Grace @ Chester Hotel
Wholly owned by Eko Kurnia Sdn. Bhd.
P.O.Box 60477, 91014 Tawau, Sabah

Tel : 089-751155
Fax : 089-751555

Grace @ Chester Hotel is formally The Sanctuary Hotel

Grace @ Chester Hotel
MPT.4263 , Jln Chester, Tawau, Tawau, Malaysia 91000

Single Room : Rm. 60.00

Double Room : Rm. 70.00

Triple Room : Rm. 80.00

Deluxe Room : Rm. 90.00



The hotel is located at the center of Old Town Center where many Halal restaurants and eateries are walking distance away.


Our body is difficult to please sometime. A room pleasing to you eyes may not be pleasing to you lungs.

This is among the budget hotels that at a budget-room have a window for a good view of the busy street below. But often you can't expect every things. The room may be window-friendly but breathing-unfriendly. Even though you leave the window open to exchange for fresh air and the air con in full power, the strong local tobacco stink is simply  need too long a time to get rite off. By the time room air is a little friendly to your lung, its also time to check out.

The hotel has no designation of NON smoking floor. So for NON smoker, its also safe to ask to see the room first and see if you lung find the air inside friendly enough.

The Sanctuary Hotel
Grace Chster Hotel is formally The Sanctuary Hotel

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