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Map of Mulu National Park

Map of Mulu National Park - The Walks in and around Mulu National Park

Plants for Life Trial at Gunung Mulu

Deluxe Longhouse Rooms: (Daily Service)
Large room with double and single beds, ensuite bathroom, air-conditioning and ceiling fan.

Rm 125 twin share
Rm 145 triple share
Rm 165 quad share

Standard Rainforest Rooms: (Not Serviced)

with double and single beds, ceiling fan and ensuite bathroom.

Rm 66 twin share
Rm 81 triple share
Rm 96 quad share


A large dormitory with 21 beds, ceiling fans and shared bathrooms. Bed linen is provided.

Rm25 pp per night

After a year of black-out from the tourism map due to connectivity problem, things are getting better for Mulu after Malaysia Airlines' subsidiary MASWings took over the rural air service by end of 2007.  

Located in the northern region ofMiri, Mount Mulu is the gem of Sarawak's eco tourism attractions with its interesting cave systems and diverse flora and fauna varieties.  

Encompassing an area of 52,865 hectares, Mulu National Park is the largest national park in Sarawak and is a UNESCO Heritage Site since 2000.  

Only 300km of its extensive cave system have been uncovered and mapped out, leaving vast areas still waiting to be explored. For visitors to the national park, there are four caves which are open to the public. These are Lang Cave, Deer Cave, Clearwater Cave and Wind Cave. Proper walkways have been built for easy access to all these caves providing visitors a breathtaking sight of the surrounding jungle.  

Lang Cave offers visitors amazing limestone formation of stalactites and stalagmites. The smallest of the four caves, Lang was named after a Berawan (a local native) who discovered the cave during a hunting trip.  

A short distance away is the Deer Cave which is home to an estimated 5 million bats. Named after the animal-sake that came to the cave for the salt lick, Deer Cave is famous for its magnitude that is reputedly able to hold five St Paul Cathedrals, 40 Boeing 747 and four football fields.  

Deer Cave is also famously known for its Abraham Lincoln profile made up of rock formation near the cave entrance and an area near the rear end of the cave that is overgrown with trees and shrubs.  

Another attraction at Deer Cave is the bat exodus that occurs almost every evening between 4.30pm and 6.30pm. About 2 million of the nocturnal creatures will fly out simultaneously from the cave in search for food.  

To allow visitors to have a closer look at the bats, Borsamulu Park Management Sdn Bhd that manages the national park, will be installing infrared cameras at strategic spots in the cave. Images captured by the cameras can be viewed at the wide screen placed at the Bat Observatory and the Visitors' Discovery Centre at the park headquarters.

Apart from the leisure tours of the four caves, visitors to Mulu can also explore the many trails in the national park as well as go on the canopy walk. They can also engage in adventure caving activity.  

Suspended between 30 to 40 metres above the forest floor, the canopy walk has the longest tree to tree skywalk in the world. The 480 metre skywalk is linked by 15 tall trees mostly of the hardwood species.  

As for the more adventurous souls, there are the Headhunters Trail and the Pinnacles Trail to test your stamina and endurance. Both trails are popular among visitors who are game for the adventure of going through thick forest which is sometime infested with leech, muddy trek and limestone paths. There are also several streams to cross along these trails.  

Accommodations are aplenty in Mulu. The choice is from star-rated Royal Mulu Resort to modest and comfortable lodges run by the national park management and travel agents.  

In the first eight months of 2007, more than 20,000 visitors have visited Mulu.




Miri Hospital
This is Mulu!
Plants for Life Trial at Gunung Mulu
|  Grand Old Lady on Canadian Hill
Taman Awam Miri
Miri City Fan
Esplanet Beach

Dense vegetation clings to every surface. Steep slopes and vertical cliffs reach summit
ridges before dropping to hidden valleys.

Jagged limestone pinnacles, bleached white,  pierce the lush green canopy

Cave passages wind their way through the mountains, opening into chambers
so large you are dwarfed to insignificance.

This is Mulu!

Turtle Cave (beginner)
If you have never tried adventure caving, exploring the Turtle Cave' section of Clearwater Cave is a great introduction to visiting Mulu's underground world. Your guide will lead you on an exciting trip into the river to follow its pathway out of the cave. The 45 minute tour runs daily at 12.00, costs RM20 per person but will be cancelled without notice if the water is too high.

