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#2 Boosting Tourism Attractions • Relocation & Redevelopment of Pulau Gaya
• Ma’ang Hill Resort Development
• YTL Resort in Pulau Gaya
• Karambunai Integrated Resort
• South China Sea Place (Ming Garden)
• Development of Kokol Hill
• Gondola at Inobong Substation, Penampang
• Expansion of Diving Academy
• Tanjung Dumpil Resort
• Water Taxi, Sports & Maritime Centre
• Development of Wet Market / Safma



Located 10 minutes away from KKIA and KK CBD.
10 acres of man-made island, connected to the mainland by a 800 meter causeway bridge.
A development with 250 luxury hotel rooms, 56 over water resort bungalows with 1,008 5-star rooms.
Comprehensive tourism development, which comprises high-end condominiums, resort-type hotels, spas, marina and other resort facilities


• Electricity supply & infrastructure
• Sewerage system remains a challenge
• Manpower supply – skilled labor during construction
• Land reclamation
• Adequate and timely supply of raw materials (e.g. Cement, etc), availability of competent and quality supply of  labor force affecting timely project delivery/completion

Enablers Required to make it happen
• To improve the main infrastructure to support this new development
• Road, Electricity, Water
• Skilled workers

Key outcome / benefit of this project
• Economic benefit – Jobs, investment opportunities for locals
• Alternative luxury accommodation for tourists

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