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Oil Palm Plantation in Tawau, Malaysia


Staff Quarters at Bukit Tukok Estate
KALABAKAN, 85 Kilometers from Tawau

Sabah Softwoods Berhad’s operating activities are on two blocks of land totalling 61,000 hectares sub-leased from Sapangar Sdn Bhd. of Yayasan Sabah. These blocks are commonly referred to as “Brumas” and “Kalabakan”.

Oil Palm Estates of Sabah Softwood:
1- Cenderamata Estate
2- Dumpas Estate
3- Mawang Estate
4- Bukit Batu Estate
5- Kapilit Estate
6- Kumansi Estate
7- Bukit Tukok Estate


Oil Palm Plantation in Sabah

Malaysia's largest agricultural product - the Palm Oil. Both local and international demand growing steadily. 

Sabah is the largest palm oil producer in Malaysia, It has about 1.2 million hectares of some of the highest-yielding oil palm plantations (21.4 metric tones per hectare) producing 5 million MT of palm oil yearly.

Palm oil will soon replace soya bean oil as the mostly widely consumed edible vegetable oil in the world. Palm oil's nutritional value and the potency of its phytonutrients, not to mention its growing use in biofuel, are set to establish the oil's global dominance,

Malaysia is the biggest producer of palm oil in the world and is an internationally recognized authority in palm oil cultivation and processing technologies, The country produces 14 million metric tones of palm oil annually (2004 world output 30.6 million MT)  from about 4 million hectares of oil palm. Combined with the 12 million MT produced in neighboring Indonesia, the region commands 86% of the world's production.

The world’s largest palm oil producer is Indonesia.


Oil Palm Plantation Photos. Photographs in this gallery are taken in Tawau, Sabah.

Executive Diploma in Plantation Management (EDIP)

A 13 months part-time programme to provide working adults an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of plantation management  with a strong base for onward career progression and development.

The course is conducted in English as well as in Bahasa Malaysia.

University of Malaya Centre for Continuing Education
Level 3, A Block,
University of Malaya City Campus, Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Tel: +603-2617 3111  Fax: +603-2617 3110  Email:

Oil Palm Plantation in Tawau, MalaysiaOil Palm Plantation in Tawau, Malaysia

Malaysia oil palm plantations area increase year by year, this may caused the primary forest  in Malaysia decreasing in area year by year.

But this is no so as new oil palm plantation  are actually established on and logged-over forests and  in areas previously cultivated with  rubber, cocoa and coconut. Almost two thirds of Malaysia is still covered by forest area of permanent forest reserve - 19.54 million hectares.

Sabah has given rise to a new breed of entrepreneurs. In Tawau over the past decades many cocoa plantations have switched from cocoa to planting oil palm. Oil palm has a huge worldwide demand and fetching top dollar in exports. These new oil palm plantations with crop mature the last few years came the creation of many new millionaires. Even when the prices dropped, most of the planters were still raking in profits as their cost of maintenance and production was minimal. In turn the planters invest their money in local property market.

Oil palm plantation in Malaysia  has  great biodiversity than in the case of annual cereals, vegetables and other short-term cropping systems of the world. A typical oil palm plantation is teemed with 268 species of flora and fauna, which include microbes, insects, arthropods, reptiles, fish, birds and small mammals. In addition to the rearing of fish, cattle, and goats together intercropping with fruit trees, timber species, dry land rice and vegetables, thereby adding to the rich diversity of life in the plantations.

Oil Palm Plantation in Tawau, Malaysia

Palm Oil has been used as a dietary constituent for five thousand years. The first  oil palm plantation in Malaysia started in 1917 when Oil Palm trees was first introduced to Malaysia as an ornamental tree. The seeds were iat first  sowed on a tract of land in Kuala Selangor and the seedlings were later planted on a large scale in Tennamaram Estate by M. H. Fauconnier, . This paved the way for the prolific expansion of oil palm cultivation in Malaysia.

Soon, Alexander Guthrie, founded the Guthrie stable of estates and John Middleton Sime teamed up with Henry Darby to establish the Sime Darby group of estates. The two were later joined by Socfin and United Plantations which remain to this day as major players in the Malaysian oil palm industry.

Today the largest Palm Oil Company in Malaysia is Synergy Drive Sdn. Bhd. which was formed after merging Golden Hope Plantations Bhd., Sime Darby Bhd. and Kumpulan Guthrie Bhd.

Synergy Drive Sdn. Bhd. (the combination of 3 companies)  have more than 500,000 hectares (1,300,000 acres) of Oil Palm Plantation in Malaysia and Indonesia, producing more than 2 million tons crude palm oil every year. This is equivalent to 13% of Malaysia's total production.

Oil Palm Plantation in Tawau, Malaysia

Cooking Oil Due to its low rate of duration, palm oil is indeed an economical cooking oil
Margarine Palm Oil margarine can be easily spread and resistant to rancidity
Shortening Palm Oil shortening is suitable for making bread, cakes, pastries and sweets
Confectionery Chocolates and confectionery made with palm based cocoa butter substitute are closely similar to those produced with cocoa butter.
Non-Diary Creamers

Palm based non-diary creamer gives smoother, taster and more satisfying cup of coffee

Palm oil is the most traded vegetable oil in the world. The oil is obtained from the mesocarp of the palm fruit, by cooking, mashing and pressing. In this process, the seeds are separated and after cracking and removing the shell, the kernel can be processed to yield palm kernel oil and palm kernel cake.


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