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Accommodation in Kuching

Kuching City

No.6, Jalan Taman Budaya, Kuching. (near Museum garden)  082-240017/429225/013-8011561  
Rates: RM25 - RM100

Rm 25 Dometory  Room with 5 beds

Lodge 121
Lot 121, 1st Floor, Sec.33 KTLD, Tabuan Rd, (opposite Borneo Hotel and next to Kuching Prison along Tabuan Rd).
+60 82 428121 . New guesthouse. Clean, cozy, comfortable and safe place to stay in the Land of the Hornbills. Friendly staff.  Breakfast with Kaya included. Rm50
No.1, Temple Street, 93000 Kuching.  6 082-421346  6 0082-422926 Email: 1nfo@s1nggahsana.com URL: www.s1nggahsana.com Rates: RM30 - RM
(Opposite Harbour View Hotel)
+60 82 429 277, A hip Back-packers lodge that is centrally located at the Kuching waterfront. Longhouse decor and artifacts. The staff are a bit smug and self-important, but it is clean, safe and very reasonably priced.
Threehouse Bed & Breakfast
51 Upper China Street.
+60 82 423499, [31]. Native Iban and Scandinavian ownership, located in the middle of the city. Approach from the main Post Office in town you have a Chinese arch (gate) on the left of the building which leads to Carpenter St. Walk straight up that street passed a red temple on your right side, in the first junction you turn to your right and you are now on Upper China St. Walk the street up and watch out for the sunflower windmill and the only red facade building on this street.
Tracks Bed & Breakfast
1st Floor, No. 5,  Jalan  Green Hill
+60 19 6407372, Modern B&B at the heart of Kuching city centre, in the Golden Triangle area near the Kuching Waterfront. Staff happy to give assistance or advice with travel and local customs.
Mr Die's Bed & Breakfast
+60 82 248852. 

(between Orchid Inn & Furama Lodge) No.3, Jalan Green Hill, Kuching.  
Tel: 6082-231200 Email: b1dasbuan@yahoo.com Rates: RM15 - RM50



1st floor, 30-1, Jalan Tabuan, 93100 Kuching. (next to Borneo Hotel)  6 082-237366 Email: bnbswk@streamyx.com Rates: RM16 - RM110


Jalan Sultan Tengah, Damal Beach, 93750 Kuching.  6 016-8871017/019-8871017 E: 6 082-414802 Email: nangadama1@hotma1l.com Email: polseb@pc.jaring.my Rates: RM80 - RM110 CARPENTER GUESTHOUSE

Brand New Guesthouse 94, Carpenter Street/ Ewe Hal Street, Kuching  6 082 256050 Email: rsvn@carpenterguesthouse.com Rates: RM28 - RM90 


  Closed Business
St. Thomas Cathedral, Jin Tun Abg Hj Openg, 93000 Kuching.  6 082-414027 Rates: RM20 - RM35




Kuching City


Jalan McDougall, Kuching.  6 082-248111  6 082-428987 Rates: RM45 - RM60

Fata Hotel was among the best hotel in the 1960s and 1970s. Main night clubs were around this Fata area.  Saint Mary Secondary School and Saint Thomas Secondary are near by.


Tune Hotel
Jalan Borneo, Lot 281, Section 48, KTLD, (opposite Hilton Kuching and off  Jalan  Tunku Abdul Rahman), [33]. checkout: 10AM. Budget hotel operated by chain linked to AirAsia. Limited and basic services including hot showers. From RM45. 

Berambih Lodge
No.104 Ewe Hai St, (behind Main Bazaar).
+60 82 238589, . Longhouse style guesthouse, clean and friendly. Breakfast included.

Bidayuh Traditional Chalet and homestay (Funaborneo)
Kg Tringgus, Bau (30 km from Kuching city)
+60 10 5267669, +60 10 9876653. A relaxed traditional bidayuh chalet with views of virgin forest and nearby to a fresh water river. From MR38. 

Brookes Terrace
1st Floor, 231  Jalan  Abell (above AirAsia ticketing office)
+60 82 427008, [24]. Clean and fresh B&B with nice rooms. Friendly and welcoming staff. Large LCD-TV and fridge in room. Double deluxe RM80. 

Drop In Guesthouse
209 Jalan Padungan (near the padungan white cat statue (across memories cafe))
+60 82 242988, [25]. checkin: 2PM; checkout: 12:30PM. Guesthouse in Chinatown. Also sells paintings and operates a souvenir shop. 

The Fairview
No.6  Jalan  Taman Budaya
+60 82 240017, +60 13 8011561, [26]. Colonial House with tropical garden, a nice place that feels like home.

Nomad Bed & Breakfast
1st Floor, No.3,  Jalan  Green Hill
+60 82 237831, +60 16 856 3855.

Panovel Kuching
2nd Flr Sr.24 Lot 4370,  Jalan  Simpang Tiga
+60 16 866 7000, +60 16 8666 999. Newly established self-service accommodation appealing to nearby University students. 10 min drive from Kuching Airport and short walk to The Spring Mega Mall. A/C, wifi, huge room space. Long-term and daily rates available.

