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馬來西亞沙巴亞庇Kota Kinabalu 推薦飯店 :


1) 絲綢港Sutera Harbour:
     (a) 太平洋絲綢飯店The Pacific Sutera Hotel
     (b) 麥哲倫渡假村 The Magellan Sutera Resort

2) 香格里拉莎利雅度假酒店 Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort
3) 香格里拉丹絨亞路度假酒店 Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort
4) 佳藍汶萊度假村Nexus Resort Karambunai
5) 伽亞島度假村 Gaya Island Resort


(B) 飯店:

TripAdvisor™ 哥打京那巴魯飯店排名  (排名不包括度假村)

排名第 1 的飯店 Hotel Eden54
排名第 2 的飯店 六十三酒店
排名第 3 的飯店 艾美度假酒店
排名第 4 的飯店 Horizo​​n Hotel & Spa
排名第 5 的飯店 基納巴盧凱悅麗晶酒店
排名第 6 的飯店 1 City Hotel
排名第 7 的飯店 亞庇酒店
排名第 8 的飯店 Oceania Hotel
排名第 9 的飯店 和諧酒店-1婆羅洲哥打京那巴魯
排名第10 的飯店 加亞中心酒店
排名第11 的飯店 哥打京那巴魯皇宮酒店

伽亞島度假村 Gaya Island Resort
Malohom Bay, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Pulau Gaya 88000, Malaysia

Gaya Island Resort

(h) 伽亞島渡假村 Gaya Island Resort

Jeffrey Mong -  General Manager of Gaya Island Resort


YTL Hotels has commenced operation of the Gaya Island Resort, one of its two planned luxury resorts on the island of Borneo, on 1 July.

The Resort cost of RM75 million and comprises a two-bedroom suite and 120 villas targets to accommodate guests from Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, Europe, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

The resort also expects to achieve an average occupancy of over 50 percent and an average room rate of above US$350 (RM1,102) in its first year of operation.

Each of the 47 sq m villa features a writing desk, a spacious bedroom, a large open bathroom, flat screen television with satellite channels, wi-fi access and an outdoor verandah with day beds.

The resort's two-bedroom suite, called Suria Suite, comprises a lounge area, a TV room, private dining room, a powder room and a pantry at the ground floor while the first floor has two separate bedrooms with vanity areas and walk-in wardrobes as well as an outdoor bath leading to the private balcony.

The resort features 53 units of Kinabalu Villa, 40 units of Canopy Villa, 24 units of Bayu Villas and the Gaya Villa.

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