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Architectures - Places of Worship in  Tawau

Holy Trinity Church Tawau

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church

Semporna Mosque

Thirumurugan Temple in Tawau

Garden of Thirumurugan Temple

Moral Uplifting Society

Buddhist Temple


Buddhist Temple

 Digital camera tips and techniques
shoot like a professional

Go black & white - An option available on most consumer digital cameras, black & white is often an interesting and creative option.

Take a small portrait gallery - At large group events, take lots of close-up shots of individuals. Assembling a portrait gallery and sharing with family and friends will be easy using digital camera software.

Turn off the flash - Whenever possible, leverage natural light to give your digital photos a more natural look.

Raise the angle - When taking table shots, set the camera at a higher angle to capture everyone at the same distance.

An easy photo album - Leverage the wide variety of available, simple-to-use digital camera software for managing, manipulating images, and sharing images with others.

Home photo processing - Like the images themselves, customize your printer settings and “develop” digital images in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Do something different! - When surrounded by other people taking pictures, look at what other photographers are doing and then do something else.

Experiment with digital camera settings - Don’t be intimidated by the options--experiment with shutter speed, aperture & white balance settings to get better results.

Bring plenty of digital film - Forget the days of counting remaining frames of film and capture lots and lots of images while using a large capacity memory card and several smaller capacity cards.

Experiment with natural light - Digital cameras are just like traditional cameras when it comes to lighting so look to use soft, natural light near widows and doorways for natural looking images.

Change the perspective - Today’s digital cameras are compact and lightweight, allowing users to capture images from every angle.

Always bring your digital camera - The compact size makes it easy and safe to take digital cameras everywhere.

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