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Permai Rainforest Resort

What child would not love to stay in a tree house?

The Permai Rainforest Resort is an Outward Bound-type experience with ropes courses, a flying fox and kayaking, along with a list of 20 other outdoor activities. Our children at ages 5 and 7 are too young to be able to participate in that portion of the resort, but we found plenty to do all the same.

I must say, the greatest initial appeal for us was the lodging that was in a tree house. What child (or adult who is living vicariously through their children) would not love to stay in a tree house?

It is actually a house on stilts but it is surrounded by trees and you certainly feel like you are part of the rainforest...............


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35 km from Kuching City center, a 30 minutes leisurely drive. It is situated at the end of Santubong Peninsular , one of Sarawak’s premier holiday locations.

If you drive, Permia Rainforest Resort  is at the end of Jalan Santubong. After passing Satubong Village, Damai Golf Course will be in sight at the left. Next you will see Damai Beach Resort (formally the Holiday Inn Resort) at the left. Following is Sarawak Cultural Village at the right.   Driving further down is the Damai Lagoon Resort on the left.   Findlay you arrive at Permai Rainforest Resort.

Permia Rainforest Resort next to Damai Lagoon Resort/Damai Puri Resort.This is an eco-resort where the accommodation is more basic and designed to blend into the forest. It is in a beautiful setting, the accommodations are basic but comfortable, and you are basically surrounding by a pristine tropical rainforest.

Getting to the rooms can be a bit strenuous, as some of the walkways are quite steep and the buildings are far apart.  Most of the accommodation come with small kitchenettes for you to prepare your own food, and there are lots of barbecue pits around should you want to organize a barbecue party.

There is a cozy little restaurant in the resort called Rainforest Cafe, serving simple local food. It has an al fresco wooden deck with spectacular views of the sea.

There are two main types of accommodation -

1) tree houses which are ensuite rooms built on stilts set high among the trees, Rm 250 to Rm 300 per night.

2) normal chalets in the forest. Rm 250 to Rm 350 per night

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