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#2 Boosting Tourism Attractions • Relocation & Redevelopment of Pulau Gaya
• Ma’ang Hill Resort Development
• YTL Resort in Pulau Gaya
• Karambunai Integrated Resort
• South China Sea Place (Ming Garden)
• Development of Kokol Hill
• Gondola at Inobong Substation, Penampang
• Expansion of Diving Academy
• Tanjung Dumpil Resort
• Water Taxi, Sports & Maritime Centre
• Development of Wet Market / Safma



Develop the 1st nature resort within city - overseeing Lok Kawi Bay & Mount Kinabalu (land area – 70 acres)

Botanical garden (with 4 seasons dome), Spa Facilities

To build canopy walks & herbal garden for nature walks for the visitors, jungle trekking, mountain biking (adventure sports)

Location for destination wedding (vs. beach resort setting)

Resort next to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Venue for team-building and mini conferences in a green environment

Weekend homes for international / domestic visitors


• Effective Governance & regulations

• Cost to build Botanical Park with 4 season dome
• Skilled workers

Enablers Required to make it happen

• Bigger Road to allow big buses
• Road, Electricity, Water
• Cost to build Botanical Park with 4 season dome
• Skilled workers

Key outcome / benefit of this project

• Integrates with current Lok Kawi Wildlife Park (5 minutes drive)
• Alternative nature resort within the KK city (Penampang area)
• Short destination for short stay tourist to Sabah’s wildlife and botanical garden

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