Pinnacles Kuching
Level 1, Lot 21, Block G, Taman Sri Sarawak Mall,  Jalan  Borneo.
+60 82 419100, [29]. In the middle of Kuchings golden triangle which comprises Hilton, Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza Hotels. Clean.

Wo Jia Lodge
No.17 Main Bazaar (on the Waterfront)
+60 82 251 776, [34]. One of the newest lodges (May 2011), located right on the Kuching waterfront, with newly renovated Straits Chinese decor and clean, spacious rooms. Free wifi in all rooms. Friendly and helpful staff/owner. Rooms from RM33, private dorm maximum 3 beds at RM20 per bed. Coffee and tea round the clock 

Lot 275-276, Jin Abell, Kuching.  6 082-414866 E: 6 082-414869 Rates: RM45 - RM60

No. 59 Jin Padungan, Kuching.  6 082-244179 Rates: RM25 - RM50


No.1 Jin Green Hill, 93100 Kuching.  6 082-416320  6 082-246342 Rates: RM40 - RM50


No.2 Jin Green Hill, Kuching.  6 082-411417 / 411427  6 082-241635 Rates: RM35 - RM50


No.4 Jin Green Hill, Kuching.  6 082-413561 / 416960 Rates: RM30 - RM60


No.6 Jin Green Hill, Kuching.  6 082-418269 Rates: RM40 - RM60


No. 10 Jin Green Hill, Kuching.  6 082-426822 / 426823 Rates: RM25 - RM50


No.16 Jin Green Hill, Kuching.  6 082-244862 Rates: RM40 - RM55 RIVER VIEW INN

No.22 Jin Green Hill, Kuching.  6 082-412561 / 412494  6 082-234237 Rates: RM45 - RM70


No.6 Temple Street, Kuching.  6 082-413985 Rates: RM22 - RM30


571-3, Jalan Nanas, Kuching. S: 6 082-233500 M: 6 082-236500 Rates: RM45 - RM70


Lot496-497 Jalan Nanas, Kuching.  6 082-426885 L> 6 082-427895 Rates: RM45 - RM60


No.93 Jin Padungan, Kuching. (behind Hock Ping Cafe)  6 082-417363  6 082-427185 Rates: RM35 - RM45


Lot 151, Jalan Datok Ajtbah Abol, Kuching.  6 082-420930 E: 6 082-238960 Rates: RM42 - RM66


200-204, Section 51, Jalan Padungan, Kuching. (behind Everise Supermarket) S: 6 082-425221  6 082-243567 Rates: RM40 - RM60


No.74 Jalan Padungan, Kuching. S: 6 082-411678  6 082-236686 Rates: RM40 - RM70


No. 172 Jin Tan Sri Ong Kee Hut, Kuching.  6 082-417276  6 082-417297 Rates: RM45 - RM70


Jalan Hj. Taha, Kuching.  6 082-241211 Rates: RM25 - RM50 CULTURE INN

98, Sekama Road, Kuching  6 082-330833 M: 6 082-233776 Rates: RM44 - RM52


26-28, Block C, King Centre  6 082-578033 / 578006  6 082-578329 Rates: RM48 - RM58

Hotels in Kuching Type Single Double Triple Breakfast
Borneo Hotel Twin / Double 118 118 N/A No
145 145 N/A Yes
Family Room 159 159 N/A No
186 186 N/A Yes
Crowne Plaza Riverside Superior 228 228 300 Yes
Deluxe 252 252 324 Yes
Damai Puri Resort & Spa Deluxe 264 264 360 Yes
Premier 336 336 432 Yes
Damai Puri Club 432 432 528 Yes
Grand Continental Kuching ROH 174 174 246 Yes
Family Room (King+Single) 210 210 N/A Yes
Continental Comfort Room 252 252 N/A Yes
Harbour View Hotel Run-of-the-house 120 126 156 Yes
Damai Beach Resort Standard Balcony 228 228 300 Yes
Superior Poolside 252 252 324 Yes
Chalet 276 276 348 Yes
Seaview Deluxe 306 306 378 Yes
*Peak Season TBA Hilltop Suite 438 438 510 Yes
Holiday Inn Kuching Standard 210 210 276 Yes 
Deluxe 234 234 300 Yes 
Hung Hung Inn Deluxe Queen 72 72 N/A No
Deluxe Twin 84 84 N/A No
Super Deluxe 96 96 N/A No
Superior 108 108 N/A No
Family Suite 156 156 N/A No
Kuching Park Standard 114 114 144 Yes
Superior 132 132 162 Yes
Super Deluxe 168 168 198 Yes
Kingwood Inn Standard 114 114 N/A Yes
Deluxe 138 138 N/A Yes
Super Deluxe 150 150 N/A Yes
Liwah Hotel Standard (No window) 66 66 N/A No
78 78 N/A Yes
Standard (Twin / Double) 78 78 N/A No
90 90 N/A Yes
Deluxe (Twin / Double) 90 90 96 No
102 102 114 Yes
Merdeka Palace Standard  194 194 283 Yes
Hotel & Suites Superior 207 207 297 Yes
Deluxe 228 228 265 Yes
2 Bedroom suite 442 442 N/A Yes x 4
3 Bedroom suite 525 525 N/A Yes x 5
Permai Rainforest Resort Tree House 180 180 N/A Yes
Cabin(No A/C) 200 200 N/A Yes
Cabin (A/C) 224 224 N/A Yes
Cabin(No A/C) 152 152 N/A Yes
Cabin(A/C) 176 176 N/A Yes
Rajah Court Standard 83 83 N/A No
Superior 90 90 N/A No
Regal Court Standard 114 114 150 Yes
Superior 120 120 156 Yes
Deluxe 126 126 162 Yes
Santubong Kuching Resort Single (Deluxe King) 132 132 180 Yes
Double Twin (Deluxe Queen) 144 144 192 Yes
Junior Suite 222 222 270 Yes
Ocean Suite 234 234 282 Yes
Chalet 372 372 420 Yes
Somerset Gateway Studio Executive 172 172 231 Yes
Studio Premier 179 179 237 Yes
2 bedroom Deluxe 324 324 N/A Yes
2 bedroom Executive 344 344 N/A Yes
2 bedroom Premier 383 383 N/A Yes
3 bedroom Deluxe 476 476 N/A Yes
Supreme Hotel Standard 82 82 N/A No
Deluxe 94 94 N/A No
Superior 126 126 N/A Yes
Telang Usan Standard / Superior 118 118 160 Yes
Deluxe 142 142 184 Yes



Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites
(Former Aurora Hotel) at Jalan McDougall and Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg junction. 

Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites (Former Aurora Hotel) is managed by BK Management & Services Sdn. Bhd . www.merdekapalace.com .

213 rooms (incl. 99 Executive Suites & Apartment Suites).

Room rate RM 180 - 250, Executive Suites RM 900 - 5,500, Apartment Suites RM 400 - 500.

Outlets include Aurora Court (Coffee House, All-Day Dining), Ristorante Beccari (Italian Fine Dining), Seattle Coffee & Tea Co (Coffee & Tea Bar), The Victoria Arms (English Pub with Live Music), YN Cellar (Wine Bar), La Habana (Cigar Divan & Lounge).

Situated in the city centre directly overlooking Padang Merdeka. Features include Health and Fitness Centre, Swimming Pool, Non-Smoking Floors, Executive Business Centre, Rooms & Facilities for Disabled Guests, Wireless Internet Throughout & Broadband Internet Connection Available, Extensive Conference & Banquet Facilities, Children's Playground, Satellite TV, Baby Sitting Service.


Kuching offers a wide range of accommodation ranging from Budget hotels to the Exclusive International Class hotels and apartments. Cheapest hotel beds in Eastern Malaysia are found in Kuching City. Budget and affordable accommodation in  Kuching are located In the city centre with the popular budget-range hotels at Jalan Green Hill.

The International Class hotels are mostly located along the "Golden Triangle" along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman where the business hubs are mostly located. All the hotels are within easy walking distance from the major tourist attractions and eateries. Discounts and promotional rates are also available during certain season.

Rates as stated below are published rates. Major credit cards are widely accepted.

International Class Hotels

There are a number of deluxe hotels in Kuching city centre. Promotional rates are sometimes available during low season or weekends. Enquire for details. The beach resorts at Damai are covered in the Damai and Santubong section.
Harbour View Hotel
Hornbill Golf & Jungle Club, Borneo Highlands
Hotel Grand Continental Kuching
Kingwood Inn Kuching
Kuching Park Hotel
Regal Court
Regency Rajah Court Hotel Kuching
Somerset Gateway Kuching
Telang Usan Hotel Kuching



Jalan Tun Abang Hj Openg, Kuching. 6 082-258000 6 082-425400 Email: info@merdekapalace.com URL: www.merdekapalace.com
Rates: RM172 - RM391 Rates: RM780 - RM5,500 (Exc. Suite) Rates: RM368 - RM437 (Apt. Suite)



P.O. Box 2396, 93748, Kuching. Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuching. 6 082-248200 6 082-428984 Email: info_kuching@hilton.com URL: www.hilton.com Rates: RM260 - RM360 Rates: RM785 - RM3.500 (Suite)

Riverside Majestic Hotel

Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuching. 6 082-247777 6 082-425858 Email: cprk@po.jaring.my (general) Email: reservation@cprk.com.my Rates: RM230 - RM247 Rates: RM304 - RM402 (Suite)

Grand Margherita Hotel

Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuching. 6 082-423111 6 082-426169 Email: hikmy@myjaring.net (general) Email: hikrsv@po.jaring.my (reserv.) Rates: RM166 - RM195 Rates: RM276 - RM1,265


No 9, Jin Bukit Mata Kuching, Kuching. 6 082-250958 (general) 6 082-252958 (reservation) 6 082-259958 enquiry.kuching@the-ascott.com URL: www.the-ascott.com Rates: RM280 - RM600 (daily) Rates: RM3,600 - RM5,100 (monthly)

GRAND CONTINENTAL HOTEL Lot 42, Jalan Ban Hock, Kuching. 6 082-230399 6 082-230339 / 255099 Emi: kuching@grandcontinental.com.my URL: www.grandcontinental.com.my Rates: RM150 - RM529



No.30 C-F, Jalan Tabuan, Kuching. 6 082-244122  6 082-254848 Rates: RM85 - RM290 Substantial discounts available.


