3 - Gas Separation Plant


  To design and built an LPG extraction plant
and its export facilities to enhance the value of Sabah gas at Sabah O&G Terminal (SOGT)

Key outcomes of the EPP / KPIs
Additional GDP of RM29,560 million to Sabah from that sales of C3 and C4 on top of C1 and C2.
This extension will help to expedite the growth of KKIP
Industries along the pipeline can also benefit from the spin off from extension of the pipeline.

Key Challenges
Choosing the compatible system for GSP to connect with SOGT system
Laying the 75km pipeline from GSP at Kimanis to Industries which mostly will be located at Kota Kinabalu and SOGIP

What needs to be done?
Feasibility Study: 3 months
Detailed Feasibility Study: 9 months
Basic Engineering Design: 12 months
EPCC: 24 months
Total duration: 4 years to complete

Mitigation Plan
Proper feasibility study on designing the GSP
Collaboration effort between SEC, PETRONAS and Sabah State Authorities (i.e. Sabah Land and Survey Department and UPEN Sabah)


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