Prince Hotel
 Tawau, Sabah
TB 208, Jln Bunga Off Jalan Masjid 91000 Tawau, Sabah

Opened on 30th August 2010

Sutera Inn

Sutera Inn
TB 532, Tingkat 1, Bandaran Baru II, Jalan Haji Karim, 91000 Tawau, Sabah

Telephone / Fax : 089-766366

The newest hotel in Tawau opened for business in January 2010

Sutera Inn

The best bargain accommodation in town is the friendly Chinese hotel Soon Yee, on Jalan Stephen Tan (tel 089-772447; under US$5) which has fan or air-con rooms. Soon Yee hotel is backpackers' favorite.

Walaitokou Hotel

Photo Left : Walaitokou is a new hotel in Tawau situated along Jalan Masjid

King Lee Hotel
King Lee Hotel

Hotel / Resort / Apartment Rooms Rates (RM)
Prince Hotel Rm 80-130
Sutera Inn Rm 50-80
Belmont Marco Polo Hotel 150
Rm 185-205
De Choice Hotel

Rm 90-400

Promenade Hotel (New)

Rm 180-270

Grace Hotel

Rm 65-120

Heritage Hotel 88

Rm 70-90

Hotel Emas 90
Rm 90-200
King Lee Hotel

Rm 80-120

King Park Hotel 50

Rm 80-120

Kingston Hotel

Rm 80-120

Kuhara Apartment Suite 50

Rm 100-180

May Blossom Hotel (MB Hotel) 123

Rm 80-120

Monaco Hotel 20

Rm 60-120

Istana Monaco Hotel Rm 80 - 150
Monaco Dynasty Hotel 30

Rm 90-150

Walaitokou Hotel

Rm 100-250



ゆ打皊┍刹, ゆ打皊┍そ碕㎝ゆ打皊┍﹛蔍, 

Fajar 区よ獽т禬级カ场/獽┍ǐ˙隔碞银︽皊┍这ńヴ选

1Kingpark Hotel
2) Heritage Hotel - Shervinton 对
3) Kingston Executive - Kingpark 边
4) Monaco Dynasty Hotel Shervinton/Monaco Dynasty 逼
5) Prince Hotel - Heritage 边 Heritage/Monaco/Prince 琌逼
6) Monaco Hotel - Heritage 边
7) MB (May Blossom) Hotel
8) Holiday Hotel - Kingston Executive 对
9) Kingston Hotel - ㎝Kingston Executive 琌ぃ皊┍碞ウτ‵ぺ鸡饭筳纠

King Park Marco Polo Emas


Walaitokou Hotel


First World Hotel in Genting Highland Resort, 55 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur.
...the largest hotel in the world with the most number of rooms.

Direct flight available from Tawau to Kuala Lumpur. Direct car services available from Kuala Lumpur airport to Genting Highland Resort.

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