Grace Hotel
Wholly owned by Millennium Evermore Sdn. bhd.

Now the  Telaga Indah Hotel

TB 197, Jalan Bakau, Tawau, Sabah.
P.O.Box 60477, Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia
Telephone : 089-771155
Fax : 089-755511

Telaga Indah Hotel
Grace Hotel
Jalan Bakau, TB197, Tawau, Tawau, Malaysia 91000
22 Rooms

Located almost at the end of the old town center (Western end of the whole Tawau town center). Difficult for traveler to find even for the local  who seldom come to this corner of the old town. Even a taxi driver is likely to send you wrongly to two other "Grace" which are established longer.

Tawau is a small town. All main locations are within walking distance. The furthest location, the banking area for example, is 10 minutes walk.


Always ask for a non-smoking rooms.  Air-conditioning is not strong enough to overcome the strong stink of those cheap local tobacco smuggled from the Sulu Seas.

Though slightly cheaper, a standard room is usually unbearable breathing-unfriendly. The local smoke non-stop the whole night through in their rooms.  Another fact that encourage the local to smoke generously is also the "Now every one can smoke" cheap local cigarettes from Indonesia that is 1/10 of the price of the imported brand cigarettes. Some students depending on school to supply free text-books yet have pocket money enough to buy daily local cigarettes.

Single 55.00
Queen Old 65.00
Queen New 75.00
Triple 85.00
Twin 75.00
Family 120.00
Conference Room ( 1 - 4 hours) 220.00

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