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Tawau Cultural Festival 2011Timorese


The culture of  Timor reflects cultural influences of Portuguese, Roman Catholic and Malay on the indigenous Austronesian cultures of Timor.

The culture of East Timor has been heavily influenced by Austronesian legends and Catholic influence.

The population being mainly Roman Catholic.

The traditional totem houses of the eastern region, known as uma lulik survive.

Craftsmanship is widespread such as the weaving of traditional scarves or tais.

Religion : East Timor has been nominally Catholic since early in the Portuguese colonial period.

Likurai Dance

Photo Above : Likurai Dance in traditional scarves - tais. In the old days the dance was performed by women to welcome home men after war. Today's modern version of Likurai Dance is used by young women in courtship.

Music and Dances of the Timorese

Timor's music reflects its history under the control of both Portugal and Indonesia with imported music like gamelan and fado.

The most widespread form of native folk music was the Likurai Dance, performed to by women to welcome home men after war. A modern version of the dance is used by women in courtship.

The guitar has long been an important part of East Timorese music, though it is an import brought by colonizers; there, however, native kinds of string instruments similar in some ways to the guitar.

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