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Fishing Harbour
Semporna Fishing Boats Dockyard behind Seafest Hotel

Sea foods could not have been fresher! Behind the hotel, there is a dock for ocean-going fishing boats. Also a small fish market there. The fishing boats unloaded directly there and the fish could not have been fresher!

Every day, the fish are brought into a central market in the Semporna harbour.  The central market, a kilometer away, is  also the main dock that the locals use to come into the mainland from surrounding islands.

There’s a fish auction hall, a few cheap restaurants and lots of stalls selling everything a local might need (food, clothing, sundries and dried sea things):

 Semporna Fishing Boats Dockyard

The main interests are probably located on the sea-fronting area, where you can find locals selling exotic fruits and unique delicacies, as well as fresh seafood.

You can also check out one of the many fishing boat landing docks where you can witness fresh ocean products being loaded from the trawlers into a make-shift wet market.

fishing trawlers


An small  town, Semporna has a lively waterfront market  attractively framed against the waters of the Celebes Sea.

Visitors to Semporna Town are usually en route to/from the near by islands such as the famous Pulau Sipadan, a small island 36km offshore  the world’s best dive sites.

Semporna is renowned for cheap and delicious seafood.

 Mostly populated by fisherfolk of Filipino and Indonesia origin

The seas around here are richly blessed with an abundant marine life. The local fish markets  sell crabs, lobsters, prawns and  varieties of fishery products.

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