Hosanna Church at Sri Aman -  a Catholic Church

Priest: Fr Richard Khoo
Address: P O Box 199, 95007 Sri Aman
Km 157 Kuching Sri Aman Road, Sarawak
Tel No: 083-308076

6 FEB 2013 WED 4:02PM

Hosanna Church

Mount Hosanna Chapel is an attraction of Sri Aman 33 km away from Sri Aman town.

The church open on Sunday, and close during the week from Monday to Saturday.

The church always full on Sunday service. Visitors from came as far as outside Sarawak such as from Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia.

The church is known for a location to pray for their health.

The main entrance of the church representing three candles.

100 over steps up the slop to the chapel. May be steep to some elderly people.

The church is half kilometers from the main road.

Around the 157km milestone along the Kuching-Sarikei Highway.

Mount Hosanna Chapel is eye-catching with unique architecture of three large white candles.

33 km away from the main Sri Amantown.

Mount Hosanna Chapel is a small chapel thatís on top of a hill.

There is mass every Sunday at 11 am.


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