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Travel and Transport Connection between Kuching City and Indonesia

Bus from Kalimantan of Indonesia to Sarawak to Brunei

Indonesian state-run bus firm Damri serve the Pontianak-Kuching-Brunei route since 1st September 2008. Damri Transport Company was appointed by the Indonesian government

Brunei government appoints JPS company to server the reverse route Brunei-Kuching-Pontianak.

Eight buses each from the two countries have been prepared to serve the route.

One-way trip from Brunei to Kuching to Pontianak is 1,200-kilometer long and takes 35 hours.

From Sarawak to Kalimantan of Indonesia

Bus to Indonesia - Two daily bus services between Kuching and Pontianak. Journey is 8-10 hours. Immigration point in Teledu. No buse services from Pontianak to Banjarmasin.

Kuching To Pontianak, Indonesia. RM 45.00, 8 hours. Buses depart from Kuching's Penrissen Road Terminal.

Biaramas/Tebakang Express (Tel: 456999) at 7.30 am.

SJS (Tel: 456999) at 8 am and 1.00 pm.

The up market SJS 'Super Executive' departs 11.00 am and costs RM 70. This bus has more leg room and meals are included.

Kirata Express departs 7.30 am

Sapphire Pacific at 11 am

Sri Merah Express at 7 am and 10 am - book through Vital Focus Transportation (Tel: 453190 or 461277) or Borneo Interland (63 Main Bazaar, Tel: 413595).

ATS (Tel: 457773) departs 7.30 am,

Eva Express (Tel: 576761) at 7 am (economy) and 11 am (super class, RM 70) and

Damri (Tel: 572098) at 8 am, 11.30 am and 1 pm.


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