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Hills of Tawau
A land of hills, rivers and sea ..... a land of good FUNG SUI

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This unknown town has good FUNG SUI. Tawau is surrounded three sides by mountains and plantations and southern side by the sea.  Tawau was a unknown seaside town 100 years ago and now has grown up prosperous through plantation agriculture pioneered by the early Chinese. These early Chinese immigrants knew this new found land will one day bring prosperity to them ...... by the ancient art of FUNG SUI reading.

Changing skyline of Tawau, but let us keep the hills remain untouched forever.

Oil Palm Plantation in Sin On Tiku Road

Oil Palm Plantation in Sin On Tiku Road

Oil Palm Plantation in Merotai

Oil Palm Plantation in Merotai

Jalan Air Panas Tiku

the new Jalan Air Panas Tiku


we live in a land surround by hills....


the fresh mountain air makes us easygoing....

Like a movie setting ready for filming....

we still see the coconut trees planted by our great grand father....

70% of our land is hills

sorrow for gone is the green green hill of home....

".....A FUNG SUI master said that this green mountain brings prosperity to the people.  The destruction of the mountain means destroying the FUNG SUI. Without the protection from FUNG SUI your next generation will lost away you property and will never be prosperous again.  Many superstitious Chinese blame this broken hill for bringing them bad luck.  They lost their plantation (sold away at very cheap price) and their children and grand children have to leave this town to other cities to find a living and never return again...."

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