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29th September 2014 Monday

Fire destroyed a row of 10 double-storey wooden shophouses in Dunlop Street of Tawau on 29 September 2014 Monday  night.

The premises destroyed in the 11.45pm fire included jewellery shops, textile shops and a watch shop.
Three fire engines with 38 firemen brought the fire under control at 1am.
This old building was built in the early 1960s after a major fire had gutted the previous building there in 1953.

The shop houses are among the historical memories for elder generations in Tawau.

There was a famous coffee shop in the building before the shop moved to another building. The coffee shop was later replaced by a textile trader whose shop however was also destroyed in the blaze.

4-10-2014 SAT 1:35PM

Jalan Dunlop
Jalan Dominic

After the fire.  4-10-2014

Jalan Dunlop, Tawau

Name after district offer of Tawau in the early 1920ís Mr. A.R. Dunlop.

Along Jalan Dunlop are:
The new Central Market near the harbour well known for dried prawns and salted fish.

Gold shops along Jalan Dunlop:
1- Syarikat Emas Berjaya +6089-920899 Hiew Vun Vui 邱玟瑋
專營:洗金, 做金,焊金,收舊金


Optical Shop along Jalan Dunlop:
1- New Ku Syn Khen Watch and Optical 新古信權眼​​鏡錶行
+6089772032 古偉中
No:8 Jalan Dunlop, Tawau

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