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Mataking Island
Sabah, Malaysia



What to find in

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Mataking Island

Two small islands linked by a narrow sandbar at low tide.

Turtle Playground

In Turtle Playground where turtles here just ignore you

The Reef Dive Resort

The Reef Dive Resort
The only resort in Mataking Island

Dive sites around Mataking :

1) Lobster Lair (guess you will find a lobster if you keep your eyes open)
2) Nudibranch Heaven (you will find a few Nudibranches there)
3) Coral Garden (this is where you will find a bit of coral)
4) Barracuda Point (Barracuda perhaps)
5) Eel Garden (check out the Morays)
6) Picturesque Reef (take your camera with you)
7) Sweet Lips Rocks (great for night dives)
8) Hump Head Point
9) Turtle Playground (the turtles here will just ignore you)
10) D'Wall House Reef (fascinating Marine life and coral formations)
11) Garden Of Eden Reef

Mataking Island is an island not far from Sipadan. Located to the north of Mabul, it is about 40-minutes boat ride away from mainland Semporna.

Diving in Mataking is a combination of Macro and pelagic which is suitable for photographers, new and advanced divers. The eastern shore is a sloping reef dropping to a depth of 100 meters whereas on the western reef is mostly wall diving with depth of 100 meters. Many have commented that the living colors of the undersea corals at Mataking are magnificent and a real heaven for many species of nudibranch and frogfish. Other Marine lives found are rainbow runner, bat fish, hump head parrotfish, barracuda, green and hawksbill turtles, lobster, giant clams, blue spotted rays and many more. There are many interesting dive sites not to be missed at the island, which are close proximity to Mataking. Experience the beauty and wonders which Mataking has to offer. Indeed it is a promised island for divers, honeymooners and holiday makers alike.

Sightseeing and Adventure in Mataking Island

Mataking is a small island. The resort itself is set in beautiful tropical gardens.

You can explore the island and climb the King's watchtower where views are stunning.

You can take a romantic stroll over the sandbar to Mataking Kecil to explore the pristine jungle covered island.

The resort also organizes guided tours so you can learn more about the flora and fauna of this island's gems. The kids can enjoy painting and handicrafts.

You can also explore this island nearby area by sea kayak.

Semporna Marine Park
The newly designated Semporna Marine Park is close by. The protective measures being imposed by this marine park is  of considerable benefit to the sea-life in the whole area including Mataking.

Mataking Forum (Chinese ) :

A place to share your holiday experience on Mataking Island : Mataking Island Forum

First and only Underwater Post Office in Malaysia  

The presence of an Underwater Post Office on a wreck makes it the first of its kind in the Malaysia.  There are only 5 similar underwater post offices in the world.

March 2006,  “MATAKING 1”, an old 40 foot wooden cargo ship of the resort was sank as part of Mataking Island's  conservation program.  This old wooden ship thus becomes one of the 5 similar underwater post offices in the world.  This event was witnessed by International guests from Italy, Germany, Sweden and Japan as well as local divers and non-divers, around 40 guests in total.

The underwater mail box was placed on the front of the wheel house of this cargo ship.

You can write or just buy a postcard at the resort’s gift shop and seal your letters  a special water proof plastic postal wrap bag to take it down and  deposited into the box. Collection of the mail is twice per week when your mail will be sent to anywhere in the world!

A special rubber stamp was designed to depict this unique postal service. The mail box is cleared two times a week.  

The sanken wooden ship at the same time became artificial reef attracting many tropical reef fishes. The wreck has become a home many incredible marine creatures from this spectacular island.  


Resort on Mataking Island:

The Reef Dive Resort & Tours

Mataking resort  is set in beautiful tropical gardens. Explore the island and climb the King's watchtower where the views are stunning.

The Jamu Spa is a great treat for those tired muscles.

How To Get To Tawau

From Kota Kinabalu City, Tawau is accessible by road via the East-West and East Coast Highways. The journey should take about 8 hours. For a speedier alternative, the flight from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau takes only 45 minutes.

From Kuala Lumpur, tourists can hop on AirAsia flights which flies to Tawau twice a day. The familiariasation trip to Tawau was organized by AirAsia and Sabah Tourism.






Mataking is a private island next to Sipadan, north of Mabul. The island is three times the size of Sipadan about 40 acres.  The island is 40 minute by boat east of Semporna. From Mataking you can enjoy convenient, hassle-free and diverse macro-diving as well as the daytrips to Sipadan 80 minutes by speedboat.

Mataking Island - two islands connected by a sandbar

Mataking Island is in fact two islands connected by a sandbar. The Mataking Besar (Big Mataking) and Mataking Kechil (Small Mataking). On the Big Mataking Island is the only resort, The Reef Dive Resort.

Apart from the resort and a small police station the islands are covered in natural jungle.

Green and Hawksbill turtles frequently come up to lay their eggs in the sands. During the day, bask on the snow white sandy beach and enjoy the sight of island's coconut crab scurrying up a tree, exotic migratory seabirds and fire flies. Climb up the king's watch tower and enjoy the breathtaking sight. You can also re-enact Moses's miraculous crossing of the red sea by taking a stroll down the 1km sand bar that connects Mataking and Mataking Kecil at low tide.

You can take a romantic stroll over the sandbar to Mataking Kecil to explore the pristine jungle covered island. The resort also organizes guided tours so you can learn more about the flora and fauna of this island's gems.

You can also explore this island and nearby area by sea kayak and later, relax in the big jacuzzi.

Coconut Crab - enjoy the sight of Mataking island's coconut crab scurrying up a tree

Sabah is regularly sought after by divers as the seas are abundant in coral reefs and marine life. Sabah has an astounding number of  islands off its coastlines on both its eastern and western regions. These islands make a fantastic gateway for those who want an exciting vacation on the beach.

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