YouTube Video :  Menumbok to Labuan Island by car-ferry service. 2 hours

Above : A truck entering a car-ferry barged at the Ferry Terminal of Menumbok onward to Labuan Island.

Above : Passengers boarding a speedboat leaving to Labuan Island


Ferry from Menumbok to Labuan Island


There are two types of transportation to Labuan,
1- Speedboat which cost 15 Ringgit per person,
2- Car-ferry  which carries both people and vehicles. It is much slower, Passenger only need to pay 5 Ringgit. While vehicles are charge around 50 Ringgit depending on the car cargo.

The speedboat are 12 passenger 200hp small boats that reach Labuan in 20 minutes
The Car-Ferry  is a slow  one and half hours but entertain you in air-conditioned room with a movie before you arrive.


OVERNIGHT CAR-PARK at Rm5.00 and Rm10.00

The activities of this small town are mostly geared to cater for the travellers going to and coming from Labuan and hence we see many restaurants and Overnight Car park. These car parks are meant for housing the vehicles so the car owners can travel to Labuan over the sea by speedboats.

Such car-parks has a daily charges of 5 Ringgit for un-shade vehicles and 10 Ringgit for the shaded area.

These car park are actually residential houses with spacey empty compound.

During the school holidays, these car parks are totally packed with cars forcing the latecomers to turn back and give up travelling to Labuan.

This small town doesn't have a bank or petrol station. But it is peaceful and secure town that the hardware shop just leave their heavy over-sized hardware outside the shop without worry of being stolen (see image above).

Menumbok the gateway to Labuan
Pekan Menumbok is the gateway to duty free paradise Labuan island.


Menumbok is the sub-district of Kuala Penyu (literally mean the Bay of the Turtle), which is located in the southwest of North Borneo (Sabah). Most of the people here are farmers and fishermen, and many of them are also involved in the "water taxi" ferrying passengers using high speed boat from here to Labuan.

Much of Menumbok is covered with coconut plantations, but it is giving way to the more productive palm oil.

The Menumbok town became active with visitors when the price of airplane shoot up in the mid 2000. Before this, it was extremely cheap to fly to Labuan from Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu) and thus many feels travelling via Menumbok is a waste of time. However, when the plane ticket increased 300% and more, only then Menumbok became relevant.

Menumbok depends solely on the transport and related services provided by the locals at the jetty like vehicle ferry(to Labuan ),speed boat, taxi, car park, food outlets and a small 5 room government rest house besides fishing and agriculture.