Temple Street, Kuching.  6 082-74666 & 6 082-274777 Emi: sales@harbourview.com.my URL: www.harbourview.com.my Rates: RM155 - RM170


Jin Tun Razak, Pending, 93300 Kuching. 6 082-484799 6 082-482750 Rates: RM75 - RM110


Jin Tun Razak, Pending, Kuching.  6 082-341200 E3: 6 082-341201 Rates: RM52 - RM70


Jin Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Kuching. S: 6 082-412211 M: 6 082-413211 Email: regal_c@tm.net.my Rates: RM110 - RM140


Lot 606, Jin Padungan, Kuching.  6 082-239888 M: 6 082-238799 Rates: RM92 - RM120


Jalan Padungan, Kuching.  6 082-330888 & 6 082-332888 Email: kingwd@po.jaring.my Rates: RM108 - RM148


Jalan Ban Hock, Kuching.  6 082-415588  6 082-425316 Email: tusan@po.jaring.my Rates: RM80 - RM150


Jalan Ban Hock, Kuching.  6 082-255155  6 082-252522 Rates: RM60 - RM70


Jalan Song Thian Cheok, Kuching. 6 082-429222 3: 6 082-423690 Rates: RM65 - RM150


Lorong 6, Jin Nanas, Kuching. 6 082-238400 6 082-235200 Email: penrisseninn@pd.jaring.my Rates: RM60 - RM85


Lot 227, Jalan Ban Hock, 93100 Kuching.  6 082-429788 & 6 082-424329 Rates: RM59 - Rm126


Jin Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, 93100 Kuching.  6 082-231000 & 6 082-231775 Email: hung2inn@tm.net.my www.hunghunginn.bussinessnet.com.my Rates: RM59 - RM138



Jalan Stadium, Petra Jaya, Kuching.
Rental: RM2,500 p/month
(Contact Hornbill Real Estate)

Jalan Petanak, Kuching.
Rental: RM3,000 p/month
(Contact Hornbill Real Estate)

Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, 93100 Kuching.
Rental: RM2,300 p/month
(Contact Hornbill Real Estate)


BDC, Stampin, Kuching.
Rental: RM1,500 p/month
(Contact Hornbill Real Estate)

BDC, Stampin, Kuching.
Rental: RM3,000 p/month
(Contact Hornbill Real Estate)

BDC, Stampin, Kuching.
Rental: RM2,000 p/month
(Contact Hornbill Real Estate)

 6 082-233990
E: 6 082-411940
Email: info@hornbillproperty.com

URL: www.hornbillproperty.com


Jalan Tabuan, Kuchlng.
 6 082-346699  /  6 082-346688
Renting: RM3,500 p/month

Rubber Road, Kuchlng.
 6 082-246197  /  6 082-243521
Rental: RM250 p/day

Lot 11258, Block 11, MTLD,Jalan Song, 93350 Kuching.
 6 082-368855 / 370888/  6 082-377358
Rental: RM120 p/day @ RM1200 pmth

Tabuan Stutong Commercial Centre, Phase II, Jalan Setia Raja,Kuching.
 6 082-367772 / 367773
 6 082-367771
Rate RM78 - RM180 p/day

The problem of room shortage in Kuching city is ironed out with the completion of five international standard hotels in 1010.

The construction of the convention centre and its hotel is part of State's preparation in attracting the lucrative MICE (meeting, incentive, conference and exhibition) business to Sarawak shore. Located prominently at the Kuching Isthmus, the convention centre which has floor area of 36,500sq meters can easily accommodate 5,000 people. Once in operation, the convention centre will definitely put Kuching in the forefront of attracting national and regional conferences.

One new hotel was ready in 2009. Constructed by Global Upline, the 12-storey Four Points Sheraton is build near the Kuching International Airport;

The four-star Four Points Sheraton will have 360 rooms while the other hotel will have 220 rooms. In the next three years another hotel will be build within the city centre.


Opened in 2010 was  the Plaza Merdeka project which have a hotel tower offering 290 rooms. Apart from the hotel block. Plaza Merdeka project also consists of a modem mall which houses office spaces, shopping area and eatery outlets. Built within the heritage area of the city, the mall is surrounded by historical landmarks like the Central Police Station, Sarawak Tourism Complex and General Post Office. It is also within walking distance from tourist attractions such as the Sarawak Museum, Textile Museum, Sarawak Craft Councils, India Street pedestrian mall, Kuching Waterfront esplanade and the souvenir haven of Carpenter Street and Main Bazaar.


Kuching has accommodation ranges from budget hostels to luxury international class hotels. Most Hotels are located in the central area and within easy walking distance of major tourist attractions and the central business district. Rates shown range from cheapest single to most expensive double.


Hotels near to Kuching Waterfront :

Riverbank Suite

Holiday Inn Kuching

Hilton Kuching

Crowne Plaza Riverside Majestic

Novotel Interhill - This new Novotel Interhill Kuching is build within the golden triangle of Kuching's business area. Constructed on a hill top, the hotel offers picturesque view of the city and its surrounding Malay villages across the Sarawak River.

