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Tawau Town Landscape Development Program (Rm 10million)

Tawau Town was selected to be the first in Sabah for a pilot landscape development program costing RM10 million that will start in August, 2016.

Tawau Municipal Council (TMC)

Cities selected under the Landscape Development Program included :
1- Tawau (Sabah)
2- Bintulu  (Sarawak)
3- Alor Setar (Kedah)
4- Batu Pahat (Johor)
5- Pekan (Pahang)


Tawau  urban landscape development cover about 50 acres.
Areas involved in the development are :
1- Confrontation Event Monuments
2- Municipal Field
3- Dunlop Road
4- Tanjung Market
5- Masjid Al-Kauthar roundabout
6- Traulsen Coastal

There will be greener urban landscape, and better pedestrian and bicycle lanes to facilitate the citizens of Tawau.

Hiking in Tawau

Strap on your hiking shoes and get ready to explore the popular hiking tracks in Tawau.

Situated 8 km from the city centre, Sin On Hill is the most popular spot for avid trekkers and Hash runners who love the challenge of varied terrain...... after Sin On Hill you may like to explore the other tracks.....

Advance hiking trails in Tawau (for physically fit):

1- Gunung Magdalena  14Km Trail Final part are steep slops. Need a whole day between camp site and summit. Very few have conquered this summit yet.
(1,310 meters height) 3 Days 2 Nights

2- Gunung Lucia 12Km Trail More climbers among these two  mountains. "More difficult then Mt. Kinabalu" as trail purposely kept in its natural form
(1,189 meters height) 2 Days 1 Night

Popular Hiking trails in Tawau (for general public):

1- SIN ON Hill Hiking Trial
2- Bukit Gemok Hiking Trial
3- Tawau Hills Park Nature trail to waterfall
4- Tawau Hills Park Nature trail to hot springs
5- Tawau Hills Park Nature trail to Bombalai Hill


۞ Sanctuary for world's tall trees    

Tawau Hills Park
A Sanctuary For Tallest Trees in the World
25 Km (30 minutes drive) from Tawau Town

Tawau Hills Park is only 25 kilometres from Tawau town. The park has the world's tallest tropical tree and  also various  flora and fauna rarely found in other forest reserves.

The lush area of 27, 972 hectares forests of the Tawau Hills Park serves as an important water catchments area for Tawau and Semporna. The area was gazette by Malaysian Government as a National Park to protect the natural environment with its unique flora and fauna and to ensure an uninterrupted water supply for the region....

Tawau Hills National Park is located only 20 minutes drive from Tawau (about 30km from town). This park is being taken care by Sabah Parks. The park is a home to macaques, red leaf monkeys, forest tortoise, giant squirrels, hornbills and pheasants. Occasionally, one may chance upon civet cats and clouded leopard. For those seeking peace and tranquility in beautiful surroundings, this is the ideal getaway. One can go swimming in the stream, jungle trekking, bird watching.

The park is a favorite picnic spot on weekends offering visitors the delights of nature -meandering streams, water falls, hot springs and jungle trails. Hostels are available at minimal charge. Visitors can also camp here.

Tawau's Agriculture : The fertile volcanic soil in Tawau is ideal for cocoa, oil palm, coffee, vegetables and fruit trees planting.

Sulphurous Springs

Tawau Hills Park
Sulphurous Springs


1.5 hours walk on 3.2 Km Jungle trail from park entrance.

Bukit Gelas Waterfall

Tawau Hills Park
Bukit Gelas Waterfall

1 hour walk on 2.5 Km Jungle trail from park entrance.

The rivers in Tawau Hills Park tumble over several attractive waterfalls.

The most attractive fall is this Bukit Gelas Waterfall (the Table Waterfall) which created a natural swimming pool.

The tallest Tropical Tree in the world

The tallest
Tropical Tree
in the world

Tawau Hills Park
Half hour walk on 900 meters Jungle Trail from park entrance.

Tawau Hills Park is 25 Km (30 minutes drive) from Tawau Town

Tawau Hills park has the tallest tropical tree in the world according to the measurements made by American scientists January 2007.

This world's tallest tree is reachable only 20 minutes by car followed by 30 minutes walk.....



