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Kuching Festival
20 July to 12Aug 2012

Kuching Festival 2012
Organizer : Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan

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The festival fair comprises three core activities :
1) Food Fair,
2) Trade Fair and
3) Nightly Entertainment.

The Council of the City of Kuching South in celebrating the 24th Anniversary of Kuching as a City, organized the following activities during the month of August 2012.

The ever-popular Food Fair continued to whet the appetites of both locals and holiday makers.

The Kuching Festival Programme also includes the Concert of Traditional Oriental Music by a local Chinese Music Orchestra and a Folk Dance Display. In conjunction with the Kuching Festival.

There were different sports events prepared for the public to test their muscle.

Apart from that, the Martial Arts Display showcases the various arts and skills of Wushu, Taichi, Silat, Taekwando, Silamban and Akido.

More than 800,000 people, including tourists, patronized Kuching Festival 2012!

The festival has become the mother of all festivals in Sarawak in terms of attendance the biggest festival ever organized in Sarawak. The 2nd bigger is the Rainforest World Music Festival

Kuching South City Council (MBKS) organize this annual event for the enjoyment of locals but tourists.

Kuching Festival was held from July 20 to Aug 12 so as not to coincide with Hari Raya Puasa.

Muslims celebrate Hari Raya on Aug 19.

The year 2012 is the 25th anniversary of Kuching as a city.

MBKS did not forget to give back to society. In the olden days, food was scarce, money was hard to come by, employment few, medical facilities were lacking, and many people lived in poverty. But with economic development, with Sarawak getting more prosperous, people have become better off and many of the problems of old are no longer there. But of course there remain people who are less fortunate, disadvantaged or need help. The amount of money is not important. It is the kind gesture, caring attitude and helping hand that counts.

At the end of event, MBKS presented a total of RM24,755.20 contributed by all stallholders of Kuching Festival 2012 to eight organizations –

1) Che Hia Khor Moral Uplifting Society Sarawak (RM2,000);
2) Sarawak Women for Women Society (RM3,000);
3) The Carnation Club of Kuching and Samarahan (RM3,000);
4) Taiwan Buddhist Tze Chi Foundation Malaysia (RM3,000);
5) Sarawak Hun Nam Siang Tang (RM4,755.20);
6) Sarawak Society For The Blind (RM3,000);
7) Sarawak Society For The Deaf (RM3,000);
8) Sarawak Breast Cancer Support Group (RM3,000).

The biggest donor :

1) the double-stall category was : Mango Tree,

2) the single stall was Wan Kwong Yaw,

3) half-stall category (Goh Kim Lian).

For the most beautiful food stall competition,

1) Bangkok Thai Seafood Restaurant won in the double stall category,

2) Lim Chuan Chan for single stall, and

3) Phua Kit Nang for half stall

The Food Fair this year consist of stalls selling a variety of local food, drinks and international cuisine for the public to relish.

The Trade Fair comprises outdoor and indoor stalls. Exhibitors include motor firms, banks and financial institutions, household appliances, property developers, computer and IT companies, machineries, healthcare, telecommunication, furniture, building and interior design.

The garden show held daily from July 20 to Aug 12 welcomes landscape lovers to learn about horticulture and the environment. Various types of exotic plants will also be exhibited.

The Folk Dance held on Aug 5 from 7pm onwards. This mass performance include  various ethnic dances to reignite public’s passion in preserving this invaluable cultural heritage.

Another dance display, Yuanji Dance, held on Aug 8, start from 7pm. Yuanji Dance is a mixture of martial arts, physical therapy, meditation, dance, qigong and tai chi exercise that is originated from China. This dance promotes health for all.

The Concert of Oriental Music presented by a local music orchestra on Aug 4. During this colorful and rhythmic musical display, different traditional oriental orchestras will perform to flaunt their prowess of musical skills and forte for the public.

The Martial Art display showcase various types of self-defense art like wushu, taichi, silat, taekwondo, silamban and akido.

In conjunction with Kuching Festival 2012, there were various sport events for the public to test their competency. This includes Sports Toto Basketball Jamboree on Aug 5 and Kite Display.

Those who have talent in acting, singing, dancing, performing, playing traditional musical instrument, acrobatics and martial art are welcomed to ‘Kuching Got Talent’ with judges from Astro.

New programme this year is the ‘Poster Competition’ with the theme of ‘Soul of Kuching’. Talented youth showcase their creativity.

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Butterfly Ham Chi Peng Duck Meat Sandwich
Butterfly Ham Chi Peng Duck Meat Sandwich    

Cream Brulee Steak Pie Coconut Ice-cream Ham and Cheese Potato
Cream Brulee
Steak Pie
John's Pies
Coconut Ice-cream Ham and Cheese Potato
Cheesy Potato Queen

Japanese Cheese Cakes Durian Puff Lao Sa Bao Fried Milk
Japanese Cheese Cakes
Gingerbread House
Durian Puff Lao Sa Bao
Imperial Duck
Fried Milk

Kuching Festival Food Fair 2012

Kuching Festival Food Fair is here again for 3 weeks from 20 July to 12 August 2012, 6pm to 11pm daily, at the MBKS compound. Featuring a wide variety of local and international cuisines and flavors, everyone had plenty of food choices to taste, share and enjoy.

Life Cafe’s Booth No.34 at the Kuching Festival Food Fair 2012
Your favourite noodles choose from delicious minced chicken ginger noodle (NEW) to the popular spicy noodles, shanghai noodles, dry noodles and vegetarian spicy noodles.

Kuching Festival Food Fair 2012

Time of the year again when Kuchingites gather around Dewan Masyarakat Kuching Selatan for delicious foods.

The food stalls are getting more and more each year.

This year there are about 200 stall selling foods. 2011 had around 150+ stalls only.

With these about 200 participating food stalls, food lovers were spoilt for choice with the smorgasbord of mouth-watering food available ranging from juicy tender Taiwan sausages to piquant barbecued seafood as well as sweet treats in the likes of homemade Nyonya delicacies and Sabah ‘ice-cream’ potong at the 24-day food festival.

Dragon Beard’s candy from Emperor Dragon Whisker Sweet.become synonymous with the annual food fest. Priced at RM3 a box, the handmade traditional delicacy from China consisting of very fine strands of spun sugar resulting in the resemblance of fine whiskers — hence the name — is made by Dennis Lo who has been participating in the fest for more than 10 years.

Dennis Lo have been selling this Chinese sweet treat here at the fest for the past 14 years.


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