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Miri Hospital



Greening Miri Hospital by planting trees



September 13, 2012, Thursday



Petronas collaborated with Northern Sarawak Journalist Association (NSJA) in their inaugural initiative to ‘Go green’ by planting 40 trees in the compound of Miri Hospital on Tuesday September 11, 2012.



The tree planting programme aimed to green the environment.



A total of 40 trees were planted along the pedestrian pathway in the hospital’s vicinity with 38 Ixora flowering shrubs and two Lohan trees also known as Podocarpus Macrophyllus.

About 20 members of Northern Sarawak Journalist Association (NSJA) and Petronas staff worked up an early morning sweat by hoeing prior to planting the trees.

Also present at the tree planting programme were NSJA president Rick Wong and Miri Hospital supervisor Henry Pengiran.



The tree planting is part of the hosts’ collaboration in delivering social care services and responsibility.

Ixora was chosen as a tropical evergreen shrub that blooms all year round to beautify the landscape.

It was the second year of collaboration between Petronas and NSJA. The tree planting was part of a 2-day media programme hosted by Petronas for NSJA.


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