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Integrated Lobster Aquaculture Park (iLAP)
world's biggest lobster aquaculture park

1- Darden Aquascience Sdn Bhd, (subsidiary of Darden Restaurants Inc),
2- Nexus Sustainable Seafood Sdn Bhd and
3- Inno Fisheries Sdn Bhd.

Integrated Lobster Aquaculture Park (iLAP) in Semporna,

The Rm 2 billion (USD 652.9 million) 9,300 ha-park would generate more than 14,000 high income jobs by 2022 and up to 40 million lb of hatchery-based tropical Sabah native spiny lobsters once it reaches maximum capacity in 2029.

It would be the biggest lobster farm in the world. The plan is to sell the crustaceans in Asia and supply them to Darden’s restaurants.

The pilot hatchery began in 2013.

This project marked a significant milestone for Malaysia’s aquaculture industry. The global market for lobsters is over USD 4 billion a year with the Asia Pacific region, particularly China, making up about 75 per cent.
This pioneering sustainable lobster aquaculture initiative would place Malaysia and Sabah on the global aquaculture map.
There will be a number of high-income farmers in Sabah's east coast once this project starts and develops.
Sabah region was the best location for developing this lobster project due to its pristine resources and geography.


The world’s first lobster farm off Sabah’s Semporna district holds the potential for billions in revenue :

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