Lagangs Cave (beginner)
This is an ideal adventure for students and family groups. An easy hour rainforest walk takes you to the cave entrance to begin your 1 hour underground experience. Equipped with helmets and torches, discover the mysterious dark world of cave insects and bats. Scramble over boulders where ancient rivers carved their way through the mountain.
Total time 3-4 hours.

Lagangs Cave (intermediate)
Continue for another 1 hour to the challenging 150 meter climb over boulders to the exit. You emerge on the mountainside to clamber down 100 meters to the river level and a short trek to the cooling Paku Waterfall. Before starting the 2 hour trek back to Park HQ relax, enjoy a swim and some food.
Total time 5-6 hours.

Drunken Forest (intermediate)
Drunken Forest is in the Clearwater Cave system but the entrance is located near the Summit Trail. During your 3 hour jungle walk there are several streams to cross so you will definitely get wet. This is a beautiful cave with many white straws, stalagmites leaning at a 'drunken* angle and cave pearls.
Total time 8 hours.

Racer Cave (intermediate)

The walk to Racer is around 30 minutes or you can hire a boat to save time and energy.

Your underground journey will be about 2 hours depending on the group size, the more people, the longer it will take (maximum of 8). Your guide leads you through the cave climbing up and down the passageways with the aid of ropes. This cave requires some upper body strength but most people are successful. Life in the dark will amaze you; see insects that have adapted into strange shapes to survive in this underground world and Racer snakes that have learned how to catch a meal as it flies past. Enjoy the great feeling that comes with discovering your abilities and meeting a physical challenge.

Stonehorse (advanced)
After walking 2km along the Rainforest Discovery Walk, climb 80 meters up the rough limestone cliff to where the 'horse-head* shaped rock marks the cave's entrance. Your 3 hour adventure underground includes a 20m traverse and negotiating between large 50m deep holes. The passages are large and open with 35m ceilings, interesting pebble sediments and beautiful speleothems.
Total time 4-5 hours.

Clearwater Connection (advanced)

A longer trip (4.8km) and depending on fitness it takes between 6 to 8 hours, (larger groups take more time)

Beginning in the show cave section of the Cave of the Winds adventurers leave the tame pathways behind and venture into the 'wild* chambers. Your route is over terrain strewn with boulders that require some climbing up and clambering down many muddy slopes. Areas that are hazardous have fixed ropes and guides carry personal ropes to assist you in sections that require climbing. For many the 1.5km river section is the highlight as it is exceptionally beautiful and refreshing after the hard caving. The Clearwater Connection tour is not available when the water levels are too high.

Sarawak Chamber (advanced)

A particularly challenging tour even for fit visitors and experienced cavers. Taking one very full day, beginning at 7.00am you will follow the Summit Trail for about 3 hours. Access to the chamber is via Gua Nasib Bogus (Good Luck Cave) along an 800 meter river channel with sheer rock faces rising to about 50 meters on either side. After a 200 meter traverse and a steep boulder slope you come face to face with the inky blackness of earth's largest chamber. Enjoy a short rest at the mouth of the chamber, before the return trip. If the water levels are too high, the tour will be cancelled and the group returns to Park headquarters.
Total time 10-15 hours depending on fitness.

Immerse yourself in Mulu.

Around you the forest pulses with life, vivid butterflies, huge insects, lush ferns, and towering trees.

The 480m long Mulu Canopy Skywalk is the world's longest tree based canopy walk.

In this magical tree top world sway over the tranquil river 20 meters below. Around you is a sunlit world of fragrant flowers, beautiful ferns, monkeys, squirrels and birds. (Guided)

Plants for Life Walk (guide optional)

How do you live in an isolated rainforest without shops, doctors or hospitals? You learn to understand the forest - what tastes good, what cures sickness, what will hurt you and how to build using forest plants. Explore the plant world with the local experts.

Garden of Eden (guided) in
Deer Cave, leave the regular tour route and climb down to the underground river. Your destination is the glowing pool of light and water at the far end of the cave.

Maybe you would prefer a half day rainforest walk to Pakll Waterfall and the chance to be alone. Relax by the river, swim and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Try the thrill of adventure caving.
There is a cave experience just right for you.