Crowne Plaza Riverside Kuching

Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, PO Box 2928,93756 Kuching. Tel: 247777 Fax: 425858 E-mail: cprk@po.jaring.my 245 rooms. Room rate RM420 - 710, RM750 - 3,500 (s).

Outlets include Cafe Majestic (Coffee House), River Palace (Halal-Certified Cantonese Cuisine), Coca (Thai Steamboat), The Club (Cocktails) Blue Lagoon (Poolside Restaurant with Nightly BBQ Steamboat Buffet), La Patisserie (Bakery).

Crowne Plaza Riverside Hotel has spectacular views of Kuching Waterfront and surrounding city. Features include Crowne Plaza Club Floor & Lounge, Cardio Exercise Room with Traditional Massage & Reflexology, Ladies' Skin Care and Body Therapy Services, Tennis & Squash Courts, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Non-smoking Floor, Rooms/Facilities for Disabled Guests, Business Centre, Extensive Conference & Banquet Facilities.

Cineplex, Shopping Centre & Bowling Centre located in same complex.

Novotel Interhill

Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia

The 388-room Novotel Interhill Kuching will play an important role in building Kuchings tourism infrastructure by providing modern, stylish accommodation


Hilton Kuching

Hilton Kuching, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, PO Box 2396, 93748 Kuching. Tel: 248200 Fax: 428984. E-mail: kuching@hilton.com. Website: www.hilton.com.

 315 rooms. Rates RM 470 - 575, RM 995 - 3,765 (s).

Outlets include Waterfront Cafe (Coffee House), Caffe Cino (Coffee, Cakes, Fresh Breads & Panini), The Steakbouse (Fusion Cuisine), Toh Yuen (Cantonese & Szechuan Cuisine, Dim Sum Lunches), Senso (Cocktail Bar, Special Martinis, DJ & Live Entertainment), Matang Terrace (Poolside Bar & Open-Air Restaurant), Mizube (Sushi & Oyster Bar), The Bakeshop (Bakery & Patisserie). Directly overlooking Sarawak River. Features include Executive Floor with Club Room, Executive Business Centre, Airport Desk (at Kuching Airport), Clark Hatch Fitness Centre, Flood-lit Tennis Court, Non-Smoking Floors, 24-Hour Business Services, Extensive Conference & Banquet Facilities. Twinned with Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort .

Holiday Inn Kuching, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, PO Box 2362,93100 Kuching. Tel: 423111 Fax: 426169 E-mail: hikrsv@po.jaring.my 305 rooms. Room rate RM330 -510, RM660 - 2,100 (s).

Holiday Inn Kuching - A 4-star hotel. The only hotel situated directly on the bank of the picturesque Sarawak River at the end of Waterfront walkway overlooking Fort Margherita and Malay villages.

Outlets include Orchid Garden Coffee House (Open 24 hours on Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holiday), Serapi (Western & North Indian Cuisine, closed Sundays), Meisan (Halal-Certifled Szechuan Cuisine), Rajang Lobby Lounge (lobby bar), Anchor River view Deck (light meals & cocktails).

Features include Executive Club Floor & Lounge, Cardio Exercise Room with Traditional Massage & Reflexology, Outdoor Swimming Pool & Children's Playground, Non-smoking Floor, Business Centre, Rooms & Facilities for Disabled Guests, Extensive Conference & Banquet Facilities, Shopping Centre Adjacent.

Novotel Interhill Hotel, Kuching

Novotel Interhill Kuching with open by end of 2008.
This 23-storey tall hotel on the hill enjoys a prime location in the city centre, offering panoramic views of Kuching and Sarawak River. Novotel Interhill Kuching will be catering business and leisure travellers...

Hotel Grand Continental, Lot 42, Section 46, Jalan Ban Hock. Tel: 230399 Fax: 230339/255099. E-mail: kuching@grandcontinental.com.my. www.grandcontinental.com.my.

192 rooms. Room rate RM 150 - 345, RM 437 - 529 (s). Outlets include Brasserie Kuching (Coffee House), Grand Spa (Resort Style Spa with Gym, Spa Pool, Massage Rooms, Sauna, Steam Room, etc.). Situated in city centre / business district. Features include Pool, Business Centre, Health Spa, Non-Smoking Rooms, Rooms & Facilities for Disabled Guests, Ladies Rooms, Baby Cots Available, Extensive Banquet & Conference Facilities.

Telephone, fax machine, post office  and e-mail facilities are available for local and international communications. Cybercafes with Internet services can be easily found in Kuching City.


Most 4-5 stars hotel rooms provide in-room internet facility, check with the hotel counters on the rates charged.


Harbour View Hotel


Harbour View Hotel

Lorong Temple (Temple Street), Kuching City.

Next to Tua Pek Kong Temple overlooking Kuching Waterfront with spectacular views of Sarawak River & surrounding area.

Tel: 274666 Fax: 274777 E-mail: harview(a)po.jaring.my.

245 rooms. Room rate RM 155-170, RM 500 -1500 (s).

