Kadazandusun and Dayak chambers team up to boost economic strength
Posted on June 28, 2011, Tuesday

KUCHING: The Kadazandusun Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) signed a Cooperation Agreement to forge and strengthen business relations in Kota Kinabalu last Saturday.

Sabah Assistant Minister of Finance Datuk Donald Peter Mojuntin witnessed the agreement signed by DCCI president Tan Sri Leo Moggie and KCCI president Alli Matajam.

According to a press release from DCCI yesterday, both parties had undertook to share opportunities for information exchange on chamber management and development, economic development including important public and private opportunities, as well as trade and investment information.

They will also explore ways and means of promoting trade and industrial cooperation as well as facilitate joint venture arrangements, technical cooperation, market networking and linkages and other similar arrangements between the two chambers.

“The objectives of the agreement are to forge, promote and strengthen inter-chamber relationship in order to enhance and boost economic prosperity among the respective communities of the chambers.

“It is hoped that such arrangement and understanding will create a positive synergy between the two chambers for the overall benefit of their respective communities,” said the statement.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman has commended the close cooperation between the Kadazandusun and Dayak Chambers of Commerce and Industry in producing successful, quality and resilient Bumiputera entrepreneurs.

Speaking at the 5th Pesta Kaamatan/Gawai Dayak celebrations jointly organised by the two business chambers here last Saturday night, he said this strong collaboration would hopefully see more Bumiputera firms getting listed on Bursa Malaysia and competing at the global level.

“This success is very important and in line with the New Economic Model’s objective to achieve high-income country status by 2020,” he said.

He also congratulated the business chambers for their initiative and commitment in taking turns to host the annual celebration since 2007.

“It clearly proves the role and contribution as well as support of the chambers to the spirit and concept of 1Malaysia inspired by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak,” Musa said.

The chief minister also announced a RM100,000 special grant for KCCI.

More than 500 people including KCCI and DCCI members attended the joint Gawai-Kaamatan Celebration 2011.

The Kadazandusun Story: Through The Eyes of A People


Vinoun Films company has come up with a documentary to create awareness on the importance of preserving Kadazandusun culture.

Through the hour-long film, the producers of Vinoun Films hope to bring to light the plight of the community in terms of its cultural identity and disappearing tradition.

Titled The Kadazandusun Story: Through The Eyes of A People, the feature length documentary also acknowledges the generation gap between the young and old.
The production team, comprising young Sabahans, believed this generation gap made it harder for the community to preserve its traditions.

Producer Genevieve Duis said the documentary examined the level of Kadazandusun understanding and the cultural decline among younger people.
"In today's world, the younger generation is exposed to greater western influence and technology unlike the older generation.

"This project is something close to us and we want to see how modernization and urbanization have shaped our identity and slowly replaced our traditional culture," she said during a preview of the documentary here, recently.

Vinoun Films, which is based in Kuala Lumpur, believed the documentary was crucial to address the challenges faced by young Sabahans in keeping their traditions alive.

The film presents a wide variety of views from the younger and older generation on their Kadazandusun roots.

It also shows the young people's struggle to understand their roots as many have adapted to city lifestyle and have little knowledge of their culture or mother tongue.
Content producer Melissa Duis hoped the documentary would be an eye-opener.

"I believe the documentary will inspire many individuals to do something to prevent their culture from disappearing."
The documentary also covers aspects of Kadazandusun beliefs and customs, including bobohizan (high priestess), sogit (penalties) and taboos.
The DVD on the documentary is priced at RM40 and is on sale at the Hongkod Koisaan KDCA today. Those interested can email info@vinounfilms.com  for more information.

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