Residence

Rm 750/room

Mountain Resthouse


Wildlife Mountain Lodge

Nabalu Lodge

Kundasang Town Center
Rm 200

D Villa Rina Ria Lodge

Kinabalu Poring Vacation Lodge

(In Ranau District. 30 km away from Kundasang Town)



Home Stay and miscellaneous accommodation

Budun Tuhan Retreat Centre

Mt Kinabalu Holiday Camp Hotel

Sonny's Village

Walai Tokou Homestay Seribu 1

Bayu Kinabalu Lodge

Mile 36 Lodge


Kundasang has increased in last decade several hotels and resorts for holiday goers.

Kundasang has been a favored place frequented by Western travelers. However recent years AirAsia successfully bring in a constant stream of holiday family goers from West Malaysia.

The Pan Borneo Road upgraded in recent years also bring a constant flow of cars from Brunei and Sarawak.

In the future when the Pan Borneo Road linked to Kalimantan of Indonesia, Kundasang will witness even greater numbers of visitors from Indonesia.

Kundasang is destine to develop into a new township in the years following. But, for those nature lovers, now is the best time to see Kundasang in her original natural environment before she be ruined by tourism in a decade time.

A few hotels and lodges are just beside the road from Kinabalu Park HQ to Kundasang, Rose Cabin and Fairy Garden, and D'Villa Rina Ria Lodge.

Cheap Accommodation near to Kundasang at Ranau (outside Kundasang)

Mile 36 Lodge
Kg Kalanggaan, Mile 36, Kundasang, Kinabalu National Park
Rm 120.00 per room

Altitude of 1,500 metres

3-minute drive from Kinabalu Park Headquarter
10-minute drive to Kunsadang Town Centre.
90 minutes drive to Kota Kinabalu Town

Mile 36 Lodge provides a luggage storage service
Free parking spaces are also available for guests who drive.

1- Bungalow Room
2- Mini Family Room
3- Twin Room
4- Double Room
5- Family Room

Kinabalu Mountain Lodge
Mount Kinabalu Holiday Home
(Haleluyah Retreat Centre)

Jalan Bundutuhan, Kampung Tenompok

Mount Kinabalu Holiday Home
Rm 20.00 per bed
Rm 150.00 per chalet

Seri Kinabalu Resort

Rm 35.00 per bed
Rm 220.00 per room

Big Car Park

  Bayu Kinabalu Lodge
Kampung Tinompok, Bundu Tuhan

Small car park

  Kiram's Village
6 km hilly road from Kundasang town

Walai Tokou Homestay Seribu 1

Walai Tokou Homestay Rosni

Nabalu Lodge
Kundasang Town, Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia.

Location : Right at the town center before arriving the round about.

Tel: +6088 889 789 Fax: +6088 889 179 email:

Kinabalu Pine Resorts

Kinabalu Pine Resorts -
Blue roofs surrounded by tall green  pine tree (photo above left) only 1 km walk from Kundasang town center.

Kinabalu Pine Resorts
Kg Kundasang, along Kundasang Ranau Highway, Sabah
TEL: 088-889388 FAX: 088-889288 EMAIL:

Kinabalu Pine Resort is located in the foothills in Kundasang, 10 minutes from the Kinabalu National Park. Prices for a standard room start from RM100 (twin share) per night. Packages with breakfast and dinner included are available.

Driving from the direction of Kinabalu Park, the resort is on your right hand side (see above photo).  First timer usually easily over pass the resort entrance because of the sloppy S turn of the road (see above photo).

Kinabalu Rose Cabin
Kinabalu Rose Cabin
Km 18, Jalan Ranau/Tamparuli Ranau, Sabah TEL: 088-889233 FAX: 088-889800

Kinabalu Rose Cabin is near Kundasang, a short trip from the park. Similar to the Pine Resort, rooms start from RM70 per night in the normal season.