Kopitiam Tawau Restaurant

Tawau City Tour
Including Set Meal
Minimum 2 persons, Maximum 4 persons

Rm 30.00 per prsons

Tour time: 45 - 60 minutes

For Booking : SMS to 011-16747033 or 012-2165971

۞  Tawau Buddhist Pagoda     
Tawau Buddhist Pagoda - New Tourist Landmark of Tawau

The Buddhist community of Tawau is building a fifteen million ringgit Tawau Buddhist Pagoda to be completed in 2016.

This tallest pagoda in Tawau will be a tourist landmark of the town when completed.

Danum Valley, Sabah  

The Danum Valley conservation area has always been an interest for scientists doing research on the ecology system of tropical rainforest. It supports close to 300 species of birds (most of which are endemic to Borneo) and more than 100 species of mammals. While the African safari has its Big Five, Danum Valley is famous for sightings of extremely rare creatures such as Sumatran rhinos, clouded leopards, pygmy elephants, gibbons and if you are really lucky, the sun bear. While you're here, do not miss out on the night drive as it gives you a completely different feel of the rainforest after dark. Keep an eye out for the nocturnal creatures - giant flying squirrel, sambar deer, leopard cats, and civets.

۞  Lost World of Sabah 

 Maliau Basin
"Lost World of Sabah"

The Lost World is only 200km from Tawau

The "Lost World of Sabah" – Maliau Basin is a mysterious forest enclosure that has remained pristine and uninhabited by humans. For those adventurous enough to experience a rarely visited destinations then there’s no better place on earth..... the Maliau Basin

Maliau Basin has some of the most beautiful and picturesque waterfalls in Malaysia.

Maliau is Located in the south central part of Sabah which is approximately 200km from Tawau and Keningau district (40km north of Kalimantan border).

This Basin is almost circular in shape and surrounded by a formidable escarpment of extremely steep slopes of up to 1,500m in height. The Maliau Basin Conservation Area sprawl across 588.4 sq km or 58,840 hectares encompasses the entire Maliau Basin plus additional 198.4 sq km of forested land to the east and north of the rim including the fabled Lake Linumunsut.

The saucer shape basin measure a range of 25km in diameter and form through sedimentary inclination beds of sandstone and mudstone. The highest point found here is Mount Lotung (over 1,600m in elevation). Generally known as a basin, Maliau represents a single water catchments and is drained by a set of radiating tributaries of the Maliau River through a gorge out of the southeast of the basin into Kuamut River which in turn feeds into Sabah‘s longest river – the Kinabatangan.

Discovery on Maliau Basin was only made in 1947 but successful trip into the surrounding areas only occurred after almost 40 years later.

Accommodation facilities are kept in certain areas to avoid having to clear vegetation. Water and bathing facilities are kept in the nearby streams and rivers, electricity is not available.

Maliau is a refuge haven for rare and endangered animals such as Sumatran Rhino, Proboscis monkey and the Asian Family genre. So far a total of 69 mammals and at least 231 species plus over 25 species of amphibians have been identified and at least one species that’s completely new to science call Thelphusula sp. Crab has been identified too.

About 500 species of flora have been identified including 6 species of pitcher plants and 80 species of orchids.  

۞  Madai Caves of Kunak   
Madai Caves

Madai Caves
Tawau Town  to Madai Cave  1.5 Hours  89 Km

The Madai Caves are important caves in Sabah for harvesting birds' nests. These nests are considered a delicacy and medicine among the Chinese with a huge export market to China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The village at the entrance of the largest cave comes alive twice a year when the Idahan people come to harvest the birds' nests from various parts of the caves. It is a special communal festival event.

The harvesting is a dramatic event with the men risking their lives to pry precious nests from the cave roof high above.

The Idahans held their rights to the Madai Caves for over 20 generations.

۞  Bukit Gemok Park of Tawau
Bukit Gemok Park

Once very rich wildlife, the calls of gibbons were common, and so were elephants at the foothills and orangutans up on the trees.

Today, wild boars, barking deer and even the sambar deer. are gone.

Most often people seen only long-tail macaques, squirrels, short-tail macaques.

There are more bird species, including a few species of hornbills, as they can fly from other nearby forests....

MALAYSIA has been chosen by Lonely Planet as one of the world’s Top 10 Countries for 2014 and the only Asian country to make the list. Lonely Planet has included it in it’s Best in Travel 2014 that is hot off the press.

