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Sibuan Island

Sibuan Island
'Battleship Island' for its extinctive shape
30 minutes by speed boat from Semporna Town



The sea water is crystal clearVillage of sea gypsies

Village of sea gypsies Village of sea gypsies

On Sibuan Island is a small village of about 10 families sea gypsies who live beside beautiful beaches of white coral soft sand.

There are no hotels accommodation and  all tourists come here on day trips.

This beautiful island in the Celebes sea is only 30 minutes by boat from Semporna.

The Bajau Laut ethnic community (the Sea Gypsies) traditionally live in sprawling stilt villages above water or on land. Some inside the traditional Lepa boats.

Sibuan is one of the smallest islands in the whole bay.

Popular for swimmers and sorcerers and one of the most photographed islands in Sabah.

White sandy beach perfect for swimmers and non swimmers alike.

Cuttlefish, turtles and sting rays are seen here often other then mandarin fish, frog fish, pygmy seahorse and ghost pipe fish.

With a combination of shallow plateaus and steep slopes, the island is a regular stop over during open water diver courses and experienced diver programs.

Long and narrow with triangular shape viewed from above.

At the south is a long narrow strip of sand, which gets flooded at high tide.

In the center of the island is a small forest and the beaches are lined with coconut trees.

At the northern end there is a small military base of Malaysian soldiers to guarantee protection against pirates.

The only area suitable for swimming is the southern end, because elsewhere you have to wade through the coral banks before being able to reach the sea.

The sea water is crystal clear, but underwater visibility is limited to less than 10m.

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