Among the many Mid-Range Hotels and chalets in Kundasang, the top choice for visitors is this Kinabalu Pine Resort.

Followed by Celyn Resort, 9km away from Kundasang Town.

Celyn Resorts & Hotels Kundasang

Celyn Resorts & Hotels
TEL: 088-247763 FAX: 088-235763

At a temperature of between 15c - 32c, the resort is the perfect getaway from city.

D Villa Rina Ria
D Villa Rina Ria
Mile 36, Tenompok-Ranau Road, Kinabalu Park, Kundasang, Sabah
TEL: 088-889282 FAX: 088-888898 EMAIL:

The Cottage Hotel
The Cottage Hotel
Kg. Lembah Permai Kundasang, Sabah TEL: 088-888882 FAX: 088-888885



The Dream World Resort pricing is equivalent to a five star hotel from RM260 per room per night during the low seasons or from RM350 during peak seasons (Weekend, Public holidays and school holidays).

The suite per night ranges from RM550 to RM700.

Dream World Resort is a little further from Desa Dairy Farm.

This new accommodation opened for business in May 2010.

Visitors can enjoy the cool and fresh mountain air with the scenic view of the Kundasang and the majestic Mt.Kinabalu.

The Resort has a total of 42 rooms in 23 chalets.

The rooms are furnished with King or Twin bed, LCD TV, a shower or a private jacuzzi.

Haleluyah Retreat Centre
Haleluyah Retreat Centre
Km 61, Ranau-Tamparuli Highway, Sabah
TEL: 088-423993 FAX: 088-420502 EMAIL:

Seri Kinabalu Resort

Seri Kinabalu Resort
KM 9.5 Ranau - Kundasang Highway, Ranau, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

088-872719 Fax 088-872719


Standard Queen
Standard Twin

Formerly BCCM Camp Site
9.5Km Ranau-Kundasang Highway, Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 088-872719, 014-9569357 Fax : 088-386352
Email :
2 Km from Tamu Sayur-sayuran in Kundasang Town (from KK direction)
A Cantin provide meals :
Nasi Ayam Rm 6.00
American Breakfast Rm 7.00

Puncak Borneo Resort Ranau
Slagon Homestay Ranau
Walai Tokou Homestay Kaimi Ranau
Walai Tokou Homestay Lasaba Ranau
Walai Tokou Homestay Latiffah Ranau
Walai Tokou Homestay Gemulah Ranau
Walai Tokou Homestay Rusia Ranau
Walai Tokou Homestay Asmiah Ranau
Walai Tokou Homestay Noraini Ranau

Kiramís Village Cabin Mesilau Kundasang

Kiramís Village Cabin
Mesilau Kundasang

Beautiful mountain wooden cabin privately owned by Kiram's family.

Built on one acre of land, 5600 feet above sea level at 6 km from Kundasang.

Adjacent to Mount Kinabalu Golf Club.

Contact us at : +60198213443

Email us at :

Wildlife Mountain Lodge

Wildlife Mountain Lodge
Kundasang. TEL: 088-888487 FAX: 088-889487

Wildlife Mountain Lodge is run by Wildlife Expeditions, an excellent and reliable tour company.

Sonny's Village

Sonny's Village
Mile 36, Tenompok-Ranau Road, Kg. Kalanggaan, Sabah
TEL: 088-889277 FAX: 088-750479 EMAIL:

Two cottages 5,100 feet above sea level with the Kinabalu National Park within walking distance.

Sonny's Village to the Kinabalu National Park :-
20-minute walk or 3-minute drive

Sonny's Village to the Kinabalu Valley Resort and restaurant :-
5-minute walk or 1-minute drive

The cottages are ideal for climbers who wish to scale Mount Kinabalu or those who simply want to experience refreshing cold weather in one of the most picturesque spots in the area.

Self-contained cottages include, bathroom with hot shower, refrigerator, television, cooking facilities, crockery and cutlery. There are also several outdoor BBQ pits in the garden.