Turtle Cave (introduction)

Have you tried adventure caving? This is a great introduction.

Racer Cave (intermediate)
Clamber up and down passageways using ropes. Discover insects adapted to life in the dark and Racer Snakes that catch a meal as it flies past.

Clearwater Connection (advanced)

This 'wild journey is over boulders, through squeezes and concludes in the underground river. It's so refreshing after the hard caving.

Sarawak Chamber (advanced)

a challenge even for fit and experienced cavers, taking 10-15 hours. Come face to face with the inky blackness of Earth's largest chamber.

Glide down river in a longboat past the everyday life of the Mulu community and visit a Penan Longhouse on your way to the biggest caves in the world!

Visit Cave of the Winds where millions of years ago, the first minute calcite crystals were deposited, building the majestic columns and stalagmites in the King's Chamber.

Nearby in Clearwater Cave the river roaring beneath your feet has traveled along its subterranean route for over 108 km. Giant logs thrown high on the banks and wedged under boulders, evidence of its mighty power.

Outside the cave swim in the crystal clear waters where the river emerges from the cliff face. Float with the fishes and breathe in the rainforest around you.

Experience the grandeur of the world's largest cave passage. Pause in Deer Cave^S ancient riverbed and imagine the force of the water that once roared through, tumbling huge boulders and carving the scalloped walls.

Marvel at the millions of bats hanging from the ceiling chattering and squealing as they prepare to fly out for their evening meal.

100m away discover the differences of Langs Cave  Small and intimate with long shawls, layers of limestone pools on the floor and throughout the cave, spectacular stalagmites and stalactites.

Relax in the Bat Observatory and wait for the Bat Exodus. As the sun sinks towards the horizon the first of millions of bats circle out of the cave in search of food.

For your safety

Follow instructions and heed warnings
Let staff know when you leave, where you are going and when you plan to return
Wear good hiking shoes
Take plenty of water and a snack
Remember your personal first aid kit

For Mulu's Protection

Please be aware that it is an offence to:

Enter the Park without a permit
Fish inside the Park
Kill, capture, poison or disturb any animal
Cut, remove or damage any plant or light a fire
Litter - bring your rubbish back to Park HQ

Your Guide to Discovery and Understanding

Gunung Mulu National Park is a unique and fragile environment. How you behave in Mulu will make a difference. Please treat this World Heritage Area with respect by following the A to H guide.

Accept responsibility for the environment in which you travel

Be aware of your impacts on the environment and community and try to minimize them

Choose wisely when deciding which activities are right for you

Don't do things you would never do at home

Explain to others why you choose to behave in this positive way

Find out and learn more about Mulu

Guide others who are not as informed as you by setting a good example

Help us to protect Mulu

Long Lansot River Walk (unguided)

A longboat trip takes you down the Sungai Melinau and up the Sungai Tutoh to the small Long Lansat stream. Crystal clear waters cascade down a narrow valley between steep slopes. Lush rainforest plants crowd in over the water; the soft sounds of birds, insects and the stream relax you. Take your time enjoy a river walk and a swim in this secret and precious part of Mulu. This environment is in pristine condition please keep it that way and bring back all your rubbish.

Why not visit the Penan community at Long Iman on the way and learn a little about their customs?
Time 3-4 hours.
Longboat return Rm 180 (minimum of 3)

The Summit (guided)

4 days/3 nights, 24 kilometers, altitude 2,377 meters and steep climbs add up to the most difficult Mulu challenge.

A great variety of habitats, montane forest with pitcher plants, conifers, and colorful rhododendrons through to the stunted summit plants and magnificent views ore your reward on this climb. The leeches are just a bonus! Be prepared to sleep in basic forest huts with basic cooking facilities. You need to provide and carry your own food, water, sleeping mats and bags. Share the camp cooking jobs with your guide who is experienced in 'roughing' it in the jungle. If you want help to carry the load, local porters can be hired, enquire at the office.

Park Guide Rm 1000 group of 1 - 5 persons

Garden of Eden (guided)

Combine the experiences of the caves and the rainforest. Beginning with the Rainforest Discovery Walk, visit Langs Cave followed by Deer Cave where you leave the regular tour route and climb down to the underground river. Your destination is the glowing pool of light and water at the far end of the cave, the Garden of Eden. Be prepared to get dirty, (this is the home to millions of bats and swift lets) and wet as you will be passing near 30 meter columns of water falling from the roof of the cave.