Among new tourist attractions are :
1- largest bird park in Southeast Asia, in Malacca (with 6000 birds from 400 species)
2- Legoland Malaysia
3- Hello Kitty Land in Nusajaya

The top three countries/regions listed are :
01- Brazil
02- Antarctica
03- Scotland
04- Sweden
05- Malawi
06- Mexico
07- Seychelles
08- Belgium
09- Macedonia
10- Malaysia

Best in Travel’s recommendations are drawn from hundreds of ideas submitted by Lonely Planet’s staff, authors and community of travelers, bloggers and tweeters. Their suggestions are then refined by a panel of in-house travel experts (including Lonely Planet co-founder Tony Wheeler), based on scores for topicality, excitement, and that special X-factor. Lonely Planet’s focus is on the merits of each destination and the unique experiences they offer travelers.

Other 2014 highlights

• The Top 10 Regions to visit:
01- Sikkim,
02- The Kimberley
03- Yorkshire
04- Hokuriku
05- Texas
06- Victoria Falls
07- Mallorca
08- West Coast New Zealand
09- Hunan and
10- Ha’apai.

• The Top 10 Cities to visit:
01- Paris
02- Trinidad
03- Cape Town
04- Riga
05- Zürich
06- Shanghai
07- Vancouver
08- Chicago
09- Adelaide
10- Auckland.

The interesting places in Tawau are all about getting closer to Mother Nature....

"A land where nature is at her best and richest: where plants and animals, forests and oceans, and every living thing, seem yet inspired to a feverish desire for growth and reproduction, as though they were still in the dawn of creation....."

Nature has the power to awe and to inspire. Hence, it is not surprising that nature is the compelling reason for many people to travel. Being a tropical country, Malaysia supports a diverse natural landscape that ranges from mountaintops to limestone vegetation to swamp forests. Getting up close and personal with Mother Nature is not difficult; all you need is a good pair of walking shoes, a sense of adventure and a keen eye for wildlife spotting.

Tawau has several untapped tourism potential - her potential in becoming the next eco-tourism destination in Malaysia. In this region of Sabah is the tallest tropical tree in the world at 88.34 meters, waterfalls, hot springs, pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys, rare dragonflies and many unnamed spiders and insects.

A Wildlife Conservation Centre is planned in Merotai that provide sanctuary to pygmy elephants whose habitats are being eroded due to timber felling and oil palm planting in Tawau.

۞   First over water luxury resort of Sabah  


RM200 million five-star resort on Mabul Island

“Your garden will be made of corals and when you wake up in the morning, you’ll have the pristine sea of Mabul Island and Celebes Sea in front of you!”

Jean Marc Lafosse
founder and chief executive officer of Alorie Hospitality
In an interview with Astro Awani
April 11, 2012

۞  The only Cocoa Museum in Asia  

Teck Guan Cocoa Museum
Tawau, Sabah

... the only Cocoa Museum in Asia ...

Visit to Cocoa Factory and witness the process of dry fermented beans and see how Godiva chocolate is made from...


Sibuan Island - The sea water is crystal clear

Sibuan Island
'Battleship Island' for it‘s extinctive shape
From Tawau Town to Sibuan Island is only 1.5 Hours Car + 30 Minutes Boat

This most beautiful island in the Celebes Sea is only 20 minutes speed boat ride from Semporna Town (30 minutes for longboat)

This island has the most beautiful beaches among the islands of Semporna


Cocoa Culture Spring



By vehicles
Tawau to Teck Guan Cocoa Village 30 minutes  
Tawau to Teck Guan Cocoa Village to Cocoa Culture Spring 45 minutes  
Tawau to Junction  of Kunak/Semporna/Tawau 1 Hour 45 Km
Tawau to Kampung Kadazan 1.25 Hours 72 Km
Tawau to Junction of Kunak 1.30 Hours 76 Km
Tawau to Kunak sea port 1.5 Hours 83 Km
Tawau to Madai Cave 1.5 Hours 89 Km
Tawau to Madai Waterfall 1.5 Hours 90 Km
Tawau to Lahad Datu   155 Km
Tawau to Check Point at Sandakan Junction   275 Km
Junction of Kunak/Semporna/Tawau to Madai Waterfall 1 Hour 52 Km
Lahad Datu to Sukau Road Junction (to Gomandong Caves) - Northward 1.25 Hours 86 Km
Lahad Datu to Madai Water Fall - Southward 1 Hour 64 Km
Lahad Datu to Batulung Muzium 1 Hour 67 Km
Batulung Muzium to Gomandong Caves 40 minutes 41 Km
Sukau Main Road Junction to Gomandong Caves 5 minutes 5 Km
Sukau Village to Junction to Gomandong Caves 45 minutes 24 Km
Sukau Village to Kinabutan Market 1 Hour 54 Km
Sukau Village to Sepilok Orang Utan Center   113 Km
Labuk Road Junction to Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary

