7 - Pipeline to KKIP



Extension of SSGP tapped from
Kimanis end to KKIP
• Distance: 85km
• Diameter: 18”
• Expected Completion: 2015



The extension will pass by
• Papar
• Lok Kawi
• Penampang
• Kota Kinabalu

Expected completion: 2015

Key outcomes of the EPP / KPIs
• With this extension of the pipeline, the secondary recovery of oil wells in ERB West field is possible
• This extension will help to expedite the growth of KKIP as well as ensure the natural gas supply security to the KKIP’s IPPs and small industrial users
• Industries along the pipeline can also benefit from the spin off from extension of the pipeline

Key Challenges
• Acquisition of land for ROW
• Land acquisition for city gate stations
• No extra gas allocation

What needs to be done?
• Economic studies of the viability of the project by PGB and SEC
• Collaboration demand projected demand studies between SEC, PGB and KKIP
• Provision of ROW
• Syndication with Malaysia Gas Management (MGM) and PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
(PCSB) on the extra allocation of natural gas

Mitigation Plan
• Work together with JKR and Sabah Land Authorities to map out common utility corridor or tunnel
• Work together with Sabah Land Authorities to assist in the acquisition of land in the respective areas/districts for the construction of the city gate station
• Work with PETRONAS Malaysian Gas Management Unit to secure additional gas allocation


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