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Welcome to our Parks

Islands Dream

Tawau Hills Park

Bukit Gemok

VIEWS of my hometown

Night Scene   Old Tawau Tawau Skyline Water Front Views of Tawau City

Our festivals and events


Festivals & Events

Spring Festival


Tawau Cultural Carnival

| Bajau Dancers | Bolongan Singing | Chinese Dancers | Cocos Dancers | Iban Dancers | Kadazan Music | Lundayuh Dancers |  Tidung Dancers | Timur Dancers |

Photographs of  Dancers   on 25th March 2007 during Tawau Cultural Carnival

The next cultural event :  BIMP-EAGA Cultural Festival 2011 on 14-15 January 2011

From a Local Cultural event of this small town, it is developing into a Regional Cultural event of  BIMP (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines).

There is no boundary in our cultures. In time to come, Tawau will reach out to rest of Asia..........then to the world.


Tawau's historical photos

Tawau's historical photos

by Bryan Paul Lai
in History Channel's web site


View of Tawau City from Bukit Gemok

Life in my kampong my village

Kampong Boys Malay Wedding

Historical photo

Wall painting in Tawau

Life in my Kampung

Daily life - a glimpse into the everyday life of locals in Tawau

Semporna Waterfront


Sports Complex Places of Worship Modern New Mosque

Our Farms Our Plantations

Cocoa Plantation Cocoa Village Tiger Prawn Farming Oil Palm Plantation Aerial View of Oil Palm Plantation

Wild Life and Nature in my Kampong in Tawau

Insects Dragonfly Bugs in Love The Eyes Orang Utan


Coconut Tree Flowers in the wilderness Vegetable Gardens Trees of Tawau

Colorful Corals

The Natural Environment where we lived in

Batu Bayung Tawau River Hills of Tawau Balung River Bukit Tinagat

Gardens of Tawau


The difference faces of Tawau


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