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St. Joseph’s Cathedral is one the Kuching’s busiest Catholic churches. Right Rev. Monsignor Charles Reiterer, D.D. Vicar Apostolic of Kuching consecrated this cathedral on 19th March 1969.

St Joseph's Cathedral in Kuching



1. The present cathedral was built in the 1960s and was finally consecrated by 19 March 1969 (The feast day of St Joseph) by the late Bishop Charles Reiterer, Vicar Apostolic of Kuching. The cathedral underwent major renovation and extension works in November 1994. The Sarawak Government gaave a grant of RM150,000 for the project and the result is what one sees today - the Cathedral and its annexe buildingss - the new presbytery and the Parish Hall and centre.


2. According to Maureen Chew who authored the book The Journey of the Catholic Church in Malaysia 1511 - 1996, "The Cathedral's unique structural design has intrigued many. Its shape was ubsoured by the tarbenacle of the Old Testatment, the 'dwelling place of God' among God's people. The Cathedral's tent-like apprearance servesa as a symbolic reminder that the People of God are on a journey: a pilgrim people who 'have here on earth no lasting city' (Heb. 13:14)"


3. On the site where the bell tower now stands was where the old St Joseph Church constructed in 1891 and demolished in 1969 used to stand.

As for St. Joseph church, what I have been able to dig up is it was first erected as a simple wooden church in 1883 (I'm not sure if it's in the current location).


By 1894, it had evolved into a substantial brick church.



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