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Tawau Town fire in 1953

Tawau Town fire in 1953

Tawau town was almost completely destroyed by a fire on March 1953. The Fire was spotted at 3.30 pm starting from Dunlop Stree.  At that time the shop houses were  build of wood materials with  nipah leaves roofing. These are all easy to burn materials. News reported that the fire only takes 37 minutes to destroy 133 store houses and 6 government office including police station and post office.

Dunlop Street, Tawau, 1953 - the first spotted fires broke out at Dunlop Street
Dunlop Street, Tawau, 1953 - the first spotted fires broke out at Dunlop Street

RECOVER after the 2014 Fire with a new look

RECOVER after the Fire with a new look

2014-10-04 SAT 13:35
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29th September 2014 Monday
Fire destroyed a row of 10 double-storey wooden shop houses in Dunlop Street of Tawau on 29 September 2014 Monday night.

The premises destroyed in the 11.45pm fire included jewellery shops, textile shops and a watch shop.
Three fire engines with 38 firemen brought the fire under control at 1am.
This old building was built in the early 1960s after a major fire had gutted the previous building there in 1953.

The shop houses are among the historical memories for elder generations in Tawau.

There was a famous coffee shop in the building before the shop moved to another building. The coffee shop was later replaced by a textile trader whose shop however was also destroyed in the blaze.

After the fire.  4-10-2014

Jalan Dunlop, Tawau
Name after district offer of Tawau in the early 1920ís Mr. A.R. Dunlop.
Along Jalan Dunlop are:
The new Central Market near the harbour well known for dried prawns and salted fish.
Gold shops along Jalan Dunlop:
1- Syarikat Emas Berjaya +6089-920899 Hiew Vun Vui 邱玟瑋
專營:洗金, 做金,焊金,收舊金

Optical Shop along Jalan Dunlop:
1- New Ku Syn Khen Watch and Optical 新古信權眼​​鏡錶行
+6089772032 古偉中
No:8 Jalan Dunlop, Tawau