10 Km good paved road + 5 Km dusty gravel road
Labuk Road Junction to Entrance Ticket Gate is 10 minutes 11 Km
Entrance Ticket Gate to Platform B is 4.5 Km gravel road

  16 Km
Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary  Platform A to Platform B Dusty gravel road   1 Km

۞   3000 Years ago....  


Pottery manufacturing sites in Southeast Asia in the Neolithic era 3,000 years ago
10 minutes drive away from Semporna Town
1.5 hours drive from Tawau Town 100 Km



۞  Golfing in Tawau   


15 km. from Tawau town, Shan Shui has a 18-hole championship golf course designed by Nelson & Haworth. It is acclaimed to be their finest creation in Asia. US Golf Magazine ranked Hole 15-the Creek, one of the Best 500 holes & Top 250 par 4s in the world!...

۞ Other attractions in Tawau for Japanese Tourists   
Japanese Cemetery
タ ワ ウ 日 本 人 墓 地
Tawau タワウ Town

۞ Divers' Paradise 

Places of interest in Sabah :

Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary

Sukau Rainforest Lodge

Islands of Sabah

5. Kinabatangan, Sabah  

Sukau, or the lower Kinabatangan river floodplain, is described as one of the best places in Borneo for wildlife spotting. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you spend at least a night at the rugged lodges within this untamed wilderness. A river cruise in the evening is the best time to look out for wildlife as animals like to hang around water source. Keep your eyes peeled for Pygmy Elephants, Proboscis Monkeys, Estuarine Crocodiles, Orang Utans, Silver Leaf Monkeys and the beautiful Oriental Darter, one of the few

birds that actually dive for its food. Moreover, with eight species of hornbills to be found here, Kinabatangan is the Asian safari.  

8. Kinabalu National Park, Sabah  

Kinabalu National Park, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to Malaysia's highest mountain, Mount Kinabalu. At a stunning height of 4095 m, it is a land of superlatives. For one, the park alone is bigger than Singapore. Secondly, it is a unique botanical sanctuary supporting a rich plethora of flora and fauna ranging from four distinct climate zones; from the lowland dipterocarp to the alpine meadows. The mountain itself is one of the easiest mountains to climb and on a good day, you can even see the Philippines from its summit.  


Semporna :

Places of interest in Semporna Town

  Semporna Ocean Centre   Semporna Holiday Resort
  Tun Sakaran Marine Park  

Lahad Datu :

Places of interest in Lahad Datu District

  Danum Valley   Tabin Wildlife Reserve
  Sahabat Beach Resort  

Kunak :

Natural vegetation map of Madai Baturong VJR

(Vergin Jungle Reserve)

Places of interest in Sarawak :

1. Mulu National Park, Sarawak  

Living up to its reputation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mulu National Park is a nature wonderland. It is so unique that the park houses two distinct mountain ranges; one of sandstone and the other of limestone. Visitors often come for its caves, deep gorges with clear rivers, and underground passages, which stretch for some gikm. However, you should be warned that hiking to the Pinnacles, a forested landscape of sharp limestone peaks 43m above the rainforest (which could very well be the Bornean Hanging Garden), is no walk in the park. But the view alone will make your trip worthwhile.  

2. Bako National Park, Sarawak  

Due to its proximity to Kuching city, Bako National Park makes a wonderful day trip into Bornean wilderness. It is Sarawak's oldest national park but more importantly, it supports seven complete ecosystem:  

beach vegetation, cliff vegetation, mangrove forest, mixed dipterocarp forest, grassland, peat swamp, and heath forest. With such a diverse natural habitat, no wonder the Lonely Planet Bluelist 06-07 declared it as one of the top three places in the world for wildlife spotting. If you ever get tired of spotting Proboscis monkeys, you can always lay back for some sun at one of the secluded beaches sandwiched between majestic cliffs.  

More General Information on National Parks in Sarawak


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