4 - Kimanis Power Plant (300MW)


Kimanis Power Plant will address the immediate needs of electricity demand in Sabah (especially in West Coast)

Key outcomes of the EPP / KPIs
Creation of 415 jobs for Sabahan from top management to supporting staff during
operations and 2100 jobs during construction. Hence, transfer of technology and
knowledge will take place to local manpower and contractors
Additional 300 MW of cleaner and stable energy supply into SESB to preserve Sabah eco treasure
Reduce the yearly lost from industrial losses RM4.59billion/per year due to power

Key Challenges
Lengthy negotiation period on Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
Shortage of capable manpower and local contractors

What needs to be done?
Complete construction of site office by Q1 2012
Proceeds with construction once the land work completed
Ensure the completion of SOGT project
Ensure the completion of SESB transmission facility upgrade

Mitigation Plan
Pending MPRC discussion outcome
Proper education planning to prepare and develop the skilled and semi skilled manpower


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