Cafe Harapan (Asian & Continental Cuisine), odiac Lounge (Lobby Bar & Karaoke).

Features include In-House Movies & Satellite TV, Physiotherapy Service, Anti-Dust Mite Mattresses, In-Room Internet Port, Business Centre W/Secretarial & Internet Services, Extensive Conference & Banquet Facilities, Convenience Shop, Concierge & Shoe Shine Service, Seamless & One Stop Service

 Harbour View Hotel - 245 rooms overlooking the spectacular Kuching`s Waterfront

A Business Class hotel with new concept of seamless and one stop service to ensure the total comfort of business travelers and holidaymakers. Strategically located at the frontier of Kuching`s Golden Triangle and overlooking the famous Kuching Waterfront with a panoramic view of the Sarawak River. Nearby are historical buildings such as the oldest Chinese Temple in Kuching - Tua Pek Kong Temple, Chinese History Museum and Fort Margherita. Opposite the hotel is the Main Bazaar, a shopping paradise for antiques and handicrafts lovers.

Serviced Apartments

Somerset Gateway Kuching, 9 Jalan Bukit Mata. Tel: 250958,252958 (reservations) Fax: 259958 E-mail: enquiry, kuching@the-ascott.com. www.somersetgateway kuching.com. 72 deluxe serviced apartments. Daily RM 280 - RM 600, monthly RM 3,600 - RM 5,100. Rates include light breakfast. Pool, fitness centre & full facilities.

Wesberly Apartments, Lot 2812, Block 195, Rubber Road West, 94000 Kuching Tel: 246197 Fax: 243521 E-mail: siok60@streamyx.com. Small family-run apartment house in secluded location near the Sunday Market, with four huge, well appointed apartment suites. The ground floor houses Galleria art gallery and Urut-Urut, a traditional massage studio. Apartments feature large fully-equipped kitchens, quality furnishings, local handicrafts and bold contemporary decor. Room rate RM 250 (2 bedrooms) RM 350 (3 bedrooms), monthly & long-term rates available.

Medium Class Hotels

Kuching has a good selection of medium class hotels offering high levels of comfort and excellent value for money. Some hotels in the Budget Hotels section (see below) also have rooms belonging in this category. All hotels listed are centrally located except where otherwise stated, and most have in-house food outlets. All rooms have air conditioning, TV and telephone.

Penrissen Inn - Kuching


Penrissen Inn - Kuching

One of the best budget hotel in Kuching

Penrissen Inn, Lot 382-386, Lorong 6, Section 10, KTLD.Jalan Nanas, PO Box 2502, 93750 Kuching.  E-mail: penrisseninn@pd.jaring.my.

Ms. Elsy Biang

Tel: 082-238400, 016-8074953
Fax: 082-235200

Email: elsy_biang@hotmail.com

42 rooms. Room rates RM 69 - 90.

* Easily accessible, easy parking, ideal location etc
* Surrounded by shops, offices, shopping complexes, banks, clinics, restaurants etc
* Midway between the Kuching International Airport and Sarawak's Administrative Centre (Petra Jaya)
* Within the commercial Triangle of Satok-Rubber-Nanas Road Area
* Best possible facilities and services given by a Budget Hotel
* Specially created for budget-conscious tourists, businessmen etc
* Ideal for meetings, seminars etc
* Associated with the famous Borneo Highland Resort

Penview Inn

    Penview Inn

Lot 3411, Block D, Jalan Tun Razak (short taxi ride from centre).

Tel: 341200 Fax: 341201

112 rooms. Room Rate RM 72 to Rm102


Supreme Hotel

Jalan Ban Hock. 68 rooms. Room rate RM 59 - 69, RM 137 (s) (including breakfast).&  Supreme Hotel is at the city center. Short distance to Shopping complexes, entertainment outlets, food centres  Tel:(6) 082-255155, Fax: (6) 082-252522

Arif Hotel

 Jalan Haji Taha. Tel: 241211 Fax: 241212. Room rate RM 70, RM 90 (family room). Located near Kuching Mosque.

Hua Kuok Inn

Lot 227, Jalan Ban Hock. Tel: 429788 Fax: 424329. Room rate RM 70, RM 126 (s).

Kuching Park Hotel

Lot 606, Jalan Padungan, PO Box 701, 93714 Kuching (short taxi ride from centre). Tel: 239888 Fax: 238799 E-mail: kuchingpark@hotmail.com www.kuchingparkhotel.com.

Room rate RM 120 = Rm 300

108 well-decorated rooms with amenities,private bathroom, colour television and carpetted floors,

Kingwood Inn, Jalan Padungan, PO Box 2842, 93756 Kuching (short taxi ride from centre). Tel: 330888 Fax: 332888 E-mail: kingwd@tm.net.my Website www.sarawak.com.my/kingwood. 90 rooms. Pool & full facilities. Room rate RM 125-200 (+ +), RM 320 (s) (+ +).

Liwah Hotel, Lot 187, Section 47, Jalan Song Thian Cheok. Tel: 429222 Fax: 423690. 93 rooms. Room rate RM 70 - 98, RM 160 (s).

