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Dalit Bay already has the highly successful 420 room Shangri-La Rasa Ria coastal resort The Alila resort and lagoon resort planned will offer a highly attractive cluster of 5 star tourism development, current missing in Sabah The development proposed includes 2 resorts, an agreed Alila branded resort and villa development and a yet to be branded resort and villa development (referred to as the Lagoon site)

The resorts will offer exclusive and luxurious accommodation with unique facilities catering for international and domestic visitors The resorts support a number of environmental and cultural projects within the Dalit Bay area to enhance community values and prosperity The resort will be the catalyst to stimulate other internationally branded resorts and villa properties to establish in the West Coast Tourism Zone


Build additional 432 5 star rooms in the Cluster 1 of new coaster development area along with 131 villas
Increase visitor spend (overnight visitors on average to RM1,229 per day by 2020 up from RM420 currently)
Assist to double visitor arrivals by 2020 to Sabah overall
Increase average length of stay by 1.5-2 days overall to Sabah
Increase the net economic benefits associated with higher spending visitors
Ensuring over 590 full time direct onsite jobs are available
Improved environmental standards are generated including improved water quality particularly in the riverine lagoon area, beach maintenance program, mangrove forest reserve restoration program
Social benefits including linked to improved education programs, associated school visit programs, sustainability of fishing areas, sustainability of local employment
Increasing sustainable jobs for locals from a variety of hotel, marine related tourism, cultural experience and handicrafts, retail etc.


KEY CHALLENGES Improving access to neighbouring Department of Fisheries site as well
Improvement in road conditions and access generally
Improved jetties for accessing recreational and other vessels
Addressing marine biodiversity threatened by over fishing and water quality
Address encroachment into mangrove forest reserve by offering to undertake plan of management and ongoing monitoring
Enhancing local culture and production of handicrafts etc
Ensuring that local people are engaged in employment as a priority


WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE? Support for planning approval of the site
Ensuring that education and training programs are developed early for local people to be appropriately trained for the development jobs
Engagement with tour operators to provide attractive tour packages and servicing as part of value adding
Funding to be secured
Marine environment enhanced through sustainable tourism activities to improve marine resources with support of neighbouring Fisheries Department
Providing a true 5 6 star internationally branded product currently not available in Sabah  

Integrate waste management into town supply and create best practice model for sustainability
Ensure high quality jetty and waterfront access available
Work closely with the Tuaran District to ensure economic outcomes and social outcomes are achieved
Work with District Office and State Government to ensure mangrove forest reserve plan of management is developed and maintained  

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