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#2 Boosting Tourism Attractions Relocation & Redevelopment of Pulau Gaya
Ma’ang Hill Resort Development
YTL Resort in Pulau Gaya
Karambunai Integrated Resort
South China Sea Place (Ming Garden)
Development of Kokol Hill
Gondola at Inobong Substation, Penampang
Expansion of Diving Academy
Tanjung Dumpil Resort
Water Taxi, Sports & Maritime Centre
Development of Wet Market / Safma



Located in the Karambunai Peninsula of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, KIRC is envisioned as a premier world-class eco-tourism destination showing Sabah’s rich & unique biodiversity. KIRC aims to achieve the Government’s aspirations of a high income nation for Malaysia

Green Showpiece 4-10 times the size of regional IRs  Iconic Architecture
Water Theme Park Mangrove Center Waterfront Living

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