Regal Court, Lot 45 & 66, Section 10 KTLD, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, 93400 Kuching. Tel: 412211 Fax: 413211 E-mail: regal_c@tm.net.my www.borneohotels.net. 42 rooms. Room rate RM 90 - 110. Boutique-style hotel, close to Weekend Market.

Regency Rajah Court Hotel, Kuching By-Pass, Pending, 93450 Kuching (short taxi ride from centre). Tel: 484799 Fax: 482750 E-mail: rajcourt@tm.net.my. Website: www.theregencyhotel.com.my/rajahcourt. 108 rooms. Pool & full facilities. Room rate RM 100 -130, RM 160 - 250 (S).

Telang Usan Hotel, Jalan Ban Hock. Tel: 415588 Fax: 425316 E-mail: tusan@po. jaring.my. www.telangusan.com. 66 rooms. Room rate RM 80 -150. Kuching's only Orang Ulu owned and managed hotel, reflected in its friendly, laid-back style and traditional Kenyah decor. Name means "Sweet River" in Kenyah language. Laundry, dry cleaning, safe deposit boxes, mail and postage facilities, onward reservations, oom service, Hertz car rental. Includes Dulit Coffee House (6am-12 midnight) and Golden Phoenix Restaurant (Szechuan Cuisine). Conference rooms available.

Budget Hotels

Budget Hotels in Kuala Lumpur  |  Hotels in Tawau  |  Hotels in Kuching  |

Budget Hotels in Jalan Green Hill, Kuching City

Jalan Green Hill is where most backpackers head direct to upon arriving Kuching City.  This is the location for budget hotels and B&B. Some dorms are air-conditioned with comfortable and clean bunk beds. Fresh bed linen is provided for all guests. Around Jalan Green Hill you can easily find eating places. This list also include cheap accommodation in other part of Malaysia including Budget Hotels.

Do not confused this Jalan Green Hill with another Jalan Green (Green Road). These two roads are almost 3 km apart.

MR. CLEAN Laundry Cleaning Services is at block 2 shop no: 7.  For washing and drying is Rm5.00 per kilo. Tel: 082-246424

Most of the budget hotels are in Block 1 and 2.

Photo below is block 1

Green Mountain Lodging House

Green Mountain Lodging House

1 Jalan Green Hill. Tel: 416320 Fax: 246342

E-mail: lingks@pd.jaring.my.

Room rate RM 45.

Orchid Inn


Orchid Inn, 2 Jalan Green Hill. Tel: 411417/25/27. Room Rate RM 35 - 45.

Fax : 241635

P.O.Box 1586, Kuching

Furama Lodging House (Hotel)

  (Furama Apartment)

Furama Lodging House (Hotel), 4 Jalan Green Hill. Tel: 413561/416960 Fax: 417980.

Room rate RM 55 - 100

Goodwood Inn

    16-17 Jalan Green Hill.

Tel: 244862 Fax: 417980.

Room rate Rm. 40 - 45.

Credit card facilities, laundry, mailing/courier service.

Located at the first shop of block 3. Recently paint brightly yellow.  (see photo). Taxi drivers to Jalan Green Hill usually drop their passengers here if the passengers do not have a specific hotel to go.

River View Inn (Hotel)

    River View Inn, 22-23 Jalan Green Hill. Tel: 412561.  Fax: 082-256302

Room rate :

Single Bed Room RM 55.00
Double Bed Room RM 65.00
Twin Bed Room RM 70.00
Triple Bed Room RM 75.00
Twin Double Bed Room RM 85.00

Fully air conditioned, Colour TV, Telephone and hot water system

Kuok Pin Inn (Hotel)


Kuok Pin Inn (Hotel)

10 Jalan Green Hill. Tel: 082-426822/3/4.

RM 25 (Fan, shared bath)

RM 50 - 55.

(Noisy at night because Karaoke nearby)

Mandarin Hotel (Lodging House)


6 Jalan Green Hill, Tel: 082-418269  Fax 082-410139.

Room rate RM 40 -65

Room with 2 single beds is Rm 65.00

Following is location map of Jalan Green Hill (Green Hill Road) in Kuching

Lodge 121
Lot 121, 1st Floor, Section 33 Kuching Town Land District, Tabuan Road 93100 Kuching , Kuching
Sarawak , Malaysia Phone +6082-428121

Fax  +6082-421121

Email: enquiry@lodge121.com
Website: http://www.lodge121.com

Lodge 121 has 14 individual rooms for single, twin, double or triple sharing. And a dormitory unit for group of 8 persons.

Room Type Room Rate In Ringgit (RM)
Single Room (Single Bed) 59.00 per room
Twin/Double Room (Queen Bed) 79.00 per room
Triple Room (Single Bed/Double Decker) 99.00 per room
Triple Room (Single Bed/Queen Bed) 109.00 per room
Quad Room (Double Single Bed/Double Decker) 129.00 per room
Dormitory (max. 10 persons) 30.00 per person
Additional bed/person 30.00 per adult/15.00 per child (5 to 12 years old)

Hung Hung Inn


Next to the General Hospital Kuching. 5 minutes walks to General Hospital and 10 minutes driving to most of the commercial and business centers  of Kuching.