Enjoy the special feeling of being in a very secluded place and swimming in a mountain pool.

Retrace your steps to the Bat Observatory for the 'Bat Exodus' between 4.30 and 6.30pm.

Park Guide Rm200 group of 1 - 5 persons

Moonmilk Walk (unguided)

A beautiful walk for early in the morning or at dusk, this 1.5 km concrete path leads from the back of the Park office to the bottom of the 425 step climb to Moonmilk Cave. If you accept the challenge of climbing, you will enjoy great views of the river and get closer to some of the canopy plants. This is the only cave in the Park you can enter without a guide but make sure you have a torch.

Time 1-2 hours

Camp 1 (guided)

This is the site of one of the camps used during the 1977 Royal Geographic Society Expedition and is located on the Mulu Summit Trail. The trail continues past the Paku Waterfall and passes near one of the best examples of our famous 'strangler figs'. The guide is not only a treasure chest of information about the environment but essential for your safety. Others before you have ignored the warnings and the resulting search and rescue operations are exhausting for staff and might be expensive for you.

A basic forest hut provides overnight shelter; discuss an overnight stay with the guides at the


bay trip time 5-6 hours

Park Guide Rm 100 group of 1 - 5 persons

Pakll Waterfall (unguided)

Walk at your own pace to discover the rainforest. Follow your particular interest; looking for birds, insects, ferns or just the chance to be alone. This walking trail is clearly marked with white and red lines on the trees. It is an easy walk but there are streams to cross and water levels can rise quickly so you must check at the office before leaving and inform Park Security of your return.

Do not proceed to Camp 1 without a guide.
Time 4-5 hours

2 days 1 night Mulu Tour

2 DAYS / 1 NIGHT - MULU  Rm. 325 Adult  Rm.295 Child


Meet and transfer to Royal Mulu Resort (RMR).

Afternoon, proceed to Deer Cave and Lang Cave.

Bats watching depends on the weather condition.

Return to RMR for overnight.

Day 02 MULU/MIRI (B/F , P/L)

Breakfast at resort.

Depart by longboat to Wind Caves with 30 minutes boat ride. On the way, stop by the Penan Settlement.

Proceed by plank walk for another 10 minutes to Clearwater Cave.

Picnic lunch will be served at Clearwater Summer's Hut

Transfer to Mulu Airport for your next destination.

3 Days 2 Nights Mulu Tour




Meet and transfer to Royal Mulu Resort (RMR).

Afternoon, proceed to Deer Cave and Lang Cave.

Bats watching depends on the weather condition.

Return to RMR for overnight.


Breakfast at resort.

Depart by longboat to Wind Cave with 30 minutes boat ride. On the way, stop by the Penan Settlement.

Proceed by plank walk for another 10 minutes to Clearwater Cave.

Picnic lunch will be served at the Clearwater Summer's Hut.

Return to the Resort for overnight.


Breakfast at resort.

Free at leisure.

Transfer to Mulu Airport for next destination

Price Includes ; Accommodation in RMR (Mulu), Tour Guide, Transfer, and meals as stated above.

Price Excludes ; Return Air fare, entrance fee (RM 10.00 net per person), Tipping, Travel Insurance and Personal Expenses.

Items to bring : Torch Lights, Rain Coat, Walking Shoes (with good grip), Water Bottle, Swim Wear, Sippers, Insect Repellent & items of personal nature.

Responsibility & Liability : The Company will not be responsible and expressly disclaim any liability for any injury, damage, loss, delay, accident or irregularities that may caused and of what ever kind occurring at any time. Depending on weather and road conditions, advertised itineraries and routes are liable to alternation without notice if in the pinion of the company it is necessary to do so. No refund will be made if any tours, meals or any other services are not utilize

Air Fare (Miri / Mulu / Miri) By FAX


Return Air Fare Airport Tax Insurance Fuel surcharge SV ACF Total
Rm. 168 Rm. 12 Rm. 10 Rm. 30 Rm. 15 Rm. 5 Rm. 240

Flight        :   FAX 168 12 10 30 15 5 240


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