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Sipitang's little wet market.

Sipitang's little wet market

Pasar Sipitang

Esplanade Sipitang

Esplanade Sipitang
Esplanade of Sipitang - 452-metre long and 75-metre wide

Sipitang is a transit town for visitors from Sarawak and Brunei Darussalam to Sabah. And is the closest town in Sabah to the Sarawak border, located about 44 kilometres south of Beaufort and 144 kilometres from Kota Kinabalu City.

Sipitang offer visitors its beautiful beach and  weekly Tamu of local fruits.

This 452-metre long and 75-metre wide esplanade is  a major landmark and tourist attraction for the Sipitang district.

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Masjid Hj. Hashim Pekan Sipitang


Sipitang Satay


Sipitang Satay


Travellers stopped by at Sipitang Town for refreshment and food because there is not much facilities at the Sindumin boarder town.

If you are thinking of where to try the best Satay in Sabah, then Sipitang is the right place.

Satay and BBQ Chicken are popular in Sipitang Town.  Satay is BBQ Meat Skewer with choices to choose from chicken, beef or mutton.

There are dozen of Satay Stalls at the end of Esplanade Sipitang. An esplanade build by the government for recreation at the seaside.

Sipitang town is small you can never miss this seaside food centre. Before you see the stalls you start seeing the Satay smoke from the charcoal grills.

Try the Sipitang Satay at LAN stall at the water front. 

A guide to Satay Sipitang :

Fishing in Sipitang

Fishing is one of the favourite pastimes in Sipitang.


A family sat down at the end of the long wooden jetty fishing. An activity involving the whole family,  they like to spend their free time fishing after finishing their chores at home.


Sipitang Bus Station (Sipitang Bus Terminal) at Jalan OKK Puteh

More about Sipitang Bus Station (Sipitang Bus Terminal)

The small Sipitang Town has some good amenities :
1- a Community Center,
2- a mosque,
3- children playground,
4- hawkers stalls,
5- rubbish pit,
6- a market
7- public toilet



Sipitang is the only town in Sabah with a sandy beach right infront the town center.

The seafront has for the last few years upgraded and now visitors can enjoy the sea breeze during the late afternoon and evening watching the magnificent sunset.

Sipitang (Old name Mengalong)
Sipitang was originally called Mengalong after the river Sungai Mengalong.

Its territory spanned from Mengalong River from the Marintaman area to Trusan in Brunei and was leased by the North Borneo East India Company from the local leader to open up rubber plantations.

Mengalong is still the name of the river in Sipitang District.


Sipitang Rest House

Located in the town area at the end of Jalan Rest House, at the seafront.

This Rest House has 6 rooms at RM65 per night.

Beside is a Restaurant that serves good food.

Breeze is warm and smooth.
In the morning the prawn trawlers hauling their catch at the Brunei Bay as well as the harvesting of the sea shells by the villagers from the wee hours of the morning.

At the distance you see many ships parking waiting for their turn to call at the Labuan Island Port.

Pineapples and Durian

Sipitang and Sindumin are famous forpineapple and durian during fruiting season,

Other local fruits that grow well in the area also available like :
mata kucing,
water melon,
honey melon

Wednesday and Thursday it is the Tamu Sipitang (local flea market that sells local produce)

The Tamu is along the road side in the town area.


Sabah Forest Industries


Sabah Forest Industries is along the Sipitang-Sindumin Road.

This is the only paper factory in Sabah.


Marintaman Beach in Sipitang

The sealed road to the beach is not far.

At the junction of Sipitang Town and Marintaman Beach, there is a school beside the junction.

From Marintaman Beach is nice view of the Sipitang Town.



Attraction around Sipitang
Bukit Rimau
Long Pasia (Lait Lakong (Mr. Eddie at 011-12017897 to arrange a tour and homestay)
Maga Waterfall of Long Pasia
Taman Kerangas
Ulu Padas




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