Hung Hung Inn - A Budgeted Hotel

Lot 146, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce,
(Lot 29, Jalan General Hospital),
93400 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Tel: 6082-23 1000 (5 lines)   Fax: 6082-231 775

e-mail: hung2inn@yahoo.com .my

Laila Inn


149-151 Jalan Datuk Alibah Abol, 93400 Kuching. Tel: 420930/1/2.Fax: 238960.

Room rate RM 42-55. Near to Sunday Market & Malay kampongs.

Thompson Inn

    Thompson Inn

Lot 496-497, Jalan Nanas, 93400 Kuching.

Tel: 426885. Fax: 427895.

Room rate RM 50.

Convenient for Sunday Market

Motel Siangolila


Motel Siangolila, 200-204, Section 51, Jalan Padungan, (behind Ever rise Supermarket). Tel: 425221/2/3 Fax: 243567. Room rate RM 40 - 50.


Longhouse Hotel


Longhouse Hotel

 182 Jalan Abell. Tel: 429333 Fax: 248812. Room rate RM 40 - 50.



Kuching's budget hotels offer excellent value. All rooms have air conditioning and attached bathroom (except where indicated), and most have an old TV and phone.

B & B Inn, 1st and 2nd  Floor, 30-1, Jalan Tabuan (next to Borneo Hotel). Tel: 237366 E-mail: bnbswk@streamyx.com.


RM 16 in a 6-bed dormitory, Rooms RM 25-35 (fan), RM 30 - 40 (air-con). Family/group room RM 45 (3 pax) - RM 116 (8 pax) Prices include light breakfast.

B & B Inn is Kuching's first budget traveller's Inn with economical accomodation in dormitories & private rooms. Breakfast included. B & B Inn is next to Borneo Hotel and about 500 meters from the Kuching Waterfront.

Spacious rooms with air-conditioning or fan.
Economical rates from RM15.00 per person (Dorm)*.
All rates include breakfast.
Clean rooms, toilets & bathrooms.
Safe & secure - 24hr safety monitoring system, fire doors & fire escape. (Fully approved by the Malaysian Fire Department)
Reading area with large range of reading materials & travel information.
Discounts available for Long Term Guests.
Great location, near to all attractions and amenities.
Helpful & friendly staff members.
Tour arrangements at very reasonable prices.



Chung Hin Hotel, 74 Jalan Padungan. Tel: 411678 Fax: 428343. Room rate RM 40 -80 (family).

Central Inn, 172-3 Jalan Tan Sri Ong Kee Hui. Tel: 417276/7 Fax: 417297. Room rate RM 45 - 55. 10 mins walk from city centre, rooms well-appointed for this price category.

City Inn, 275-276 Jalan Abell. Tel: 414866 Fax: 414869. Room rate RM 48 - 69.


Aurora Hotel back in the 1970s was the best hotel in Kuching. (while Fata Hotel ranked second). Today it is the Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites and managed by BK Management & Services Sdn. Bhd


Kapit Hotel, 59, Jalan Padungan. Tel: 244179 Fax: 418516. Room rate RM 45 - 50.

Mariin Inn, 571-3 Jalan Nanas, 93400 Kuching. Tel: 233500 Fax: 236500. Room rate RM 46 - 60. Near to Sunday Market.

Tai Pan Hotel, 93 Jalan Padungan, behind Hock Ping Cafe. Tel: 417363/418363 Fax: 427185. Rate RM 40 - 45.


Guest Houses, Hostels and Home stays


The Fairview, 6 Jalan Taman Budaya (near Sarawak Museum). Tel: 240017, 013-8011561 E-mail: the_Fairview@yahoo.com. www.geocities.com/the_fairview. Room rate RM 20 (in 5-bed dorm), RM60 (twin/triple), RM 100 (suite). Huge rooms with air-con & attached bathroom. Family-run heritage guest house in large garden, offering living & dining rooms, TV room and use of fully equipped kitchen.

Kuching Hotel, 6 Leboh Temple. Tel: 413985. Very basic shop house hotel. Room rate RM 22 - 28 (fan, shared bath).

Rom Orchid Garden, 33A, Lorong 5, Jalan Siol Kandis, Petrajaya, 93050 Kuching. Tel: 447001, 016-8625999 E-mail: kakrom@hotmail.com. 5 rooms in a Malay


Not every one come to Kuching as tourist and seek for hotel accommodation. There are those who come and need accommodation of special facilities.


kUCHING Medical facilities are well-equipped and located within driving distance. Various local clinics with qualified general practitioners.  Kuching also offers first class services at various public and private hospitals:

Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) http://www.sarawak.health.gov.my/sgh2.htm
Normah Medical Specialist Centre (NMSC) http://www.normah.com.my/index.shtml
Timberland Medical Centre (TMC)
Kuching Specialist Hospital (KSC)


Sarawak General Hospital (Hospital Umum Sarawak), Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg Road, 93586 Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia Tel: 08 257555 Fax: 082 242751.

Sarawak General Hospital (General Hospital Kuching) - There are over 700 beds, 2,000 staff members, 700 parking bays.


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